September 1st, 2005

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Gamers and memes, oh my.

There's a meme going around where you put your media player/itunes/winamp on random and ask it questions a la a Magic 8 Ball.

Of course, depending on your playlist, this can get pretty odd, as smockgirl proves:

Can you give me some advice? "Zerg 1" (Starcraft) - Mutate into a monstrous blob, call myself the OVERLORD and invade different worlds... OKAY!
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Yay death!

My brother itburnsitburns yet again:

My randomly seated lab partner has my last name. See, that wouldn't be too unusual if my name wasn't the ridiculously rare Baranov that I never saw duplicated before. Hers being the female Baranova or sometimes Baranava, depending on her choice of spelling for the day. Whether or not she's a long lost cousin of the east that also survived the bloody massacre of the Baranov line a whole century ago, I don't know. What I do know is that she's totally caucasoid and aryan-looking, quite the polar opposite of my primal semi-mongoloid hebrew self.

Maybe she's my archnemesis. If Harry Potter taught the world anything, it's that everyone is supposed to have one and kill them.
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bites_the_sun quotes someone by the handle of "Lunahaze" (evidently not an LJer) as saying, Is our culture so accepting of misogyny and puritanism that a sex-positive feminist doesn't have the right to take her boy out to dinner and a movie without having herself insulted, stereotyped, and marginalized by the evening's entertainment?

EDIT FOR CONTEXT: "The girl went to see The Forty-Year-Old Virgin and claimed she came out CRYING (boo hoo!) at the terrible depiction of female sexuality within. Everyone laughed at her, including me, for being such a mirthless twit at which point she came out with the utterly priceless quote about having the 'right' to have every random movie she wanders into pander to her taste."

...and replies, quite succintly:
Lunahaze is the reason that if I ever took a women's studies class, I would end up starring in Columbine 2: Higher Education, spraying every whiny, self-important twit like her with machine gun fire whilst yelling "GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN AND WASH MY DISHES, BITCH!"

The truth hurts, sometimes

gamera_spinning makes an accurate assessment of one of my former favorite T.V. shows.

Smallville is like that pretty girl in high school that asks you out, and you think she's being really sweet, but she's actually using you to get over her latest breakup or she's on a dare with her friends. You start to open up and listen to her and she seems nice, but once you get to know her, you realize that she's the sort of girl who's going to spend her later life in really sleazy smoke-ridden bars until 3 am on the weekends, polishing off an eightball with friends and trying to wipe away the racoon-like mask of running mascara as she looks for another man to blame her whole miserable life on.

Meta Meta

nakedblueninja said here...

"You know what I find so hilarious about all this? The OP's all worried about racist flamewars, and here we are discussing poutine recipes and the beauty of poutine. It's like "When Canadians Invade: Niceness on the Homefront, Tonight at 8, 7 central on CNN"."
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In a friends-only post, mme_archel posts about this loveliness.

victoria_lane responds: That's some flawed logic. If god hated gays, he'd have destroyed San Francisco, West Hollywood, or parts of New York... not New Orleans.


To which cambler says: I'll agree with you and take it to the logical conclusion that if God hated gays, s/he wouldn't have made them in the first place.

God, for example, hates unregulated supersymmetric nuclear reactions, which is the reason you don't really ever see them.

For example.
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Link saves the day.

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I was searching for something on the internet when I found this puppet thing and it so turned out it was from a live journal. I thought 'why not check it out?' so I did and I'm very glad. Here is just a little gem.

trapezzoid spoils the half blood prince
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to the timbertrickmobile!, timbertrick

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Talking about the now-totally-canon boylove in Young Avengers, kygn said:

OOOH! I can't wait until their first on-panel kiss! *hopes* this what N'Sync fans feel like?

Yes. Yes, it is.

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{STOCK}✿ sunflowers!

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Thus said Rin, eightofhearts, Here. :D

So, Rin downloaded FireFox after an eternity. This solved the weird 'save everything as an untitled bitmap WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, WHOREBITCH' problem I was having.


