August 19th, 2005

K: Eeevil!, Eeevil!
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In regards to the promotional Serenity clip shown in this post, which you MUST NOT watch with the lights out...]

oneangrykate: Now I'm really, really tempted to write a crossover where River and Samara are at the same institution.

sharpest_rose: You must, you must, you must. And yes, with Walt. They would be Team Wishing You Away To The Cornfield.

The best part would be the conversation post-Objects:

Kaylee: You had us all real confused for a minute there, when you said you'd become part of the ship.
River: I knew a girl who said she could become a videotape. People sometimes believed her, too. Before they died.

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Stolen from twirlability's (and honooko's) HP RP Etiquette Guide.

Seriously. Not all gay people are snarky, and bitchy and good at interior design. Draco is not the next Carson, okay? If you want to slash your two canon characters (in this case HP) DON’T CHANGE THEIR PERSONALITY BECAUSE THEY LIKE BUTTSECKS. Harry does not suddenly have crying jags, Zacharias does not wear leather pants and glitter. And if Theodore ever has a lisp I will kill myself. I don’t care how hot he thinks Blaise. It’s Blaise, not Blaithe.
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Doing cetacean research can be funny

In a post in ozarque's journal, akitrom made a very cute comment.

Context: A researcher was drumming, say, three notes, and a wild orca would repeat it back, only with a few more at the end, and they'd continue, like a big game of Simon. If the researcher slipped in his repeat, the orca would go through it again slower.
I had to laugh at the orca correcting the researcher.

Everybody understand whale if you
AoA Revolution

The complete non-fan's guide to LOST.

Earlier, over in this post, a lovely mental image of Sayid was brought up. lannamichaels wanted to know how they could keep the characters straight, so lots42 came through.

Sayid - Iraqi who gets tied up a lot
Jin - Korean man who gets tackled and put into handcuffs by Sayid and black guy
Michael - Black Guy who likes tackling men and bondage
Boone - Baby-face guy, into all sorts of wrongness.
Shannon - Blonde bimbo, willing to be girltoy to anyone who will fish for her.
Jack - Doctor. Whiny until prospect of Kate!Sex gets him into leader mode
Locke - Bald guy. Likes taking sweaty men out into the jungle and making them hallucinate. (Seriously. This guy is WHACKED). Also, throws huge knives into chairs just to make a point.
Scott (or Steve) - Sleeps -real- close to married woman at night. Okay, the Steve/Scott sex pair are background characters.
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Jesus Christ Superstar

In the comments to my post about the 2000 version of Jesus Christ Superstar (which consists mostly of "OMG THE GAY!"), mmebahorel said this about the incredible gayness:

In my mind, yes, that production is the gayest thing I've ever seen that isn't overtly about homosexuals. Actually, that's the gayest thing I've ever seen, full-stop.

To which I said that that's saying a lot, because I'm sure she's seen a lot of really gay things.

Her reply:

Well, the only other thing with actual gay characters and an equivalent amount of sequins would be Velvet Goldmine. But it doesn't count because glam rock has to involve sequins and glitter but doesn't have to involve Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys-Myers making out. So there, the gay is rather divorced from the sequins, whereas in [Jesus Christ Superstar], the sequins are part of what makes the gay.
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Wondering about the media

Here's the headline: Nepal rebels 'killed' in clashes Now... why on earth is "killed" in quotes? Are they implying that killed is a euphemism for something else like "given a firm talking-to and a rap on the knuckles"? As in, "Oh yes we "killed" them, and they're very sorry and have promised never to do it again." Are they being ironic? Are they implying that the troops actually only partly killed the rebels, which in my day was termed "wounded" but in this era of pre-owned cars, you just never know?

Oh yes, I "read" the news.

-- tracy_rowan
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As a response to a post I made in my journal about his fantasies...

cspenn informs me of his true fantasy life.

Actually, I have a persistent fantasy about the world being as hackable as a video game. Wouldn't it be cool if you could press CTRL-~ and have a terminal window open in your vision, enter in a few commands like

bash$: mysql -uroot -pthereisagod
mysql: use World6-0;
mysql: SELECT campaignfunds FROM worldmonetarysupply WHERE politician = 'georgewbush';
mysql: 231 rows selected
mysql: UPDATE worldmonetarysupply SET campaignfunds = 0 WHERE politician = 'georgewbush';
mysql: 231 rows selected, 231 rows updated
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In a post on knightchik's journal about the Unitarian church, someone accidentally mistyped "preach" as "peach." tebello had this to say about that:

"Dearly beloved, and those of you also who are not comfortable with being beloved, we are gathered here on this very special day, which is not to say it's any more special than other days, to celebrate the glorious ambiguity our Creator has blessed us with. I am speaking not only of the general ambiguity we as Unitarian Universalists embrace daily, and nightly in the case of those of us who experience insomnia, which doesn't make them any less valued and respected members of our community, but of the very special ambiguity of God's Peach.

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"I can't remember a specific part of any book that says "and all the aurors wear red/blue/green polka-dotted robes made out of wool/cotton/aspen tree leaves from Simplicity pattern #458734857348785345cfdt687".
Because if JK wrote like that, it would be awesome." at_spinners_end on Harry Potter Costuming here
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Context: walkerton and mr_smeggers both draw webcomics. craziesunshine is dating walkerton. Got that? Good.

So walkerton completes a randomly generated meme quiz, which included this question:

15.~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is craziesunshine?

His answer: "20." Then, in the responses:

craziesunshine: Aw, I would have given you at LEAST a 35. ;)
walkerton: I can't count that high. :(
craziesunshine: That's what you get for going to art school.
mr_smeggers: ooooooooh. Zing!
mr_smeggers: HEY. WAIT A MINUTE.