August 16th, 2005

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I don't agree with everything he says, but...

I do agree with this quote from one of theferrett's most recent posts:

Democracy is not just a voting process, but an expectation of fair play. Democracy is saying, 'I believe in the will of the people, even if my side is losing.' The people are not an obstacle to be overcome, but a tide of individual minds that must be convinced… And if you lose, it's because you didn't give them the right argument.

But more importantly, Democracy is
not the idea that people are fools, and you have to do whatever you can — whether that's guns, lies, or terrorism — to get them to follow your lead or else.
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[c] hark! a vagrant! - eat a dick
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captainsblog's answer in response to a question about what a particular cocktail is called in ljdq:

"The resulting cocktail is known as a RUM-DMC, which doesn't give you much of a buzz at first but by morning does make you feel like you've been shot dead in a recording studio."

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I just had Collapse ) e mail from E-bay, and had my
suspicions so I e-mailed them to find out if it was legit. It's not.

Therefore if you receive it-delete

Sarah ~X~

I know this isn't anything to do with this community, but thought I'd warn you all anyway-if this isn't appropriate feel free to delete!
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My first metaquote - it was too good not to share!

In reference to recent flamewars/heated debates in various LJ communities, possibly brought on by astrological events, sparkle_shortz reacts to a news article about a scary encounter with a great white shark (in which it is mentioned that the lifeguards had difficulty identifying the shark as a shark) thusly:

*Insert the shark "identifying itself" joke of your choice here __________. Possible themes include Mercury Retrograde, identity politics, how the shark's self-ID oppressed the lifeguards' or jetski's IDs, how the shark is not really a shark but a second-wave feminist, absinthe poseur, or ukulele martinet, etc.

QWP, from here.
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Wouldn't it be nice?

vayacondia needs a day off:

You ever just wanna go nuts so you can have a few days off? I mean, yeah, they'd pump you full of drugs and you'd be in a white room with a bunch of visitors who pretend to have your "best interests" at heart while they record all sorts of damaging things on white pieces of paper which will be looked at by every health insurer you hope to have in the future.... but... at least you'd get a few days off.


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I'm both amused and disheartened by the books and titles of my courses. While they're CALLED Introduction to Graduate Studies and Interdisciplinary Foundations, I'm fairly certain you could lump 'em into one and call it Intermediate Fundamentals of Advanced Basics and be done with it.


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thebratqueen has been talking with a priest on the subject of gay marriage, here:

Not to be too pedantic, but homosexuals don't want to marry straight people. If they did we'd call them heterosexuals and all of this would be a moot point.

What homosexuals want to do is to have the same loving unions with their partners that heterosexuals do. Now I realize that you believe that that isn't possible. However, regardless of whether or not homosexuals could succeed at having loving relationships, how does their success or failure affect what straight people do?

Put another way, when my gay friends sit in their gay kitchens and have their gay breakfasts how exactly does that make my Cheerios queer?

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I wondered: "Since [Sims 2] has aging and genetics, if you start with only three families do you eventually end up with bucktoothed Sims who only play the banjo?"

To which dj_flx replied:

"SimsDNA is a much simpler building block, they can't evolve too far.

Kinda like the new Cylons.


Well, obviously we can't legally allow two mentally stable, consenting adults to pledge life-long love and devotion and raise children and share health benefits and tax breaks and obtain more civil rights because . . . because . . . because gay sex is just icky! Heterosexual sex is beautiful and natural and every time someone engages in heterosexual missionary style married sex, an angel gets its wings, and stray puppies and kittens find good homes, and sunshine comes out of my anus to the tune of the Hallelujah choir, whilst Satan and his Nazi minions writhe in fiery agony . . . that's why.

-- a comment from bastmoon in this post.
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eddie! (by vayshedruvon)

crevette is in a bad mood . . .

If I were to describe my mood today in two words, I would have to go with "exceptionally foul". Or maybe "excruciatingly bad". Or possibly even "nearing murderous".

If I were able to use more than two words, I could be a tad more descriptive and go for "so bad that the next person who pisses me off is going to end up buried in the bottom of a drainage ditch with the words 'Good-bye MOTHERFUCKER' tattooed on their forehead and clown shoes shoved on their feet." The clown shoes would be purely for comic effect, mind you--not because of any deep seated psychological issues that I may or may not have.

Read the whole rant here.
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PR || Cosmos

More HBP mess ...

Well, akhmed just now read it, so of course his reaction is delayed.  Here is said reaction.  SPOILER ALERT, of course, but also don't read if you love and respect all of the characters unconditionally and/or don't like having your opinions of things challenged.
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Another baylor_w

In a quest to find the elusive baby photos of his girlfriend that he is sure must exist SOMEWHERE, baylor_w has the following experience:

i had asked Paula if Cree had any photos of her. The answer was of course not. So i asked Cree. Paula glared at her, daggers flying from her eyes. Cree said no, no photos of Paula, as she pointed to a giant chest. Paula declared that Cree was no longer her sister, a statement she would utter several more times that day. Cree left and i went to look at the chest, whereupon i was immediately seized from behind by what i can only assume was a gang of rabid football players on crack

I personally think this is the funniest person with the smallest friends list on livejournal.

Context and the rest of the adventure here.
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Laughing Out Loud
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From JF...

jim_smith: These insults make no sense. Why don't you just call her an Eskimo and a ventriloquist, while you're at it?
shakeandbake: My father is an Eskimo ventriloquist, you insensitive cad!
telesilla: Yeah well an Eskimo ventriloquist killed my cat, so how dare you bring them up like that?!
telesilla: Dude, your brother was looking for it. Why else would he dress that way?
shakeandbake: family's secret shame!

Brings a tear to your eye, don't it?

From a locked journal entry of my own, where I was extolling the virtues of my own homegrown white onions, when nsingman revived a former concept lamenting my lack of equal-opportunity multicultural onion growing choices.

I have a dream, Lori, that one day my little produce, red and white, onions and garlic, will be sliced together in the casserole of brotherhood, and judged not by the color of their flesh, but by the sting of their fumes. I have been to the cabinet, and I have seeeeeeeeeeeeeeen the bulbs and cloves. I may not eat there with you, but we as foodies will get to the dinner table!
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captinspiration's cats apparently didn't like him being away. They left him this "letter" on his return:

Dear Chris:

We noticed that you came home last night, and since you probably have missed certain benefits of being in Bellingham while you were gone, we figured we'd try to spruce the place up a bit while you were at work today.

As a result, we puked like 40 times all over the apartment. Isn't that awesome?! It's like 3 months' worth of puke, all in one day!

Welcome home!

Malcolm and Mojo

P.S. Are we still out of treats?
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Oh my(space)

itburnsitburns, on girls with incredibly boring MySpace profiles:

I swear to god, someone needs to prevent these people from meeting and fucking. When you read this shit, you can almost feel your brain turn into gurgling curds of feces. About as boring as an instruction manual for operating cash registers, I'd say, except without the substance. And also, while I'm at it, people who quote themselves should just jump in front of a distressed rhino.

"me, on "hollaback girl": that must be the most annoying song alive, except that songs don'"

Really? I'm laughing so hard that I'm cumming shit through my belly button and coughing up my balls. You made that up yourself? Wow, you are quite the witty girl! Now make a joke about me shooting you in the face.
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