September 12th, 2005

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Potter meets Python

nidoking responds to a bit of my insanity here:

The thought of a boomstick in that class made me picture John Cleese filling that role.

"How to defend yourself against a wizard armed with a wand. First, you get him to drop the wand. Then you break the wand. You have now disarmed him and rendered him helpless. Now, come at me with that wand. No, hold it up like that and scream! Scream! *BOOM* You will note that he's dropped the wand. Now, I break the wand."
"You shot him!"
"Yes. That's how I got him to drop the wand, you namby!"
"But sir, that's what Expelliarmus is for!"
"Shut up!"
"What if he's got a pointèd stick?"
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Great fun with medieval literature

wavesandmoon did not say this, in fact overheard it in her English class:

"So, in Chaucer's time, did women keep lapdogs for the same reason as in Victorian times? As in, more for cunnilingus than for companionship?"

The prof: "For what?"

Girl: "Um, oral stimulation?"

A whole bunch of OMGWTFBBQ to be certain. Go here for the post.
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For the record, I just saw a man who looked a lot like Bob.

From what I could tell, he was attempting to kick a man in a home-made suit of armor in the crotch.

I didn't stick around long enough to see the result.


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The Snopes feed describes an email argument that has been circulating that got the 2 women invovled fired from their jobs. amyrose, puzzled about the fast escalation of insults hurled, summarizes the fight as following (above link also contains link to story on the actual email arguement if anyone is interested):

amyrose: I'm scratching my head over how that exchange escalated the way it did.

tomfinnie: They were blonde secretaries?

amyrose: Yeah, but it's bizarre. They were being nice, then suddenly it turns bitchfest:

Katrina: Who stole my sandwich!
Melinda: It's in the other refrigerator.
Katrina: Thanks.
Melinda: You are absurd and stupid.
Katrina: At least I'm not you!
Melinda: You're fat!
Katrina: Nobody loves you!
Melinda: Not true! I'm a whore!

I feel like we are missing some emails in the

francethmanor: LOL youre summation is genius. :)
[donna noble] and i think my time machin

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Okay, this isn't just one metaquote, but a whole series of metaquotes. Over in ljdqland, chaosvizier posted made up answers to the question, "Who's the sex machine, the private dick who gets all the chicks?" And this was what happened:

utforsker: Who's the president that enforced antitrust regulation?


He's a baaaaaad muthaf-

Shut yo mouth!

chaosvizier: Who's the yellow square, that tasty cheese in the plastic sleeves?


deltashade: What's that sexy adjective for all our mental states?


chaosvizier: What's the sailor's love, the part of the ship in the way way back?


lovellama: what's the beer, cold, crip and clear, that's straight from the tap?


deltashade: What's the boat Elian rode to get to America?


By the way, there still time to answer this weeks quiz. Dooo it! Torgo commands you!

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calculette, in a locked post (QWP)

"At my funeral, I want people to stand up and go, "She ruined my life; she was mean, bitchy and hypocritical; she was a bisexual slut; she disrespected her father; she was inconsistent and untrustworthy; she had severe mental and emotional issues; she pushed the limits too far; she wanted too much and gave too little; she was too emotional; she was too distant; she was too honest when it didn't count, then lied when it did; she was too sexual; she spent too much; she saved too little; she loved too much and too fiercely; she despised a lot more than the objects of her hatred deserved - but she was the most interesting person I knew. And she was never, ever, nice."