August 6th, 2005

Customers Suck!

These fine gems come from a post by eimran about her day at work and the idiot customers she has put up with.

Today was punctuated by assholes. Not since reading Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions have I seen more blatant images of puckered and smelly atrocities...

...I yelled at this man. Not in a SCREAMY SORT OF BELLOWING manner... no. I reprimanded him as one would a dog for peeing on the floor. ...

...This little gem comes straight from the bull's bowels, really. I remember the man, I remember the day. I may have written about this total rubbery-fleshed cock-monger. ...

Oh just go read the whole post, it's great.
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.Irrational Snake Problem - Dry Mouth.

Quoted from funfairiegirl's LJ:

"I kinda feel like I have swallowed a porcupine and that said porcupine was covered in cold liver oil. I mean, seriously, this dry mouth side effect is terrible. I imagine this is what it feels like to be a cotton-mouth - you know the most irratible of the southern snakes. I think they are angry cause their mouths are dry. Poor things."
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Whilst musing on the recent evolution vs intelligent design debate, the rather wonderful heavenscalyx shares her view of deity:

"I suppose I like to think of my deity as 1 part mad scientist, 1 part artist, and 98 parts stoner/acid-dropper who likes to sit back and watch the nifty psychedelic fireworks zie just put into motion, saying, "Cooooooool," a lot."
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It's important to keep out the Vikings!

From funfairiegirl

Why is it that the things I want my taxes to go toward are never ever going to happen? For instance, I would like them to dome the city and make it climate controlled. Now, this is practical for a number of reasons. 1) it keeps the harmful rays away from sensitive skin. 2) We could then set up a filtration system to filter the air before it escapes from the dome. 3) No icky weather to screw up traffic. 4) It wouldn't be so blasted hot in the summer and so freaking cold in the winter.

On top of these benefits, we would also have the ability to keep out people we don't like and bands of vikings
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In a post about Intelligent Design on my LJ and my desire to leave the States because of it, maeritrae extends an invitation:

Two people on my f'list posted [link irrelevant to this metaquote] in the past few days, and I don't think you were one of them.

Come to Ireland, we've just gotten into this new fangled "evolution" thing and it's really taking off.
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The Statue of Limitations

copperbadge on typos, here.

I think my new favouritest typo of all time is "Statue of limitations".

I imagine it sort of like a statue of the Muses -- Epic Poetry, Music, Dance, and Limitations. She's the tall one with the square emo glasses on, and she's stopping the others from doing anything fun.

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becauseimagirl comments on a strange IM I recieved last night, which ended in the person insulting me...


"bye bitch u ugly mo fo" made me laugh.
It's like they issued themselves a challenge: "How many insulting things can I say in 6 words or less, with as short amount of characters as possible?! Must hurry!!!"