August 25th, 2005


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A fairly prolific sarcastic anti-homophobia meme that I posted in my journal got a silly comment, which I posted in mock_the_stupid, which resulted in various lj-randoms visiting said journal entry, torificus came out with this:

"Me, I think that's GOLD. And sharp and witty and cutting and all the things I need to STAB CONSERVATIVE MORONS IN THE EYE WITH."

We shall take over the world with our torches and flaming pitchforks and our razor sharp wit. ;)
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You sure the Second Coming hasn't happened already?

xiphias lays it out in this post:

So, several weeks back, I was at my parents' house for dinner, and my sister phoned, and we were talking and all, and the subject came up of what would happen if Jesus came back to Earth right now, and showed up. What would people do?

My sister said, "Middle Eastern male, from Gaza, wearing weird clothes, talking about overthrowing the government and the end of the world, and not in English? He's in Gitmo."

And silence came across the room, as we realized just how right she was.
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why do they call it lollygagging?

fluffygremlin is having issues, as usual.

This just in: Day dreaming and lollygagging may cause Alzheimer’s. You may now return to your default mode. Or whatever. The article on Yahoo made my brain hurt. Time to stare at Prettyhair!Draco and imagine myself not being here… In other news, there, umm… where… uhh… yea… people doing… stuff… in Turkmenistan… umm… not lip-synching or something like that. And Bush is bad… Aaaaaaand… ppphhhhhhhhh… Is that spittle on your lip or are you just happy to see me?

This is Fluffy, in a 5X5 cube, signing off.
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ferdwad, on the subject of LJ icons:

"I’m sure that that Taking Back Sunday lyric denoting your reaction to the possibility of your fluids ruining your lover’s shirt speaks volumes to the core of your soul and all, but is it all that fitting with an image of a smiling four year-old girl amidst a backdrop of flowers and sunshine?"

You can view the rest of her icon-y rant here.
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Won't somebody please think of the children? Do you really want your child to happily skip onto the Information Highway and WHAM! run right into a post by some language pervert with inappropriate synonyms dripping down their verbal face?

Why oh why is there this prejudice against the pronoun? The pronoun loves you, it wants to help you build sentences. Give it the love it so richly deserves!
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tortillafactory in customers_suck, about smelly people:

Would it trouble you terribly to change clothes before coming into the Home Electronics department? I realize that you choose to imbibe nicotine via vast quantities of cigarette smoke, but apparently your particular brand of cigarettes is pre-soaked in cat urine and gray-water left over from jockstrap laundering. Yes, you smell. Quite badly, actually. Yes, this makes me not want to serve you.

Post HERE.
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scott_lynch + Meme = Amusing

Scott (whom we all know) does a little meme survey that's been going around. Ho hum.
But some of his answers just have me grinning and beg to be shared.


19. What was your most memorable birthday?
Ah... the one where I popped out of a birth canal. Followed by 1998, when I got a tarantula.

24. Are you a morning person or a night person?
I try. I try so hard. But I am forced to admit that I am just slightly more nocturnal than Batman.

27. New and exciting news you'd like to share with us?
The dog... is behaving.


That last one is what gets me. Then again, anyone who knows Val would realize how exciting that news is.
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