September 7th, 2005

boyfriend, Victor

Cheesecake is the shiznit.

Locked post, but with permission, _girl_friday_ has allowed me to post this for your benefit.
ode to crumb cheesecake

oh, my darling crumb cheesecake,
on sunday you sacrificed yourself for my sake.

despite the acid reflux that came to be,
i couldn't blame you at all, you see.

you picked up my day and my broken heart,
accompanied my cafe au lait and that's just the start.

without you my blood sugar levels would have dropped...
and that with all my stress, my head would've popped.

so, thank you, darling cheesecake...
you really did come through.
although i cried and whined and humdrummed,
it would've been worse without you.
coffee, too damn early


commanderd:"Green thing that drinks tea dregs" isn't a good search criteria either.

Scary thing is I actually have a biology degree and I still can't tell the difference between a common houseplant and Kermit the Frog on a severe caffeine bender.."

active_apathy: *laughs*

"ThisisKermitthefrogrerportingfromrightunderthecoffeemachine. Ooohtastycoffeegoodworldlookssoslowwheeeeee."

From this thread.

Bad Girls

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So, I somehow ended up with a meme where I discussed how I'd set it up so Astrotrain got to deflower Megatron....

Among other comments, monoshiri gave me this:

Collapse )

For extra, bonus context, see the accompanying meme in her journal.

ETA: *realizes that she totally ought to cut this*
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!julie/carol (julie/carol otp), julie/carol otp

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In a comment in a locked post on my journal about whether a president's personal character necessarily impacts his politics, charliesmum had this to say:

I personally don't care if a president eats kittens for breakfast as long as he isn't using tax money to buy them, and lying to me about where he gets them from.
hello love aka DEFAULT DON'T STEAL
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what happens when Speaker speaks to God...

So speakerwiggin headed over to iGod, spoke to the 'all knowning' and here's some of what resulted...

Me: what is the air speed velocity of the unladen swallow?
God: This is a trick question because there is no correct answer.
Me: what is the capital of assyria?
God: Is it Babylon?
Me: no
God: Are you serious?
Me: yes
God: I can't believe it.
Me: well, you should
God: How about that. I'll take that under advisement.

The rest of the convo is super funny... Collapse )

to speak to Speaker yourself, head over here
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iGod strikes again

dolfairy173 has a funny conversation with the Web-Deity

whats your favorite colour?
I don't have a favorite colour. I like Random natural disasters..
Good job on the hurricane then
Thanks :-)

(No offense to the people affected by Hurricane Katrina, if you think this should be under a cut, Ill fix it)
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angel of death

fractured fairy-tales

from peaseblossom03 where she said the following

According to folklore, Brownies like it when you leave them milk or cream with bread, and will often return the favor by doing household chores. Well, I've left milk. I've left bread. I've also left french fries, peas, cheerios, chicken grease, garlic, butter, oatmeal, and noodles.

Little bastards still won't clean my kitchen.
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The Tale of the Poop Walker

So this is my first time actually posting in metaquotes although I have been a follower for quite some time. I felt this was appropriate.

Posted in customers_suck

But I know he’s out there. I imagine he travels from big box store to big box store just waiting for an empty bathroom so that the poop dance can begin. By day he may be an accountant or an executive assistant or some sort of analyst but by night he is the poop walker. Please report any sightings.

The entire entry is worth your time, trust me.
For your saftey, avoid any consumption in general while reading.
well-behaved women never make history
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Not exactly the starving children of Africa, but.

brigidsblest has one of those OMG I'm turning into my mother moments:

I was sitting a few minutes ago watching CNN coverage of pet rescue in New Orleans and two of my four cats came over and jumped up onto the couch and began meowing at me rather pathetically.

This is usually the signal that the food bowl is empty, so I got up to look. It wasn't empty; it was just only half-full.

I gave them a stern look as they wove around my ankles. "What's wrong with that food? Eat that food, if you're so hungry! So what if you can see the bottom of the bowl? There are starving pets in New Orleans who would be grateful to have that much food!"

Then I realized: I was talking to my cats like my mom used to talk to me.
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girl reporter: Lois Lane

Old English not doing it for ya?

nerdork has been having trouble with her assigned reading:

"I'm a few pages into tonight's reading of "Beowulf." I only have about eighteen pages left. Alas, when you're actually counting down the pages as you read, you are clearly not making much progress.

Anyhow, I was doing fairly well until I reached the detailed description of the dragon. Then I burst into song, my concentration broken. 'BURNINATING THE COUNTRYSIDE! BURNINATING THE GEEEEAAAAAATTTSS!'

It's a shame that the 'Beowulf' manuscript wasn't burninated in that fire it endured during the eighteenth century."