September 10th, 2005

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Seen over in fandomtownies; the city outside of fandomhigh

Jayne versus Hurley!

jayne_serenity: At least I dont look like Im carrying around twice my own body weight in dumnb and fat.

thehurleyabides *pushes Jayne*

This weight will crush you, little boy dude.

jayne_serenity: *shoves him back, having about the same bodyweight, but most of it in muscle*

get off me dough boy

thehurleyabides:*knees Jayne in the gut*

This fat's padding, little dude. Gonna have to try harder then that.

jayne_serenity: *hits him in the jaw, intending to knock him out with little damage*

thehurleyabides: *bloody lip*

Dude, that one hurt. I used to know kung fu...

*does crane kick*

Ralph Macchio is my hero, dude!

jayne_serenity: *blocks it easily, as his cell phone goes off*

gorram it SHeldon....

thehurleyabides: *tosses alcohol on Jayne and runs away*

Last word! Last word!

Okay, it made *me* laugh hysterically. Have I mentioned my undying love for fandomhigh?

Found here.
elven_wolf -  subtext?

Because fandomhigh is crack...

An interaction between Sara Sidle and Jayne Cobb:

*just smirks*
No leather yet?

My catsuit is in the process of being made. So no. No leather yet. And I doubt I'll be suicidal foolish enough actually wear it anywhere.

*looks a little like hes been struck dumb*
Ill be in my bunk...

I'll be in my office laughing my ass off.

*calls after him*

Did I mention it comes with a whip?
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Heart of glass

They have virgindar now.

In bad_rpers_suck, eyesofavictim was complaining about people who played off information there was NO way their character would know... such as knowing within minutes of meeting eyesofavictim's character that she has never had a significant other.

I don't have her throw the doors open to the tavern, put her hands on her hips, and have her scream, "BEHOLD! I AM A VIRGIN. BRACE YOURSELVES." to the sound of a dramatic thunderbolt in the background. As much fun as that would be.
- here.
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The Kurgen
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My first time...

In a post made by animal_eyes:

The President of Chess & Games (a student organization at Cornell College Seen Here) returned to college with a box of old monocles in various prescriptions. Obviouly animal_eyes acquired one. She posted only the following:

"I have a monocle. That means I'm better than you."

Hopefully I did that right :) ((I had the opportunity to make it better with context :D))

-Mr. Money
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Uri Gellar

This my first post here, so I hope I do this right.

In scans_daily evadne_noel made a post regarding the description 70's celebrity Uri Gellar's (aka "The Spoon Bender") powers:

"Powers to bend metal, to move objects, to read minds, to unexplainably correct faulty watches and such."

Person 1: Does anyone know what time it is?
Person 2: My watch says 7:23.
Person 3: Mine says 7:25.
Person 1: Oh, no! How will I ever know what time it really is?
Uri: Never you fear! With my amazing mentalist powers, I shall adjust all your watches to the proper time!
Persons 2 and 3: It's 7:24!
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Concerning The Wedding Crashers and rape

slammerkinbabe made a post in her journal where she walked out of The Wedding Crashers because it was so offensive to her and because she wasn't warned that it contained such content. Read her reasons for leaving here.

Rape happens. It happens to women and it happens to men and it happens to people in between and it happens. It is never funny, it is never wanted, it is never made okay by an orgasm or a stereotype or a perceived come-on or. It is never made okay by anything. It is never a subject for comedy.

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