August 8th, 2005

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therealycats is reviewing the Queer as Folk finale in a locked entry, and her review...well, needs a bit of editing, by her own admission: (Quoted with permission.)

For those of you wondering, yes I did attend the Anne Rice Center for People Who Can't Write Good and Want to Learn to Do Other Stuff Like Turning Characters Into Pod People Good Too. I'll write a more coherent reaction later.
a QUEER dies!

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"Especially lesbians. Every where i look, everything i say, and everything I read eventually deteriorates into attractive lesbians." - ameinias has a dilemma that I'm finding it hard to be sympathetic over. F-locked. Quoted with demands.
agent may is unimpressed

A late report from Comic-Con

lampbane went to Comic Con and sat in on the Adult Swim panel, where people mostly asked questions of the guys from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," "Robot Chicken" and this show she doesn't like called "Tom Goes to the Mayor." But finally, the Mayor guys did get a question:

Audience Member: "So, this question is for Tim and Eric, since people don't seem to be asking you questions... what's the creative process behind each episode... how do you write an episode?"
Tim and Eric: "Is this a pity question?"
Audience Member: "Does it matter? Answer the question."


On Writing Essays While Tired...

My dear friend, katiefoolery, wrote an entry on writing an essay. In the comments, she replies to someone talking about bad study habits:

"I used to do all of that - apart from falling asleep on the keyboard. Although, that would have been most amusing:

And, in conclusion: jkl;fdsa;oiujamklxc;jkopu09721u32 jfdla;jljiljasdf

Hehe! You can't refute that."

I was amused by the idea of someone trying to refute that.

EDIT: On Metaquoting while is the entry itself: Too Tired For Titles
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Random {Anyone who doesn't like you is w

hey, she said it

From the wonderful brain of active_apathy:

...there was a Dianetics ad on TV earlier. I was amused by this, since they're selling it as a self-help book. A self-help book by an author who famously claimed that the easiest way to make money is to start a religion. I'm considering offering an alternate title - maybe Jumping On Couches For Dummies.


If a libertine of your choice walked over and sat down next to you, what do you imagine your immedeate reaction would be?

If it were Gary, I'd stare a moment and say "You're that chap from the Libertines! I saw you play two years ago..." and offer to buy him a pint.

If it were John, I'd say "Hello Mr Hassall. Please cheer up." And offer to buy him a pint.

If it were Peter, I wouldn't be able to say anything. I'd think about kissing him and offering to eradicate his demons with love and music, but I'd probably just sit there staring at him until he'd get freaked out and ask me why I looked like Dobby the house-elf. To which I'd reply "I love you, and I can save you. Now please stop hitting journalists, cancel this bloody documentary, and have some time off to come camping with me. I'll change your whole perspective on life!!" Well, I'd probably say something even stupider, but my imagination is limited.
And I'd offer to buy him a pint.

If it were Carl, I would make a point of not talking about Pete, unless I got him drunk enough. Poor guy must get sick of seeing his ex-bandmate plastered all over the tabloids like some bimbo. Then, when he breaks down in tears, I'd pat his head and say "There there, Carlos. There there. Have some more Rohyp--er, ice-cream."
And offer to buy him a pint.

Context: They're a band, I doubt this works as well if you don't know of them, but I found it amusing anyway. From her anon meme.
Language Nazi

But what about Comic Sans?

A friend has given me the opportunity of working on a freelance job. It's creating a logo for a music shop, and he wants it to be reasonably cool and contemporary, "something I wouldn't be ashamed to have on my t-shirt if I were going to a gig". Then he told me what font the boss wants me to use: Copperplate Gothic.

The only font known to wear sock suspenders. Another designer at my work said it's the font, that at font parties, turns up looking like an accountant, sporting a sensible tie, and it's always left in the corner without anyone to talk to.

-- arabel

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sandelwood, here, regarding WB adding "Tom Marvolo Riddle 1915-1943" to the inscription on the tomb that Harry's supposed to get tied to in the Goblet of Fire movie.

JK: ... Erm.
WB: Fuck off Woman, we own this now, ya know.
JK: But...
Fans: We were in an uproar about a comma, you guys, but this is sacriligous.
JK: Right, what they said.
WB: Oh. Uh. Shit. Could you..?
ILM Geek: *sigh* I'm getting overtime for this, right?
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chaosvizier, in ljdq, comments here on the question of whether future posts should be longer or shorter than they are at the moment.

"As always, we're trying out different strategies. It's a question of coming up with a happy medium. A happy funny medium. Like Whoopi Goldberg in "Ghost". Well, maybe a little funnier."

Sanford & Son

Orignial post here after thestarfissure bangs up her foot.

I'm hobbling around the house like I'm Fred Sanford. What's scary is that before that revelation hit me, I had the extreme urge to walk up to someone and say "You big dummy." Since I have had the revelation, however, I hobble around with the theme song from the show stuck in my head.
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Done by rashaka in reply to kureno_rooster's post in chuunin:


If that's not some kind of superpower, I need a new dictionary.

The entire post can be found here:
Naruto manga spoilers, so beware.
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