September 9th, 2005

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In a comment made in this entry in my journal, alankhg proposed a way to make everyone more relaxed:

To make everyone chill out, what you need to do is get the assistance of the stoner of your choice, then go into the basement and add a large amount of marihuana to the HVAC system in order to "hot-box" the entire school.

Kids from Hell!

This gem is from sakurafae_'s journal:

"Say you were in a lage room, about the size of a basketball court. Hard floors, hard walls, no windows, no doors. Suddenly, you are faced with an infinite amount *as in, they just keep coming no matter what,* of kindergarteners, all hell-bent on killing you. For the past five years, they have undergone intense training in Jiu Jitsu, can gang up on you, fight on their own, etc. Also, you have nothing on you, which means no weapons, no random items that can be used as a weapon, etc.

My question: How many kindergarteners would you be able to take out before they kill you or you die of natural causes?"
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Networking: Find copperwise a job!

copperwise is thinking she needs a new job and puts out feelers on LJ here:
Since I'm job hunting I thought I should set down some concrete goals.

I'm thinking I'd like a job that looks really good on a resume for later speaking engagements; something where I can fill all of the executive offices with my friends without regard to qualification or integrity; something with a bully pulpit to force my views across; something where some of my employers are willing to hire me simply because we share similar religous views; something where I can drive the company into the ground willy nilly; something where I can repeatedly be caught in blatant lies and still have the full support of half my employers, and where that half is willing to go to bat for me with the unhappy half; something where I can have complete disregard for more than half of my employers needs but as long as I keep the more powerful employers happy I can coast.

I'd like to make about $400,000 a year. Any leads would be appreciated.
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Yeah. Verily!

Thus sayeth soundwave106... and I agree-ith.

Now here's irony defined for the hate-filled: one of the places to emerge almost entirely untouched from the storm was the Mardi-Gras Southern-decadent party-filled, homosexual-inhabited French Quarter. Maybe that's a message that God really wants us to have a little fun. Hmm.
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A Lesson: Why "fuck you" is OK and "asshat" is not.

The following takes place in petbulls:

_bizzle: calling someone an asshat, really, only makes YOU look uneducated. asses can't wear hats.
katitious: And telling someone "fuck you" is any better than calling someone an asshat? That's ironic.
_bizzle: well, it is actually possible to fuck someone; while, as i mentioned earlier, asses can't wear hats.

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The entire "discussion" can be found here. It's worth a gander. Especially when rottnpagan decides to show _bizzle that asses really can wear hats...
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Livejournal

pacdude whipped up this entry detailing blogging as written in the HHGTTG:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has this to say about blogging:

Blogging is the act of regularly updating your website with some hum-drum information about your life or a link to something you just read on the internet in a mistaken belief that anyone actually cares.

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