August 2nd, 2005

I need a towel

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runcible posted in her private journal:

Also, when I download songs, I like to download several of the same songs and watch them race each other. "GO LITTLE VAN HALENS, GO!"

ETA: Quoted with permission, by the way.
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One thing leads to another

pointoforigin titles a post "ClusterStrip of Summer" and notes:
Yes, that really is the day name for today. Whoever did this calendar is perhaps just a little TOO high-minded. I know they MEANT that flower panicles and whatnot were being stripped of their precious freight as the season ripened toward fall . . . but it does sound like what happens just before the well-known cluster-something-else.
springtime the pony

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Readers of get_medieval discuss alarm clocks:

brazenbells: My alarm has three sound choices: Heavy Artillery Fire ("Ocean"), Pteradactyl Attack ("Birdsong"), and Banshee Howl ("Babbling Brook"), so panic is pretty much the order of the morning. I find if I rotate the three pretty regularly, I can keep my brain in that "OMGWTFISTHATNOISEWE'REALLGONNADIE!" mode.

girl_wonder: Ahh, lucky! My only option is Truck Backing Up Over My Face.
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My Face

Bee-dancing Meta-Meta

"Ah, the Bee Dance. I've got my own variant, although I usually perform it in the presence of wasps, which around here comfortably seat twelve.

One day, as I was checking the mailbox, a wasp swooped in. I began my dance, got the mail, then realized a neighbor had seen me. I was mortified until she inquired, "Big wasp?" Nothing like finding a kindred spirit ...

I like to think of it as a survival strategy. Bees dance to let hivemates know where good foraging areas are. Humans dance to let others know: "BEES IN THE AREA. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. STAY THE %*$@#! AWAY."
- Jesperanda
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From active_apathy

She is pained by the extremely poor style of "fashionably-written" TV ads:

What somewhat irritates me is poor style in advertisement. Consider:
Joy. Grief. Fear. Pride. Wonder. Love. Surprised. Amused. Excitement. Passion. Entertainment.
(snipped from an irritating pay TV ad)

We get:
Noun, noun, noun. Nounitty-noun, noun. OMGWTFAdjectives. Noun, noun, noun.

Read the rest of the entry: Includes gems such as how to turn "baby" into an uncountable noun and introductions to intransitive verbs' mate-taking habits.

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My mum decided to use me as a guinea pig to test out an Apple laptop, so she got me a Powerbook. I'm kind of scared of it. I'm afraid that if I turn it on, the screen will flash out "I'M SORRY, YOU ARE TOO UNCOOL TO USE A MAC" and then disappear from sight, into the hands of some hardcore computer geek with emo glasses who does podcasting sessions featuring indie bands nobody has heard of, with names like The Centre of Earth Is Falling.

KAMINA ✰ All the things that you never

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zenala over in livequotes overhears a conversation in her favorite coffee place:

Girl-behind-counter: I love hippies.
Guy-behind-counter: Yeah. I'd like to keep one as a pet.
Girl: On a leash?
Guy: Nah, I'd let him run free.
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Me - Flirting with the camera.


duia rants about the evils of Houston roaches in this meta-meta.  The whole post and comments section is here.

I live in Houston, and I tell you, I would gladly take all of this person's ants. I would take a fucking bath in ants and give them daily transfusions of my blood and name them all and buy them birthday gifts if it meant that I never had to see another Houston Roach again. These fuckers aren't scared of anything, and they're called 'Cadillac roaches' for a reason. Not only are they huge- they are fucking indestructible without the aid of anything short of a blow torch and a Holy Hand Grenade. I am actually in the advanced stages of starvation right now because it is night and I can't go into my garage without being accosted by them. Foul creatures of the devil, they are.

They call us the Bayou City. I'm going to start a lobby to change our name to the WHAT THE FUCK JUST CAME OUT OF THE BAYOU IS IT A RHINOCEROS OH IT'S A ROACH WELL FUCK ME City.

'Bayou' is better for tourism, it seems.</p>

God and miyachan, the odd couple.

Apparently, God seems to be out just when miyachan seeks guidance, or a sign, or something:

 Dear lord, what'll it take to give me peace of mind?


Lord? God? Yoohoo?



Full post here.

The Thor on terror

captainsblog said in this post
The Thor on terror

Toronto-- A group calling itself the Sons of Thunder claimed responsibility today for the lightning strike on Air France Flight 358, which landed in a massive plume of smoke at Pearson International Airport yet amazingly without loss of a single life.

"The Mighty Thor is displeased by terrorist efforts affecting innocent human lives," said the prepared statement. "He believes political points are best made by the destruction of capitalist property and the inconveniencing of traffic on the 401, rather than by human carnage."

United States authorities reacted by immediately banning the import, sale and possession of hammers. Efforts were also reportedly under way to change the name of the fourth day of the workweek to "Freedomday" to minimize support for the Norse god who clearly hates America.

Presidential spokesman Karl Rove blamed the incident on Canadian support of gay marriage and on the lack of French support for America's foreign policy agenda. Senate majority leader Bill Frist observed videos of the plane landing and immediately concluded that the evacuated plane could have smoldered indefinitely had it not been deprived of oxygen by Canadian efforts to smother the flames with foam.

Me: Sons of Zeus might have been more appropriate, but then we'd have to ban all Dr. Seus books for the dyslexic. I'd much rather get rid of Thur'sday and have Friday come that much sooner.

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cleolinda is reviewing BPAL fragrances in her journal. She has...interesting thoughts on one of them.

"Oddly, I feel like this would be a very good scent to wear to a Christmas party you really resented having to go to. It's pastry, but it's angry."