August 5th, 2005

Mad Hatter

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From the comments of a locked post by Geeklovepoetry. Tried to break it down. < 3;

Geeklovepoetry: What do your parents think of me, anyway? XD

Madhatterpan: *Dead at all that* They think.. yeyBeckyhasafriend! ..XD My dad's worried cause he's like... she likes Oscar Wilde?
Me: ..He's witty.
Dad: Yes...
Me: So nothing bad in liking him.
Dad: ..But what he went to jail for..

Geeklovepoetry: *DEAD*

Geeklovepoetry: Well, I like Michael Jordan too, but that doesn't mean I'm going to turn into a black NBA star. XD
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mickeylu demonstrating the weird side effects of exercise:

"hehe so weird my apetite's on hold for a few hours right after running. no ..make that several hours.

I'd expect myself to eat everything in sight..but instead I just stare at the food. and well..they stare back at me."

Bro, The only time I want food staring beadily at me, it better still be swimming in the tank prior to meeting Mr. Knife or Mr. Searing Hot Frying Pan.
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Killfiles & Internet Personalities

the_blue_fenix comments from a locked (and therefore anonymous) discussion:
Back when I first got on Usenet, before I was even on [], I made it a sort of matter of principle not to use killfiles because I might miss something important. A couple of years in a noise-to-signal-ratio group got me over that one. These days I plonk freely, usually in the categories (by my highly personal definitions):

It's Not Nice to Poke the Crazy Person With a Stick
Never Going To Change Their Opinions, No Point Arguing With Them
I Remember Your Views From the Last Flame War, Thanks

Lots of overlap potential in those categories, obviously.
[Edited to add: *facepalm* Yes, quoted with permission.]

graphic novels

mrstroppy recounts his day here

...I also decided to read a book.

Yes, it's true. I don't know if any of you are aware of these things, I know I wasn't, but they're kinda like graphic novels, without the graphics. Woah there, tiger! Steady the ship! I know, I know, sounds boring, right? But if you read the words, sometimes it's like there's a movie playing in your head. And even better, Adam Sandler doesn't have to be in it.

gnosticelf is feeling a bit lonely

And has apparently let his despondency lead to suicidally cavalier moves:

"Cover me! I'm going in!"
"Don't do it, sir! That laundry pile is toxic, sir. It's suicide!"
"I have no choice, Jenkins. There's no way in Hell we're ever getting laid again as long as the place looks like this. If I'm not back in a half-hour, call a priest."

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Extra! Extra!

Quoted from a friend-locked entry of xjsnowflake13

Breaking news: I don't think I'm terrified of virgins anymore! I've been thinking about it and, after much deliberation, I've decided that there's really nothing frightening about kissing someone who's never been kissed. I don't agree with the Catholics, though... Condoms are a gift from God.
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(From this discussion about shoplifting.)

lesleykajira: Ha! i've had them yell that at me, too. Found three live geckos in that man's pants, and he started bitching. Go figure.

dbaxdevilsfan: Did he think if he had Gecko's he'd save money on his car insurance?

gwai_lol: "You are under arrest for the theft of these Geckos. However I do have some good news....."
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The ever-delightful tajessa, on religious acceptance (quoted from this comment):

  I don't care if you're Christian, Jewish, or "other" ...I'm not going to yell at you for your beliefs* or try and convert you. Just say what you mean. Oy.

*Unless you are a Scientologist, in which case I will be mocking you from here till Doomsday. Seriously. I'm applying for special dispensation from God to avoid the Rapture so I can stay around and pay you out some more.
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A wild goose chase?

raptorinblack works for a bird observatory in San Fransisco where bizarrely, a bird from South America was recently spotted. She has her own theories about why it ended up there:

I think it's a bird that blew up here some time ago and decided it liked the hippy Norcal lifestyle. It hangs around with turkey vultures and goes wine tasting on the weekends.