August 13th, 2005

Anxious, Klaus Baudelaire

Come, join the sleeping revolution!

quoted from flocked post with permission from simmysim

Tease: Now, I know many of you are thinking, "Simmy, I see no benefit in sitting still, in the dark, and doing nothing for hours at a time," And I tell you, yesterday, I would've agreed. Why, I myself used to spend my nights running on nothing but caffeine and gay porn. I've seen the light, however, and it is wonderful and pillow-shaped.
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Simmy is like, the funniest most awesomest gay porn writer-artist ever.
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the dancing snape

On flies and ankles

soleta_nf about flies with ankle fetishes:

There's a fly in my room that keeps coming on to me. At first I just thought it had an ankle fetish, as it kept landing on and skittering across my bare ankles. I'd shake it away and 5 seconds later it would be back. After it did this more than a few times, my loud curses seemed to successfully convince it to back off a bit. A few minutes later I'm lying on my bed, and this time it starts landing on my face. Again, three times in a row. So I spit, "FUCK! There's a whole apartment for you to fly around in. Why do you like me so much?"

I think I hurt its feelings. It's leaving me alone now.

Context (because I always feel guilty if I don't put it in)
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"A Vague Disclaimer Is No One's Friend"

Posted from certainthings, with permission:

Attention Flist

In a short time a new season of television will be starting. Old shows will be returning. New ones starting.

This is my message to you.

1. If you spoil* me for any show, (even ones I don't watch because maybe I'll watch them later) I will beat you with a shovel.

2. If you spoil** me for Veronica Mars, I will beat you with a shovel and stab your mother. If you do not not have a mother, I will stab your father. If like me, you have neither, I will go after your best friend.

What counts as a spoiler -

Anything I do not know.

1. Anything I do not know.
2. Casting spoilers.
3. Things that you feel are "common knowledge" (example below)

Example -

You: Why would Wallace name his dog Strippy McGimpy Pants?
Me: Wallace has a dog? ... Did this dog disappear like his brother?
You: Oh, I thought it was common knowledge that Wallace gets a dog in ep 2.13 since it was written in every magazine published ever and on CNN and 23 other news channels.
Me: ARRRRRRRRRG! :beats you with a shovel and stabs your mother:
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Stevie Nicks - hat

The Eleventh Commandment

From the ever-funny ishyface:

Worked this morning. I think that there was an Eleventh Commandment that got lost sometime between Biblical revisions. It probably said something like "Thou shalt be fucking polite, Medammit."

The rest of the post deserves a read through as it involves Prince and overthrowing Everything.
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(no subject)

irish_cocktail has just watched Blessed. While it's unclear how exactly she felt about the movie, she does have this to say to one of the stars:

....Andy Serkis, if you really needed money that badly, you could've just asked.


p.s. did anyone else laugh REALLY hard to themselves when they saw that the tagline of the movie was 'evil is coming'? 'cause it'd be nice to have some fellow eight-year-olds to play in the sandbox with.
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Random - Trippy Colours

Punny business.

fuzzygruf relates being trapped in a car with a trio of punsters.

On the return trip, I realized that I was trapped in a car with three punsters. (Good thing ricksf was not also in the car!)

qbear: I hear that some Hasidic Jews believe in Reincarnation.
double_ohsteven: I hear that some Acidic Jews believe in Prilosec.
rootbeer1: I hear that some Flaccidic Jews believe in Viagra.
qbear: I hear that some Vlassidic Jews believe in dill pickles.

The laryngitis prevented my screams for help.

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