August 18th, 2005


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bloodfyr is awesome.

Utilizing it's direct connection with the pleasure center of the brain, the appendix stores subconscious memories of all the influential names that the brain receives. When confronted with an unpleasant customer service situation, the appendix involuntarily searches for the first relevant name it can come up with, which is transmitted up this direct connection to the brain, and out the mouth, in an involuntary, almost knee-jerk reaction...much like gasping for air. This is called the Name Reflex.

You really should just go read the whole post. That bit stands alone decently well, but in this case context is the most awesomest thing ever.
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jennsonfire is bitching about finding her size:

"When you are a small-chested girl, good luck finding bras that don't have padding as thick as the earth's crust. When someone accidentally elbows you in the tit, it shouldn't leave a dent. Yes, bra makers, we know very well that we have small boobs. Some of us, however, don't like feeling like we're wearing a winter coat on our chest. Thank you.

And for God's sake, we don't need underwires, you dicks."

I think it's safe enough to go cut-free, no?
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nmc ponders the redefinition of problems.

In this post:

Many times, when one has a problem, one can simply shift the frame of reference, or redefine the problem, in terms of some easier problem. It would be nice if, in doing so, you automatically only had to deal with the lesser problem. Just like that. No additional prep work, just redefine the problem and that's the problem you have to solve.

For example, I could redefine one problem I'm having as "Tomorrow, I have to wake up at 10:30am." This would be a very easy problem to solve. Waking up at 10:30 is not too hard.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, I don't live in Reykjavik, Iceland. Instead, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is six hours behind Reykjavik, making the problem considerably less enjoyable.
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jaig really has no need for inner beauty. :|

When people look at me funny for saying that I want to look good, it annoys me.

What's it to them?

Inner beauty is fine, really, but nobody's going to compliment me for having a gorgeous pair of kidneys or a sexy little appendix. Nobody's going to tell me my cholesterol fucking turns them on.

People tell me I'm filling out. People tell me I'm losing weight. They ask if I've done something with my hair, because that's what normal people see. If skin-deep is all that's visible, goddamn it I want my skin-deep to be good enough to show off.

Save your self-righteous inner beauty shit for Oprah. Me, I'll be working on fucking the world over with my ass.
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orange_crushed When talking about which of the incarnations of Voldemort was the creepiest:

Abbageebaghoooulies. That's the kind of nonsense I start babbling when watching the unicorn scene again. I stand corrected: Voldemort with a bendy straw, noshing at the dead my little pony buffet, is the creepiest hands-down.
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Firefly crack-wagonneers, attack!

This only nominally a MQ, because this is more of a request from someone who really wants to enjoy "Firefly":

Could any FIREFLY fans in the crowd please explain to me what they like about this show? And i don't mean this in a snarky way. I'm genuinely curious what about it pulled you in?

Note: 'Mal looks really hot in those tight pants' is NOT an acceptable explanation.

- Abyss, will, however, accept 'Zoe looks really hot in those tight pants'.


Only interested parties who can speak intelligently and coherently about the show need apply.
oh holy shit
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Ah, Sayid.

'If there's anything hotter than a strapping, muscular former soldier all sweaty and strapped down to a bedframe, don't tell me about it because it'll probably make my lady bits explode.'
-almostnever, here.
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good for cuddling
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In an entry in fanficrants, liz_marcs has this to say about the stupidity of the original poster...

Allow me a moment to bask in the batshit.

The post has been deleted, but let me just say, it was a doozie and the quote was too good to pass up.
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I always knew it was subversive, but not in *that* way.

American Pie is quite obviously a subversive hymn hailing the arrival of the Satanic New World Order/Universal Government. The first few lines of the song proper (with the entry of the whole band) clearly prove that Rock 'n' Roll was created for the express purpose of turning people away from the Bible by offering a hedonistic alternative ("can music save your mortal soul?"), and it just goes on from there. "Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry," for instance, refers to taking part in a Satanic assault ("Chevrolet" including "chevre" = "goat" = Satan) against true faith (here symbolized by the dry levee, obviously a reference to the destruction/desecration of the river Jordan). "The day the music died" most likely refers to rebellion against God (the Word/the "music") -- remember, on "the day the music died," "the church bells all were broken," and the Holy Trinity "took the last train for the coast."
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The Art of Notetaking

This past week in biology offered up several video-watching opportunities. My notes on the movie at the time were:

I am currently in biology watching an "educational video" on the formation of earth. The narrator's voice is a deep dramatic baritone one might find advertising this summer's block-buster movie. The images of mountain ranges and sea bed floors are punctuated by atmospheric music in the form of an enthusiastic string section.

"The Atlantic widens as the Pacific dies. The world we know was being formed." Oh! The wail of majestic violas.

"The magma erupts from the rift in the tectonic plates," Oh! The musical accompaniment turns to darker, foreboding notes as if heralding a villain.