August 29th, 2005

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Katrina, Katrina, Katrina...

I just have a mental picture of a Jazz Funeral marching down a completly empty canal street as the water rises around their ankles. Playing a slow funeral dirge in that sad bluesy tune that is the epitome of New Orleans.

How fitting for the decaying jewel of the south... nothing half assed... if we are going to have a direct hit, lets go out with one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the U.S.
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Fresh off the ljdq presses, in this post, herdivineshadow defended Andromeda the television show and was told that she is now disqualified as a judge of "good" and "bad" in television forever. The following ensued:

herdivineshadow: I would also think that starting an lj community devoted to Yoda slashfic would indicate that I'm also disqualified as a judge of good and bad in everything. :D

puredeadthingy: I even want to know what he says during sex?

herdivineshadow: "Do me or do me not, there is no try"

Sometimes the stupid, it burns

zephyrkel says here:

Seen this morning in the Baltimore sun, quoting an attendee of the "More Love" conference held recently in Maryland:

"Polyamory is just like monogamy, but with more people."

*hits. head. against. wall.*

(You can quote someone reacting to a print quote, right? Otherwise, I shall delete immediately! Love, Roo)
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Yes, there are stupid questions.

This is the kind of stuff bradly71 has to deal with:

These are questions that have been asked by customers in the past week, I'm not kidding.. they seriously have. Keep in mind that I work at Lowes, a home improvement warehouse:

"Do you folks sell lumber in here?"
"Is there gas in the box with this lawnmower?"
"Can I do anything to get rid of weeds besides pull them?"
"Does this gas log get hot when you turn on the fireplace?"
"This wood chipper here, it will do tree branches too right?"
" What happens if I get this fan home and I get my hand stuck in there with the blades?"


Full entry here.
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