August 14th, 2005


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In this post, squalorholla discusses working as a barista at Burning Man festival.

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Later, she discusses tipping at said festival:

After one four-hour shift last year I left with a fake-fur hat with ears, a tiara, a number of minibar-sized bottles of booze, a Polaroid of myself with a local celebrity who calls himself NAMBLA the Clown, a bar of Toblerone and about $45 in cash. Not a bad haul.
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thamiris tells her readers about her new, musical *ahem* neighbor:
This guitar-playing menace has moved into my apartment complex. He sits outside facing the courtyard and pretends he's Kurt Cobain unplugged, but he's so craptastic that if I had a spare plug I'd wrap it around his neck and pull hard. He can't make his weak voice vibrate so instead repeatedly articulates extended notes, ayyyaiiiyaiii, ayyaiiiyaiii. Whenever he begins his one-man show windows crack shut, doors slam closed, while someone, clearly in pain, shouts, "Shut the fuck up!"--to no effect. His last session lasted an hour and a half, an eternity of caterwauling, and I wanted to chuck one of the cats at him, sacrificial-like, and say, "Just screw her and be done with it!"
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The Mike Smith Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Review, part 7

mike_smith has never read a Harry Potter book in his entire life. Yet, he has chosen to do an in-depth analysis of each chapter as seen by a newcomer to the book because (and I quote from the first prelude review), "Chicks dig Harry Potter. This is my main motivation for doing anything, that it may somehow, someday, earn me a slim chance of performing the reproductive act. I'm not saying this book guarentees anything, but reading it can't hurt. My grandchildren should thank me for this, although they'll probably just make fun of me and steal my dentures. The little bastards..." Anyway, here's part of what he said for Chapter 7:

After about three pages of Slughorn's luncheon, Harry starts to wonder how to get out of there before he dies of boredom. I guess just leaving would be rude. I'm really sick of how polite this kid thinks he has to be. Just say you've got important Chosen One business or something and go. Tell him you're not really Harry Potter but his decoy he uses for security purposes, like in Star Wars. Tell him you have to find a phone booth so you change into Superman--ANYTHING, but just GO.


Check out the rest of the chapter synopses here.

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snapetoy's response when she saw a pic of how the Death Eaters will look like in the upcoming movie Goblet of Fire (note: they look like Ku Klux Klan. >_< the picture is in her original post here. Take a look and weep, people)

P561 GOF:
[Voldemort] looked around at the hooded faces, and though there was no wind, a rustling seemed to run around the circle, as though it had shivered.

'Welcome, Death Eaters,' said Voldemort quietly. 'Thirteen years… thirteen years since last we met. Yet you answer my call as though it was yesterday… we are still united under the Dark Mark, then! Or are we?'


He looked around at his Death Eaters, his most faithful. 'Who,' he demanded, 'made the decision to change the hats?'

He watched Lucius Malfoy edge a little behind Macnair - ah yes, Lucius had always been a little too fond of haute couture - and pointed his wand. 'Lucius, is there something you wish to confess to me?'

Lucius straightened his back and stepped forward before sinking to his knees at Voldemort's feet. Voldemort watched as he bent forward and tried to kiss the hem of his robes, one hand coming up to catch as the pointy hat fell off.

'Yes, Lucius, I see you have discovered the fatal error in your foray into high fashion.CRUCIO.'

EDIT: After pondering on it a little bit, and while my brain still laughs hysterically at the mental image of DEs with pointy hats, there is some logic about making DEs resemble KKK. After all, they are all about racial purity too.
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When one crosses roleplaying with RL, one gets osirusbrisbane's comment:
On Saturday the 20th (next weekend), I will be fighting against Arriving Piano, and while I have enlisted one or two allies, if any of you with high STR and no penalties to your Move skill wanted to help as well, it would be much appreciated.
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joybilee takes issue with programming execs

how is the WB sandwiching charmed between reba & blue collar tv this fall? are they trying guide more rednecks to wicca? their scheduling really is done by monkeys with darts isn't it?

i always thought roswell would have done better paired with angel (or was it buffy?) than with gilmore girls. you're dealing with similar demographics. hello, you gotta catch the people who are already tuning into watch sexually frustrated other-worldly beings.

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Why it pays to have a P.O.S. car

neosquirrel got lost in my car on the way home from a friend's last night and found himself in the middle of a scene from a Hollywood movie (sorry, entry is friends-locked):

And then I ran into the Fast and the Furious gang... well, just a bunch of underground racers... I had to turn around to get back on the waterway across the dark, murky, if-I-lost-control-and-plunged-through-the-railing-no-one-would-notice water below, and they were cloggin' up the artery. I wasn't going to try and drive through it, so with my green hair and streetwise walk I got out a bit back from them to watch the festivities for a bit... not to mention keeping trishalynn's car out of sight, being that it looked like a bunch of pissed-off gorillas beat it up a bit and would clash with the gorgeous cars there.

One of the races got fired off, but then someone noticed something coming up behind down through the park...

"5-OH!" someone yelled, and the next thing you know everyone's pulling a Bo Duke sliding across hoods to get in and take off... I just casually walked back to my car as the Black and Blues hit their lights since they saw the crowd ahead scatter like ants under a magnifying glass... Tires peeled out, and off they went down the waterway, sirens chasing after... except for one... a squad car pulled up next to me, asked for my ID, and asked why I was here...

I calmly retorted, "Do you think I belonged here?" and pointed to Trish's car...

The cop handed me back my ID and took off down the road.
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Regarding a comic posted in scans_daily that had a shot of Robin being IMed by a mystery person... (his username is "003ROBIN457")

likemythesis: Tim's screename amuses me. XD; It so doesn't give any sort of secret away, nope.
And he so totally is badass. :D
vzg: I wonder what Batman's is. Probably something like 642BATMAN351
likemythesis: Batman using AIM. o_o; Funny and creepy at the same time.
642BATMAN351: What r u doin'?
642BATMAN351: U want 2 go 2 the mall?
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bluelashoo lists highlights of a recent vacation:

And, Item Five: This morning when I was making my bed, I found a surprise. Handcuffs. Attached to the bedpost. The bedpost of the bed I'd been sleeping in for two nights.

Pause. Let that sink in.

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Well, it made me giggle

Someone, who wishes to remain nameless, started a journal about her incompetent fellow nurse whom they like to call Napolean.  This is in regards to the similar random behavior and lack of social skills, much like the character Napolean Dynamite.  The journal is filled with little anecdote and phrases uttered by nursenapolean ...such as this:

LB is telling us that she has to shave every single day, commenting that she has an unusually large amount of leg hair. She says (using the widely accepted premise that men are hairier than women), "If I were a man, I'd have back and chest hair."

Napolean says in response, "If I were a man, I'd have no hair."

how very, very random.

the dancing snape

Because crazy dreams are fun, damnit!

From the LJ of irradiatedsoup:

Jayne: *says something stupid*
Claire: Haha!
Simon: *knowing look, laughter*
Claire: *hysterics*
Mal: Okay guys, I've got a job, your part is that you have to go to this library with this random blonde girl and her library card...its secret, be careful.
Jayne: Okay.
Claire: Okay.
Random Blonde Girl: Okay
Simon "...."
*they go*
Claire: *after walking around in bare feet gets a thorn in her foot, and after pulling it out* JAYNE! JAYNE LOOK! I GOT A THORN IN MY FOOT!
Jayne: *grunt*
Claire: I bet I could stick this in your muscles and you wouldn't feel it.
Jayne: O_o

Blah blah blah context, blah blah blah obligation etc.