August 31st, 2005

boyfriend, Victor

When Miss Kimi is annoyed, it shows.

Unfortunately, it's that time of the month again, and kimivalkyrie hates it.

And I hate this time of month. This time...I got headaches in addition
to cramps and stomach aches. Plus, I'm coughing like heck. x_x :(
Thanks a lot my dear reproductive system for making me even more
erratic and moody than I already am.

-_- Oh great, even wikipedia is helping to re-iterate that fact. So...

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Katrina Disaster Relief

Over in an entry in cargoweasel's journal, discussion involving how to best assist the folks who have been hit by Hurricane Katrina leads to mentioning how, even in times of crisis, the Red Cross still doesn't accept blood donations from the gay homosexers.

queueball, of the cool username, comes back with:

See, this is what happens. You give fags the right to marry, and before you know it they want to give blood to save people's lives. It's a slippery slope.

Entire Quote so no need for Context

adammaker speaks of the:

Best professor I have this year, Matthew Buechner
Nevermind the specific point on which the Microbiology Prof was wrong,
when he explained where he had gone wrong the prior lecture,
he singled out the young lady who had corrected him and said to the 300+ people in the audience,

"10 points for Hufflepuff."
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Back in time?

songsofautumn just said:

"The American military is bogged down in a loosing forgeign war, their is a gas crisis that is causing shortages, very high prices, and lines at the pumps, and a criminal is in the whitehouse.

When did I get sucked back in time to the 70's?"

I got a snicker out of it!
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Learning from Katrina

twistedchick posted “Lessons that Katrina is teaching us that I hope *someone* is noticing Worth reading.

Here’s an excerpt:
4. We have to get back to teaching simple survival techniques in school, and providing survival classes taught by public health organizations, local nature groups or community colleges. They should include how to create shelter for yourself in an emergency, how to make a fire without matches and cook over it; what to include in emergency supplies for yourself and your family; what kind of food that is salvaged can be cooked and what should not be touched (there are fish washing up everywhere from the ocean and some of them might be good for dinner and some might not); what sorts of wild and cultivated plants in the area are edible; how to make sure you have drinkable water that won’t make you ill; how to take care of minor illnesses and accidents in the absence of doctors or emergency care; how to deal with the local area’s wild animals if they show up in or around where you’re living; what you can use to make yourself clothes if you only have what you’re standing up in.

This is the kind of thing that people used to grow up knowing a century ago. How many of the people of New Orleans or Mobile know how to do any of these things?
Squee Kitty

Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls. It Tolls For "Occupant."

scott_lynch graces us once again. But this time, he does not bring the funny. This is all very serious.
He brings a profound message that is well worth reading, in light of Katrina.


Here's a thought.

It might cross your mind, at some point in the next few days, to write something about how "stupid" the people trapped in the disaster zones have been, or how "lazy" they must be to not have escaped sooner, or how they "deserved what they got" for choosing to live somewhere on the Gulf Coast, within direct reach of hurricanes.

My suggestion is this-- sit on your fucking hands. Sit on them until those sentiments no longer make your typing fingers itch.

Natural disasters are ubiquitous. Somewhere in the world, something is always happening... a tornado is touching down, a dam is breaking, a river is surging, an earthquake is trembling, a forest is burning

Read the whole thing. Really.
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corvus cornix

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From here, quoted with permission:

> The infested apartment has upgraded to ants, roaches, and a rat. Bay leaves worked for ants, we hadn't bought the borax yet for the roaches (who, well, ate the bay leaves as food).

I think the philosphical "well" cracked me up.