September 6th, 2005

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It's such a glorious life, being female.  terra_katta knows exactly what I mean:

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(First metaquotes post, by the way.  :D)

...oh em gee double-you tee eff, Batty's started a commenting tangent. You guys seriously rawk the Casbah hardcore. Oh, and The Cult of Batty is now accepting members, high priests, and PETA virgin sacrifices.
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In this post, michaela_judith attempts to get rid of customers who insist on staying past closing time.

At 9:45, I start singing bits of songs in Spanish, and then in Japanese, hoping that they’ll believe I’m speaking in tongues and possessed and therefore dangerous to be around.


By 9:50 I’m acting out a soap opera with myself, all in Spanish: Jorge, a dashing Mexican professor, has found out both his lover and his wife are pregnant, either by him or his evil half-alien identical brother, Manolo. Drama ensues.
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o mighty bean
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QWP from a locked post by moltare:

Accomplishment for today:

I convinced my entire branch that the phrase Wanting: X of X Target was a valid way to refer to the status of a project.

Hence, Wanting: 2 of 0 Target means that there are two milestones remaining, and Wanting: 2 of 1 Target means that there are two milestones remaining one of which cannot be completed at the present time.

They nodded sagely and went away, and I have already seen one status report referring in shorthand to a completed project as Wanting 0 of 0 Target.

Or, as the shorthand would put it, "w00t".

from xiane's LJ
You're not dead. That's always the first place to start. Look, you're alive, and you have the chance to grow and change and move forward.

You're not starving. You've got a roof over your head.

Unless you're one of the few people on my friends list that are unsure of this statement, you have possessions. Probably more than you need, too. Definitely more than you need to survive. Luxury items. [a few of my friends are from the LA/MS area. Obviously, this may not apply.]

Someone loves you. Even if you don't know it. Even if you don't believe it.
flowers that last forever

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Delayed quoting. But still funny.

silver_whisper posted:
This is Charlie. I don't know what kind of plant she is, but that doesn't stop me from loving her and tending to her plantly needs.

Comments as follows:

takarosa: She's a Schefflera. A lovely thing indeed!

silver_whisper: Schefflera! Thank you! I tried searching on Google, but "houseplant with lots of leaves" isn't a very effective search string. ;D

Edited: Locked post, QWP.

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lollirazor on the annoying assumption him that he's stuck up:

ya know? sure, maybe i AM stuck up, but how the hell are you gonna know from looking at me? you're gonna have to talk to me first so i can rip apart your entire universe piece by excrutiating piece and trash all of your favorite bands and insult your outfit... so in closing, if you think i'm snobby but have never met me, it's actually YOU being snobby against snobby people.
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From a friends-locked post, QWP, of course. claravamp muses about the effects of anti-depressants...

I never know whether my anxiety is a side effect of medication or whether I'm really worried, it's very annoying. And then is it better to be happy but slightly neurotically worried about everything under the sun than a complete emotional wreck?
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Anarchist, MatGB
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Operation: Circus Roadshow.

mapp is mad. And not in the angry sense. It started last night when he got home from the pub after we celebrated my birthday. He was sober. He's going to buy a bus. He now has a website for the project and is in contact with sales people to actually buy the thing. All the quotes in the "what people are saying" thing come from various LJ entries. However, he's just amused me more with a new comment:
Note to self: feeling depressed? Get a bus.
I know he'd love the extra traffic for this one...
cimorene by pentapus
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From the notes of Senior Librarian Vo:

From the notes of Senior Librarian Vo:
The following was the text of a note, which was found wrapped around a mechanical mouse with a large key in its back, a heavy, ungainly iron object absolutely perfect for, say, mashing the toes of any unsuspecting libararian attempting to pick it up off a shelf. Turning the key produces a broken, ratchety noise but no other result. As the handwriting is not Eland's, and he was not much of a poet (not that it's much of a poem) I am unsure how it got into the collection, whether it was included merely because it involves references to clockwork or if there was an actual link that some past scholar has failed to record. —Vo

Hickory dickory dock
The mouse got stuck in the clock
After several generations of inbreeding,
his descendants became increasingly strange
and began to believe that the clock was the entire world
and anything outside it an illusion
Eventually they formed a peculiar religion
based on chronomancy,
which revered the clockwork mouse
as the pinnacle of creation
Hickory dickory dock
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