August 3rd, 2005

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In reply to this post here at Metaquotes, which is about how the length of your fingers says whether or not you're gay:

fullmetalkatu: I must be deceptively gay. Depending on how I have my hands, my index fingers move. :D

what_the_jack: You're like a gay ninja. Sneak around, people think, "Hmm, gay? Nope, fingers." Then BAM! Gay shuriken to the back of the neck. "Gay after all. Hmm. Also, ow."
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On being a working girl

adidi has got a job. (Flocked, QWP)

The fact of the matter is, I AM A WORKING GIRL WOOO. Feel free to insert appropriate footage of me in knee-high pleather boots, garters, and frizzed out sparkly hair, balancing a tray of drinks aloft, wending my way through a Hooters. Now replace it with footage of me telemarketing at my dad’s company (“Hi, this is Adi from GENERIC COMPUTER COMPANY HERE, calling back in regard to the educational software we sent you three years ago, to which we have never received a satisfactory- hello? Hello? Damn it, I didn’t even get up to asking them if they thought blue cheese was better than feta.”) in between working at Barnes and Noble. (“You want to know where the bathroom is? No idea, but you wanna read a TOTALLY AWESOME BOOK? IT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES! IT’S A SHOCKING TALE OF MURDER, INTRIGUE, AND BEAUTIFUL LYRICAL WRITING! YOU’RE ETHICALLY OPPOSED TO VIOLENCE? BUT IT’S VERY POETIC VIOLENCE! BARELY ANY BLOOD AT ALL!”)
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A quote from an anon meme I posted on my second LJ (safe from the mother), so I can't quite say who posted it, but this had a few of us cracking up. While everyone else was angsting and being woeful over life in general, someone said:

PS And you know those "Free Tibet!" stickers? I cannot be singularly responsible for the freedom of a country! I just can't!

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murnkay has found Peter Pan's secret diary:

Diary, Entry 13
Frodo and Sam came back today, after days away chasing Smee. Stupid grown-up things. They came back with Smee, who is losing an awful lot of hair, and he was all hissy and bitey and yelly too. This place has certainly lost a lot of fun, since those two came around. I asked them to leave and Frodo said they would, they just had to toss Smee into a volcano first.

You can see why I decided to go with them, right? Volcano! Hello? Smee-tossing!

Better read the whole story, Lord of the Pan, Fellowship of the Never-Never.

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amokk in a friends locked post (with permission) regarding someone who claims to be an otherkin, pagan, furry, werewolf, and supposedly has multiple personalities to boot.

Some people just can't handle it when the RPG game ends and the GM goes home.
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14 million is better that 13 million, you know!

Yesterday, I went to my neighborhood "Get Rid of the Transsexual Crack Head Hookers on the Corner" party. There was one of those jumpy things for children, three grills full of hot dogs and burgers, peach cobbler, BEER, and 14 million gay men dancing to We are Family.

I arrived on the scene with my pal, Flynn the dog, and was immediately greeted with a blank name tag and a Sharpie. This is like handing me a license to lie. "Well," I said to myself, "I'm most certainly going to have to be someone other than Aimee tonight."

I came up with Sugar Jones on the spot and seriously considered changing my name to that as I stuck the tag to my left breast...

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