August 23rd, 2005


Bugging the phone line...

From a locked post, with permission:

Marah: I'd wear it without pants, but CN is full of creepy old Klingons that flip up girl's skirts with their swords.
Dustin: Huzzah! Flight Master does music production!
Marah:...It's times like this, I wish the FBI bugged my phone conversations.

Doesn't that just make you think?

First Post, I hope I do it correctly.

I must first say, I do not know the person who said it, and so I am going to keep that private, I have sympathy for the poor girl, but this was just to good to pass up:

My head hurts. I dropped out of art school. I'm too upset to update right now.
The teacher was understanding though. I wish I could have stayed but my academic classes were filled with pregnant girls with switchblades.


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doom_bees has an imagination I'd sometimes kill for. A simple train from London to Birmingham becomes a zombiefest that just doesn't quit.

Took the train to Birmingham, slept for half of the way, spent the other half staring out the window and speculating on how walking down the train tracks would be the best way to leave a zombie-infested London. The tracks are almost always surrounded by high zombie-proof fences, they lead directly out of the city, they're mostly recessed out of sight, and should your journey take more than a day, there are plenty of places to hide for a few hours sleep. The real downside is the zombies that will be waiting for you at the stations, plus any zombies that have wandered onto the tracks somehow, possibly from crashed trains. There's also the danger of being surrounded by groups of zombies approaching in either direction, but with a bit of effort you should be able to break through one group and avoid becoming surrounded.

But I digress.

*shrug* I find it amusing. XD
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Said by r_aa_y_n_e here:

Organizing every last paper from my paycheck stubs from two years ago to new benefits packages that I have not a clue what they really mean. I could have handed my soul to the devil and thought I was getting dental for all I knew.
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Beech leaves

Different ways of putting up long hair. Very different.

schnouzi: Is it okay to use pencils as hairsticks?
elfbystarlight: No, I'm afraid it's currently illegal in most Western countries under a little-known subclause of the Geneva convention concerning the uses of inanimate objects.
mactavish: Can you use snakes? They're not inanimate. :)
elfbystarlight: [checks the regulations] Yes, snakes are fine, albeit only for those who prefer an edge of danger in their hairstyles.
piperredfern: yes, but if you read closely, snake fangs aren't allowed...

from here.

elfbystarlight is coming to stay with me next week. We both have hair long enough to sit on and had planned to be very girly and play with each other's hair, exciting braids and such. I'm starting to get slightly worried. If you don't hear from me after next Wednesday, you'll know why.

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From the lovely boggit here:

but really, I'm too confused by Deanna Troi playing an Iranian woman on the Closer on TNT. The actress might be Iranian for all I know, but it's DEANNA TROI. She's being all...serious and not touchy-feely and no cleavage. I'm very confused.
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In this post, ironman talks about a mass mailing at his office that really showcases what some people consider to be the new Patriotic America.

He comments further in one thread (posted with permission):

I want to have a contest. The most obnoxious patriotic art ever. Like crying bald eagles with an American flag clutched in it's talons over the burning towers, with lightning crashing in the background and Toby Keith giving George W a blowjob in the foreground. Okay, maybe not that last part. OH! I know, wrap the flag in barbed wire. And have Calvin peeing on the Koran. No wait, scratch that part.
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txvoodoo makes a post linking to an article in which our favorite crazy uncle Tom Cruise spouts off about how he was happier in previous lives-- among which included, apparently, Shakespeare's and Napoleon's.

A lot of the replies were amusing, but I especially enjoyed ipomoea's response:

Oh, Tiny Tom, how you take the Napoleon complex to a new level. I mean, most guys don't actually believe they were him in a previous life...


ETA: Oops, didn't realize the post was f-locked! Here's the Tom Cruise article that is being referred to. (Post is now unlocked!)