August 15th, 2005

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I don't follow this community, and only joined to mention this. So I don't know if this is known already or if this post is allowed or not. But I thought some of you may like to know that metaquotes has made it into an entry in Snopes.

I am pretty sure those directly quoted where contacted, but as I said I don't read this community. I just thought it was way cool that you all have an entry on Snopes now.
I have no idea what you're talking about
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Meta-meta strikes again!

Yeah, I know, all I ever seem to post is meta-metas, but you guys is teh funneh. :) (At least to my twisted sense of humour.)

In the thread from this post (involving the astonishing revelation that sleep can help you function, almost as well as limitless caffeine and porn!):

tooticki: But sleep is the cousin of death. Porn is... not.

what_the_jack: No, porn is just the cousin of carpal tunnel.
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The Cat helps the mood

In this entry by noveldevice she relates the results of her cat Marlowe trying to help set the mood for watching a zombie movie:

Addendum to the Contract With Marlowe (currently under review by Marlowe's Union Representative)

The Marlowe shall not:

While his human is watching zombie movies, make strange and/or sinister noises behind her back, under the table, in the kitchen, or and especially while sitting in a position just behind and above her left ear. Forbidden noises include, but are not limited to: sudden loud meows, low growling, loud growling, chittering or chirrupping sounds, and unearthly wails.

Punishment for such offenses may include: loud shrieking, sudden pointless scrambling, being pelted with yarn, insults, being Put Downstairs.

(entire post)
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I am a girl of the future

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gyr_falre is a nice Jewish boy of my acquaintance who is a little confused about certain Christian rituals.

"So I got tired of seeing all these christians holding up signs about "3:16" and I looked it
Those people are really fucked up.
Gen 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

I mean, there are alot of passages they could comment on, but that's the one on their sign as some symbol of their goyim scare me sometimes."

Fun with Duct Tape...

[ronniekins77 describes the joys of sibling-sitting in this f'locked post (QWP, names edited to protect the identities of the stupid):]

C. & A. decided it would be fun to get into loads of duct tape and stick it all over themselves. Then, C. ripped it off of A., at which point she burst into tears. And the following ensued...

A: *crying*
ME: What the hell happened now?
ANOTHER SIBLING: They put on duct tape.
ME: *sigh*
A: Do - you - have - *hiccup* - scissors - to *whine* - cut it off?
ME: Scissors ain't gonna work. Now, do you want me to pull it off fast or slow?
ME:'ll probably hurt more though, but whatever. *starts to pull off slowly*
ME: *rips off very quickly*

You'd think she'd learn her lesson. I expect this kind of behavior from C., but not A. You'd think she'd learned after the shaving-off-her-eyebrows incident and the cutting-her-own-hair incident. Geez.
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K: Eeep, Eeep
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Not a mental image I needed o.O

(Thank you as ever, Scans_Daily...)

specialagentm: Of course, if Power Girl turns out to be some sort of Kryptonian (or genetically compatible variant thereof) who is not a blood relative or Hypertime-relative, she'd be a good choice for a surrogate mother for Clark and Lois in the current DCU!
...good lord, she'd make a hell of a wet nurse too, wouldn't she?

vzg: "The baby...won't...let...go!"

I have no words

sistermoony did something worse than drunk dial: She drunk posted. Twice. This is the first post, in it's entirety...


Sodruni/ So veryd ring . Oy, i missyme weselaybn famile. i love yopu gioys do much. and becky anmd carrie and robYn and jen abnd my pthewr fiorrends, i kove ypi8 guys a lot too. and timy. I loce ym froends.

BZednoe. Ver drunk.

Wow1 I nfko nslla dmnmedola and Sandra adidn ngka I lover gher.


I read this back to her, and she (drunkedly) decided to post an explanation...


nvi asmlodloe drunimn i am ; foe i8 is duinr.


EDIT: There will be prizes for anyone who can pronounce all those words.

Also, please note sistermoony is not dumb as hell. She was just drunk as hell.
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