August 22nd, 2005

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nutbarramblings on the use of the hand-held camera in Dirty Harry 2 as opposed to the tv series Lost:

It's interesting that they used the "wobble cam" I bitch about so much near the start of the movie - but they use it while the camera is "in the middle" of a bit of a riot. When they broke away to another shot with a crowd about 10 metres away who then ran towards the camera, it was nice and steady. Then it cuts back to the in-the-midst shot and it's all wobbly again.

Cannot express how much more effective it is when used judiciously. Instead of, "Hey! Jack's standing on the beach woe-ing! Shake that camera like it's a screaming baby! Shake it!!!"

[quoted with permission]
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Kushiel's Legacy: Rainbow Love.

My brother ROCKS.

wolfishgrin, here.

Do you know what one of the most irritating things in the world is? When the customer doesn't answer the door. You know that policy that Pizza Hut have where is you don't get your pizza in half an hour you get it for half price or something?

If you don't answer your door within eight minutes of the first knock, I EAT YOUR FUCKING PIZZA RIGHT THERE AND THEN.


One guy insisted that he had already paid for the pizza. As this does happen occasionally but I had been told of it in this instance, I rang my boss to confirm. He hadn't, I told him he hadn't and he said "You can't blame a guy for trying."

I have a message for you: "You can't blame a guy for having your letterbox in his trunk and you're not getting it back, fucker."
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Beech leaves

Gynae exams. A source of so much amusement for us all

vamprayne here, while we were discussing trips to the gynaecologist (meta-meta):

I had a Doc once who talked to my crotch.

Walks in the door, stares at crotch, says, "How are we today?"

I said, "If you expect
that to tell you, then you're mistaken."

A glorious come-back, and one I should definitely use next time someone is talking to my breasts. Any ideas what I should say when people are so dazzled by my being in a wheelchair or using a walking stick that they address the wrong area, such as a foot above my head?


For my first metaquote, I present you with the following:

context: NPC druid at a Larp had several player-treehuggers under her tuition, and had this to say:

Two of them I dubbed the SHVS (squeaky high voice squad) right away, and I admit I was less than impressed with them at first. [...]They ended up offing two undead and a necromancer who'd defiled their shrine earlier though and they were quite scary as fighters because of their fury and determination (if one manages to shake the feeling that one is watching dire chihuahuas fight).

Quoted with permission, although she preferred to remain anonymous.
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Missing the point...

(hi, first post... I hope I'm doing this right)

seachanges wrote in her journal:

I took a gander at the anarchists community to see if it was worth joining. It seems they had some kind of major flamewar break out over the last few days. The group is now in complete disarray, and holding serious discussions about the need for community moderators.

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The Ferret is the kind of guy I hope to grow up to know, because 27 isn't quite grown up, yet.

Anyway, best read under the direction of DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince singing "Parents Just Don't Understand"...

Things I Should Not Have To Say To A Thirteen-Year-Old
"Do not leave a pan full of hamburger grease behind the couch."

I don't understand it, either.

Not!Fandom: Autumn Bench
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White man's god.

deadsong on dealing with conservative religious beliefs in the workplace. (deadsong has an online-chatroom where he and his co-workers meet for meetings, etc. and that is where this took place. He posted part of the exchange on his LJ.) "AS" is our protagonist.

(Locked entry, posted with permission.)

RH: y dont u belive God will provide
AS: Perhaps I do. I just don't believe -your- god will.
RH: He is the only God
DS: oh no
DS: Now you did it RH.
AS:, no, DS, I'm going to be nice. I'm not saying a word.
DS: oh good
RH: no i want 2 hear what u have too say
AS: No, you don't.
RH: y dont u believe in God
AS: ..........
AS: ~grits his teeth~ Because while some of my people may have turned to the god of the white man, I refuse to. You stole our land and our way of life from us. You won't steal our spirits as well.*
RS: omg AS
RH: ur indian/?
AS: Yes.
RH: omg i didnt know im sorry

(End quote)

deadsong later states in his journal that he was just being "sardonic and not serious" with her and doesn't flaunt his part native heritage lightly, it was just used to pull the rug out from under her. AKA: no flaming unless you're a fag. :D I thought it was hilarious.

ETA: Man. It's a joke, folks. I'm a fag. Yay. I didn't mean to insult anyone. I meant "don't flame unless you're a gay man who dresses over effeminately." Apologies all around. (It's so ironic though, how the 'don't flame' add-on ended up causing flames. Aaah, internet. <3
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as said by the inimitable raeofspades:

And my theory for why I love books so much is because, in eighth grade, I read Naked Lunch. And reading Naked Lunch is very similar to, say, drinking hard liquor by the gallon for three straight days so that other works of literature (if you can even technically compare Naked Lunch to other works of literature) start looking really good. And soon enough you have a killer migraine with vague ideas of what's happened in the last twenty-four hours (something to do with a whip and a chair and puking your guts out - but we don't want to get into that), you've woken up naked in an ice bath with a mysterious scar on your stomach, and you've acquired some sort of unfathomable STD from touching the book's cover. Once you've sunk to that level, everything else seems like soft elegant clouds and Pulitzer gumdrops.
aladdin - pretty jasmine

By fyrie, from a locked post

Also, as a sign of tough manliness in this area, you take a sheet of metal and have a friend hit you on the head with it. This is truly a sign of virility and thus, I now have deep and primal lusty feelings for the half-naked, beer-guzzling twats who were performing these neanderthal mating rituals outside the window of the shop. No, really I do.

Slightly out of date, but nevertheless funny

But it's never too late to hate on a certain singer/songwriter....

donaldhrumsfeld had this to say after hearing about what happened to Marc Cohn:

"Poor Marc Cohn, you know I always hated that Walkin' in Memphis shit but that doesn't warrant being shot in the head. Geez. Unless you had written and performed a song called "Lonely No More", that might warrant a bullet in your temple."
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Swallow J00!

*steps out of lurkerdom*

sarahtdl bitches about her job as a librarian. jona_hex offers her services:

"What you really need, is some quiet soft spoken psychopath to step up to those who yell or are loud and rude, and very calmly threaten to rip their tongue out by the roots and kick them in the knee and then watch and giggle, very softly as it is a library, as said moron bleeds to death on the ground. I humbly offer my services in that capacity."
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