If I start impersonating Tom Cruise in my socks and oxford- someone slap me back to earth.
Brain Hurts

Zapatos De Sade!

Over at sages_of_chaos, wadewilson ponders a peculiarity of “adult films”:
What's the deal with every other porno featuring a woman with unbelievably complicated and obnoxiously uncomfortable-looking shoes having to leave them on while taking everything else off?

That can't be comfortable, and I like my wimmins comfy. Is 'shoes on' THAT big a fetish? And if so, why can't it work with Chuck Taylors or slippers instead of these Zapatos De Sade?

I just love the name “Zapatos De Sade.” Hee!


Your headdesk moment of the day is brought to you by overheardnyc:
Newsguy: Read all about it...26 feet of water and still rising...totally flooded...get the news right here...Brooklyn completely underwater...thousands of people all about it...

--34th & 7th
[c] hark! a vagrant! - eat a dick
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Her sofa cushions also make excellent construction materials. As I speak, Fort Louis Gosset Jr. is standing proud in the living room, its thick walls impenetrable by zombies AND badgers, the Tricolour fluttering proudly high above the parapet on a mast made of surplus chopsticks. I don't think Nicole quite approves of me using her upholstery in this way, though. She keeps leaving little hints everywhere, such as the note this morning that said:
"If you're drunk + have made a fort by the time I get home from work, I'm going to set the rats on you. For shizzle."

- waste_of_inca, (context here)
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Back-to-back metaquotey goodness!

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Science: OMGSpace!
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I'm just starting college, and so there's lots of spamming of my flist with OMG COLLEGE STUFF. So in a post about General Chemistry, I (survivor of a really kleptomaniac AP Chem class) write:

With, like, KEYS.


THAT PWNS. Unless I'm dumb and leave it open.

iamdimmuborgir says:
I'm so anticipating an "I'm so dumb, I left my lab drawer open and my cold fusion got stolen" entry.

And bluesquares later adds:
...and I thought I was all special because I got an AP Chem drawer.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.
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Warm sun
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First time poster. Enjoy!

sullen waxes poetical while beating someone with his logic stick. Found in the comments here, at angryletters.


I think we should kill all pandas, because they're about to sprout wings and shoulder mounted lasers.

It's not TRUE, but *I* think it's a good idea, so it's valid and you can't argue against it.

Really, that's just indefensibly stupid.
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Oblongs- Happy Helga

"Songs in the Key of Outrage"

captainsblog started the day in a great mood, but it took a ridiculous piece of news to change all that. He responds in his usual, humorous manner:

"It would've taken something bad to break the mood, and sure enough, my government delivered. Come now reports that, while NOLA is burning, our Secretary of State was passing the afternoon in New York, shoe shopping at Ferragamo's on Fifth and taking in a production of.... I hate to say it....


To everything there is a time and a season, but I don't think this is the time for anyone in this administration to go Marie Antoinette on the serfs. All I can offer to redeem my beloved musical from this curse is a reworked set of words to the signature song from the show. Set, of course, to the tune of Knights of the Round Table:

We're the Cabinet of the Clueless
We really couldn’t do less
We go to plays and spend our days
Ensuring we’re not shoeless

We surround the King of Cluelessness
He’s the ultimate Confusion-ist!

We're the Cabinet of the Clueless
It does no good to boo us
Direct your hate at those red-state
Electors who renewed us

We're proud of all our cluelessness
Even if it seems like boorishness!

The water pumps remove less
The looters try and shoot us
But it won’t hurt if Haliburton
Gets the contract to res-cue us

We work real hard at cluelessness
You’ve got three more years of this messssssss!

Context here.
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QWP from a locked entry:

After listening to the news for a while, an awful thought occurred to me.

"New game, kids: Identify That Headline! Is it Iraq, or is it New Orleans?"

I'm really sorry. But what else can you do when you see headlines like "Sniper fire halts hospital evacuation"?

-hangingfire (her first metaquote!)
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