July 28th, 2005

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squirelly42 is dealing with ants in the house.

I put a few of the liquid poison traps in the pantry (where Noah can't reach) and pretty soon it was like Arthropod Party Central in there. I mean, that stuff is like freaking crack cocaine for ants. They were hittin' that like a preacher's kid on the beer bong at his first college party. The reaction was about the same, too. The ants all drank their fill and then staggered off to pass out. Um. Except they died, unlike the preacher's kid. I think we've taken this comparison far enough, don't you?

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byakuganchick posts in customers_suck about someone who came into her bookstore looking for "Harry Potter and the Revenge of the Sith." Hilarity ensues.

icewyche: *snerk* I've heard of crossovers, but that one takes the cake.
Harry vs. Darth! :-D

byakuganchick: I don't know if they'd even fight. They'd just sit there, angsting at one another for the entire storyline.

froodle: Oh please. The awesomeness of the Vadervoice, while it is mighty indeed, is no match for Harry's CAPSLOCK OF RAGE! It's the Angsty Side of the Force.
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Why it's not always wise to be honest in an interview.

A meta meta about job interview questions.

dz_crasher: "Situation: You promised a customer you'd get back to them ASAP and you find out that tickets a networking/computer/something or other convention are being handed out two floors up but only for the next five minutes. What do you do?"

What do you think I answered?

rikoshi: "Hypothetical situation: there's an old lady with a walker at a busy intersection. You can either help her cross the street, or stab this baby in the face. What do you do?"

dz_crasher: I blow myself up therefore solving both situations.

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dave_rainbow about misleading statistics. (Alas, the post is flocked.)

Observation 1 : 85% of my online friends are women.

Observation 2 : 85% of women are in the wrong sized bra.

Conclusion : All the men who have friended me are in the right size bra.
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Caroline Trentini

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Original meta here, in which ironychan was wondering what it would be like if history was taken over by shippers, using a ship war between Haragons (Henry VIII/Catherine of Aragon) and Henboleyns (Henry/Anne Boleyn)...

In response, this exchange commenced:

velocityboy: is it still an OTP if one party gets beheaded?
_redpanda_: That's when the fanatical denial and the flimsy AUs start up.
velocityboy: and the Mary-Sues glue the fucking head back on poor Boleyn and she wears decorative scarves from that point on.

Their love was so disembodied!

And then magistera won the universe:

...and Anne Boleyn cries "MY HED IS PASTEDE ON YEY" at some point in this fic, right?

On idioms

In a locked post, we get the following exchange:

sanachan1: Whenever someone says that their SO "took" their virginity I always want to ask where they took it, and if it likes it there. It just sounds so lame. I even feel stupid saying I "lost" my virginity because I mean whoah, how careless of me to misplace it! Maybe if I look really hard I'll find it buried under the bed or something.

mslaynie: Cool. I found Jesus years ago. Turns out he was behind the couch the whole time.

sanachan1: Man I'm bet[ing] he was dusty, and probably had a lot of spare change in his sandals.

quoted with permission
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real men read


(Please forgive the formatting. It's my first time.)

City_of_dis writes, in a post about the abuse of language and glorification of the freakishly pretty:

I refuse to call any model a supermodel, unless she has fallen into a vat of toxic waste, been bombarded with gamma rays, immigrated from a planet that circles a red sun, been discovered to be the offspring of a mortal-lovin' god, or has otherwise acquired some form of fantasmo powers.

Where mordath tells us about the darwinally minded...

Yes, opinions CAN be wrong... (taken from comments after the post) and mordath shares the 'ideas' of someone she spoke with...

mordath says: "In this particular case, the idiot individual in question was trying to put forth the assertation that culture is, essentially, completely meaningless - that where you are born, what language you speak, how you're educated, etc has no impact whatsoever on your personality, thought patterns, or creativity.

(and later, to give examples of the person's 'theories')
Because I can't leave well enough alone, some choice quotes:

" "...anyway, A lot of anime isn't "seeped" in japanese culture as you say. Yes, a lot of anime take place in japan, including all the cultural aspects of japan, but then again there are plenty that don't take place in japan, with no japanese culture present, maybe one or two things in there because it is necessary for the audience to understand (don't jump just yet) but those same things probably can't be protrayed by a japanese person any other way, mostly colloquial speech aspects. "

"I'm saying, i'm american, I don't beleive I "think like an american", or for that matter beleive anyone can define what an "american way of thinking" is. "

"Going to school didn't influence me as a person, when I did pay attention i learned math, science, biology, maybe I did some writing along the way, but I don't read a story and say, "this is uniquely american" or watch a movie and say, "an american had to make this". If I'm denying cultural influence, you're denying a japanese person's ability to be creative and realying on the fact that "the japanese may like it" to turn a profit. this isn't the Playstation we're talking about. " "

(edit) fixed post link and no, it wasn't mordath talking, she was relating someone else's opinion, in case that wasn't clear.
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quasilie replied to one of my posts where I talked about my recent job interview (which didn't go all too well):

"I have only been to one job interview but I fucked that one up for sure. ;) It was at a telephone company, I was 18 years old and for some reason, all of a sudden they asked me: "What is the most important thing in your life?" I was rather startled at this question (what does it have to do with answering phones?) so I just stuttered: "Love...?" and apparently that wasn't what they wanted to hear. They probably would have wanted me to answer "telephones" or something. :P "

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In a f-locked post, fu_manchu12 is an Oxford classicist on holiday...


Phrase used to describe the phenomenon whereby speaking excitedly with an English accent while gesturing with a Panama hat at something classical will cause other tourists to believe you to be an expert on the subject.

Associated symptoms may include:

1. A sudden unwillingness to read guidebooks or the explanatory signs ("Why's Jesus in the mosaic if this is a mosque?")

2. Unreasonable requests ("What does that ridiculously convoluted Byzantine Greek inscription say?")

3. Mildly irritating compliments ("You're from Harvard?")

4. Random feelings of smugness ("I translated it! They look impressed! Take that, you nay-sayers who claimed I'd never use my degree!")
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Computer Alpha-Complex Paranoia Schol-R

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And so it came to pass that panteraonca did reveal to all the deeper mysteries of The Sacrament of the Cake:

And so it was in the beginning, when the Sacrament of the Cake was first given to the faithful, that the people cried out to Chocolate and said, Lord, we suffer, and there is no surcease. Your bounty has fed our hunger, made our tummies warm and our thoughts turn to snuggling. And yet this damn arthritis still hurts, we can't keep our food down, anxiety attacks plague us and, well, we're just kind of bored. In thine infinite mercy--whaddaya got for us?

And so Chocolate went and woke up Cannabis, who was napping facedown in a pile of cookies, and said: Get your time-dilated ass up, we've got people to help out here!

Collapse )

And so the people digested. And their boredom dissolved. And their panics were eased. And their joints were made more limber. And they stopped puking. In short, they found it good.

(OK...perhaps a little TOO good).

And there was much giggling.
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ant_power has been woken up by her mum.

In other news, my mother woke me up with football news this morning...

Mother: Nick Reiwoldt, Aaron Hamill and Robert Harvey are all back in the team this weekend!
Ant: Mmmfff.
Mother: Nick and Aaron were rubbing up against each other and I think they are gay lovers.
Ant: YAY!

Of course, I have suspected this for a while now. The gay power will make my team win!!!
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