July 29th, 2005


More HP meta.

Background: shoebox_project is a popular (and brilliant) multimedia Marauder-era Harry Potter fanfic. theblackdoll asks how the co-authors feel that a plot point in the story was proven to be non-canon in that infamous Mugglenet interview. Co-author dorkorific responds with a manifesto...

We are LEAVING THE FANDOM. (At least for the afternoon, cause we're pretty tired.) And we're taking the silver, the good china, our bear Mr Tuggles, and a couple beers.

Goodbye, Good Ship Violent PotterDeath! You shall always sail on the sparkling cerulean ocean of our imagination. *HUGS* to everyone who feels the same as we do. We are with you in spirit always, as we ascend to a new plane of existence, aka our new fandom, super-explicit Boy Meets World slash.

The whole manifesto is worth a read.
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kitty bee

If I laugh out loud...

you might find it funny too! :-)


In response to a customers_suck post, where someone related a freudian slip: "A - Okay, so here's your gay pass. I mean, gate pass. GATE. GATE pass.

flyingtuck made this comment:

Actually had something like that happen once when I was on vacation with a guy I was dating. He took offense. I broke down laughing at the counter and saying "See? I told you you were an obvious queer!"

...I slept in the car that night.
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[Outside. A busy city street. Cyclist, MARLO, rides to work. Man in truck, window rolled down, drives by.]

TRUCK GUY: [yelling, as obnoxious as possible] Ride on the sidewalk!
MARLO: It's illegal!
TRUCK GUY: [wasn't expecting that, still yelling] I -- I didn't know that!

Marlo, 1. Motorist, 0.

--from the journal of marlo, bon vivant and commuter.
Computer Alpha-Complex Paranoia Schol-R

A wish for wings that won't fall off

For this month's Rabbit Hole Day, cadhla had this to say about trying to keep her pixie wings into the Fall:

If we can ride this heatwave through the middle of September, and I'm careful about bundling up, there's a chance that I may still have my wings when October rolls around. I want wings at OVFF. All my nice shirts have slits in the backs, and since we're fitting my dresses now, they're going to have them, too. I want to not be walking around like an idiot, displaying my 'I just lost my wings' scabs through the holes in the backs of my shirt. Plus, my wings are way pretty this year, and a girl wants to look her best when she's becoming Mistress of All Toast.

And no, she won't share the drugs.
I am a girl of the future

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Not funny per se, but I felt it was such good advice it needed to be spread.

diraskyria writes:
"I find it fascinating (and disturbing) that so many guys I know feel that it's hard work to even talk to a girl....and even equally fascinating that they blame this one the girl. How is it a girl's fault that you have self confidence issues? Also, as I said, any girl who's going to make you work for her affections simply isn't worth it. A girl should care for you based on who you are, not what you're willing to do to get them. Trial and error, gentlemen, trial and error. And girls have to go through shit like this, too, you know...I don't care if me saying this pisses any of you off, but, christ, get over yourselves, stop blaming your insecuries, poor luck, and lack of patience on the female population. Good girls who don't completely shit on you (um, well, unless you're into that sort of thing) exist, but you're going to be so busy comiserating and bitching that you'll completely miss them."

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rikoshi's meta brings all the funny to the yard. He'd teach you how but he'd have to charge.

Not cut for scrotums. Scroti? o.O *failed Latin*

It is a piece of skin
It holds your testes in
So you can tote 'em
So go thank your scrotum
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elliot geek

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apocalypsos :  What I really want to do: Withdraw cash from my checking account, call in sick from work, go to see the very first showing of Sky High, stay and see the showing immediately following that while grinning stupidly and vibrating in my seat from excitement, bounce home on the power of my glee, find a winning lottery ticket in the gutter, run into Jake Gyllenhaal on the way to the lottery office and fall madly in love, race off to Vegas to get hitched, and suddenly discover on the way home that I've developed telepathy and the ability to teleport.


There seems to be a schism between reality and what I really want to do. I hate it when that happens.

Perhaps if what I really wanted was to do my taxes or balance my checkbook, something exciting would happen to me. Although with my luck, "something exciting" would be a legion of flying monkeys attacking me on the way to work. Hmph.

When Fumbly Met Awkward

In a post on prguitarman's journal, folks debate the accuracy of the name 'Romantic Comedy' as applied to the genre.

Aiming right for the heart of the matter, spoonerpsu makes a suggestion as to what to call them, instead:

I propose simply "Just Laugh Whenever Your Girlfriend Does and You Might Get Laid" movies.

Oh, Hollywood. Sometimes, you make me so happy that I'm gay.

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From an old entry in ekwy 's livejournal...

The weather is weird.
Snowflakes: KAMIKAZE!!!
Sun: *looks out for a minute* So, what's going on, eh?
Clouds: I hide you!
Birds: *sings in confusion*
Snowflakes: La la la... *falls gently*
Wind: Lazy snowflakes! Fall damn you!
Snowflakes: Shit! Sorry! KAMIKAZE!!!
Sun: Here I am! Did you miss me?

And I thought English weather was bad. The girl lives in Sweden!


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elphaba feeling loathing

Of shyness and anger....

"My usual reaction to either one of those is to turn so introverted as to nearly turn myself inside out, a trick which I'm pretty sure would only be considered impressive in med schools. "Look, kids! My epidermis is reversible!"" -- apocalypsos


Dear SciFi...

"It's the new Serenity trailer. Fans are salivating. The least you can do is use the proper aspect ratio. Mal and company look all stretchy. And, dude, it's so obvious you ported the damn thing from Quicktime.

Don't screw up again or I will grafitti the Stargate." -- jetpack_monkey