August 12th, 2005

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Best simile ever!

The always fab and always funny bea_nonymous posts about a newly discovered website here, and has the following to say:

It's like when you first learn to masturbate, and you have your first orgasm, and you lay (lie?) there going "NOW WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS AND WHY HAVEN'T I BEEN MADE AWARE OF THIS BEFORE?!?!"

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one_wild_nite ends a letter to the internet tech boy she spoke with... 

What really kills me of course, is that you most likely made a bucket of money off that call, probably a good 10 bucks more than me in that one phone call than I would in an entire shift.

I hope you take that money, score some good pot, get drunk and laid and just have a general wild time. After all , you earned it buddy.

I also hope she gives you crabs.

The letter in full can be found here

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Star Wars! iharthdarth! Yay!

In the most recent iharthdarth comic, our elusive artist does the commentary thing:

Kill a youngling? Sure. Rule a galactic empire? Sure. Groom a cat? Sure! These were things he could do, but tell his son about the facts of life? No. Emphatically no. How was one to begin?

"Son. there comes a time in every young man's life when he begins to feel a strange disturbance in the lower side of his Force."

The commentary on this comic is sometimes just as good, if not better, than the comic itself.
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no_more_connect in a comment about what it's like to be god (and incidentally, totally off-topic to the original post, so you don't need any context, woo-hoo) said:

yeah but turns out being god is a lot more like being a child than you'd think (or the human incarnation of god or lucifer or whatever). all the perks are very "wait til you grow up".

i wanna reign now. muahaha.

it's all very "human after all" in ways.

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Remember that psycho who ranted about not getting the first HBP copy*?[Entry is flocked. Here's a copy.]

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From AFG.
Let's keep the comments spoiler-free, people.
*I'm ashamed to say that I didn't realize she was nuts until I read other people commentary on it. Then I thought it over and went "Buh?"

EDIT: Since I seem to have restarted the discussion, here's the original ranter's uinfo.
EDIT2: Does anyone have an Encyclopedia Dramatica account? The spoiler warning on the Harry Potter page contains HBP spoilers,(they were trying to be sardonic) and my IP is blocked cause I tried to use Bugmenot.
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The Joy of the Road

From the motorcycles community comes a bit of wisdom from pi3832

Be the Zen rider. Let the unenlightened go before you.

Once the traffic has cleared, and the road has shed its stoplights and stopsigns and speed bumps like your lover shedding her clothes, that's when you shift it down one, whack the throttle, and welcome the Dark Side into your heart as you roar into triple-digit cold sweats.

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In her journal entry, jethrablack recounts an extremely disturbing dream she had lately. This part cried out for metaquoting:

"and anyway... i remember clinging to micheal jackson like he was some sexy guy dying for him to save me from death. OH MY GOD. i need to take a bath filled with cleaning detergents and then sleep in a car wash. maybe then ill get this ickyness off...."

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Bunny gone bad. D: {My Melody}

Wait...WHAT did Jesus die for again?

LJ user gehn had this to say about an article about Christian Protestors standing in front of a Seattle Planned Parenthood:

Snip from article: "... we know Jesus won the victory at the cross for Seattle and for our nation."

It's true, actually. Most people think that Jesus went to the cross for their sins, or for speaking out against the Romans, or things like that.. but he actually did it for Seattle and the USA. No one knew at the time that such places would exist in their current state, but He did. He did.
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Deep Red Roses

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My dear friend shallowthenhalo, in a comment back to me in his journal--

"i occasionally fear that if ever i was in a situation of the screamfirenothelpbecausepeoplewillrespondtofirebutignoreacryforhelp nature, that i would completely forget and scream for help...which is why i've taken to carrying a medieval spikey ball and chain contraption--because when i use mace, i mean it."

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first post!

danamulder has some wedding issues. From a locked post, with permission.

I just saw a commercial for The Wedding Date on DVD. I think "The Wedding..." might be two words that lead off more movie titles than anything else in the world.

Once you hire The Wedding Planner, you can start looking for The Wedding Singer. Your maid of honor has got to find The Wedding Date, while security watches out for The Wedding Crashers.

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