August 17th, 2005

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Girl Cooties and science fiction

In this thread of comments on this post of matociquala's journal, tamago said:
Informally, "joining the Innuendo Squad" is my shorthand for declaring that science fiction with squishy emotional relationship content can be done well and "cooties" don't exist so there's no need to dip your spaceships in anti-cootie protective coating before sending them off to have adventures.

The entry itself is thoughtful, wise, and funny, and many of the other comments are great, but this one just screamed to be metaquoted. :-> Also, tamago has one of the funniest icons I've ever seen (it's a Dr. Who cast photo, with a Star Wars quote, for those who don't place them immediately), and it's in that thread too.
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my first metaquote! :)

brokensilence_ in a friend's only entry...

</span> I just love it how they say "Alert" on the news when talking about Madonna falling off of a horse.

Alert- your IMMEDIATE WELL BEING is in danger, Madonna has fallen at least TWO FEET off of a horse.

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something my friend jezabellasatine posted a while ago:

i met Mike #5 this weekend . . . ITS NOT ME! I SWEAR! i have like a sign on my back that says "if your name is Mike and you're between the ages of 19-22, have a small to mediumlarge record with the law, work on cars, come hither!" and it's stuck there forever with a Permant Sticking Charm . . .
!carol (drag queen), everyone&#39;s favorite drag queen

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october31st, long one of my personal favorite LJ wits, has this to say regarding the headline of a scientific article proclaiming that "Study Details Bar at Center of Milky Way":

"Immediate reaction upon reading this headline:
Service not as good as at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, but they've got great drink specials.

Next reaction, occuring a split-second after the first:
Composed of chewy caramel, scientists believe."

Read it before it wanks all over the place...

In the webcomics community, there is some discussion over a rant posted over the WCCA giving the best anthropomorphic comic to Daily Dinosaur Comics, when pvenables asks the dangerously innocuous question "What IS anthro anyway?"
So far, the comments have been level headed...
Then pvenables learns of Transformers porn...

For that matter, there's Transformers porn(!). 0.o

Now I've got that song from the Transformers animated series going through my head...

"Transformers! Ro-Bots In-To guys..."

Complete thread here.

"Does He get put on hold or something?"

With permission from a locked post by weather_fan.

"An Israeli woman said on NBC Nightly News tonight that settlers in Gaza should stay and fight their own army because God told them not to give up the land.

President Bush says God favored him to be the president.

Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell apparently have routine conversations with God, who usually tells them that gays and independent women are incredibly dangerous; more so than, say, religious intolerance.

Anti-abortion radicals who blow up abortion clinics say God told them to do it.

Did God just give up speaking to sane people, or what? Are Nobel laureates too hard to reach? Does He get put on hold or something? I'd really like to know."
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pyrotech_c3h8 is my kind of asshole.

Some day, when I have a kid, and they are in need of some encouragement, they are going to ask me what the greatest thing I ever did was.

Most parents would say something like “Son, and/or daughter, I have done many things in my life, but the thing I am proudest of is YOU.” And then everybody hugs.

Not me. I’m going to tell it like it is.

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Full post has teh funney.
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[donna noble] and i think my time machin


backup10 (also known as wyk the headmistress of recently posted an online discussion she and other members of the webteam had about the descriptions they wrote up for the various songs on the Veronica Mars CD, which involved a long debate they nicknamed "The Great the/The Debate of 2005." Here it is in its entirety. One of the best parts?

Polter-Cow: freaking *iTunes* is smart enough to sort my music ignoring "the"s, because they're irrelevant.

My brother discovered that iTunes sorts Le Tigre by T. Which is really funny.

Inigo: iTunes speaks French. Who knew?

marks of love: My iTunes is apparently not francophone, because Le Tigre is firmly in L.

(In case you want to know, in LJland, Polter-Cow is spectralbovine, Inigo is inigo, and marks of love is hobviously.)