August 28th, 2005

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I'm having to leave New Orleans right now because of a little rainstorm, so my friend cranalios said this in his LJ entry (sorry, I don't know the tag,,

Is anyone else just peeved that we were driven off by Hurricane 'Katrina'? I feel like I've been defeated by a ditzy blonde...
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mruksparky is an American ex-pat living in London. He's a theatre electrician. Those two facts provide the context for the following:

My boss Darin said, "Scott, you're American, Americanize these." I then exclaimed to him that I did not know how to make lighting equipment inherently xenophobic and have a deep seated tendency towards Global Hegemony. Then Darin told me that he just want it to be modified to work on 110v at 16hz. That, I can do.

(Scott is dyslexic and doesn't proofread his lj. I edited it this quote for punctuation and spelling before posting. Please don't shoot me.)
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pelennor_fields now owns my soul. Two comments from this undeniably witteh post:

shibaiko: my goal in life is to buy like 20 lindsay lohan dolls, and act out classic novels with them.

[snip a few other titles]
beowulf... starring LINDSAY LOHAN!

it's going to be AWESOME.

pelennor_fields: "LiEk OmG hRoThGaR, gRENdEl'S mOm Is ToTaLlY oLd."


alstaria referring to the Club Birthday River doll: I wonder if that (oh-so-gay) guy doll can kill you with his mind.

pelennor_fields: Apparently, you really CAN dress him up like a gorram doll and do some rutting tests.

"I don't care, I'm still free- you can't take my My Scene wardrobe from me."
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Corn Addiction

I love corn. It is one of my favorite foods. One of the perks of my job this summer (to me, at least) was that they regularly put fresh, hot corn cooked and peppered to perfection out on the veggie bar, and I could eat it as long as it lasted. Though others did not share my enthusiasm and offered to enroll me in a twelve step program for my "little corn problem." I told them all that they were crazy, I didn't have a "corn problem," I could stop whenever I damn well pleased. Then I put a lampshade on my head, ate some more corn, and passed out.

But I might be getting that confused with another time... :/

slipstreamborne has a bit of a corn problem. The post in question can be found here.
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mariness goes into the reviewing business:

The Brothers Grimm: A review

People keep licking toads in this movie. Let's talk about that for a moment. Thing is, toads, even toads not from the exotic island of Madasgascar or the vibrant rain forests of Costa Rica, are nasty. They taste bad. They taste terrible. The reason for this is that toads, and more specifically the bacteria on the toads, are constantly secreting toxins that cover the skin of the toad to keep you and other predators from eating or licking the toad. Many of these toxins are alkaloids that will kill you, so if you are running around licking toads, which you shouldn't be doing anyway since in the very vague explanation that serves for plot in the film you are supposed to be saving young children, not licking them or their toads, you would most probably stop licking the toad as soon as you tasted it or keel over dead or perhaps imagine very odd things, like living in a world where people insist on only filming intelligent scripts.
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sullypants's thoughts on Draco Malfoy:

Draco? Self-concious? you ask. YES! Hello, why do you think he feels the need to deride everyone who crosses his path? Plus, he went all emo in HBP. Next thing you know, he'll be getting a myspace.

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Exploding fishies?

My mother got ahold of her friend and the woman said "oh, that's happened before, several of our other fishes simply exploded". Now, that concept makes me WTFBBQ a bit, as there are no bits of fishy refuse floating in the tank, it would mean it would have to well and truly EXPLODE in a fit of vaporizing fury. *shakes head* Well, I just thought I'd share, as few things evoke the Python gang like an inexplicably exploding fish.

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Had me cracking up.