July 22nd, 2005



"The other day, Peter and I were on a train where with this obviously clueless family from rural Illinois started to make conversation with us. I was trying to think of something I could talk about, so I told them I loved their new Senator. They asked me who it was. I told them: Barack Obama. The man rolled his eyes and clicked his crooked teeth. "Oh. You're Liberals. Liberals are morons."

When I finally stopped laughing, I reminded him that this liberal from New Jersey had to tell him who his Senator was."     easter

Rebellious Oak

On royalty and gay marriage.

eggwards, commenting on the reactions of Canada's churches and provincial governors to the legalization of gay marriage:
So much for Queen Elizabeth II swooping into save him by denying royal ascent. You should never rely on someone with the title "queen" to help you on gay issues.

Whole post is here
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In this post, my friend sleepingtree had this to say about The Center for Consumer Freedom:

Appearing on Fox News--now that's credibility. Finally an organization I can get behind.

So bring on the hamburgers, french fries, and chocolate cake. I'll be over in the corner, eating several pints of Ben and Jerry's using pier fries as a spoon.

After all, Fox News says the tire around my gut isn't real or unhealthy. It's all a government scam.

It's an old one, but I found it amusing nonetheless
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Popcorn doesn't scare me

vidicon might be right when he says that this is...

"The most objectionable statement I'm likely to make for quite some time: If the bombers want a better response, they should bring their shit back over here where people run around wailing like pussies when they mistake popcorn popping in the microwave for a drive-by shooting and give up all their civil liberties and basic ideals of justice and human rights because they want to feel safe again."

The rest of the very thought-provoking post is here. Recommended reading.

Also, his recent comments on Intelligent Design. Not on LJ, but still worth a look.
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Meta x 2!

When discussing the sheer horror joys of childbirth, we get this little gem:

"Oh! The "was it natural" was applied to the birth. I was sitting here thinking "was the baby natural? What kind of question is that?"

I would have told the woman "No. Aliens abducted me, got me preggers and then pulled the baby out through my left ear. The pregnancy was very fast, and the birth was completely painless. His third eye will open any day now."


But I'm just weird that way."
-- clayin
internet forever


quoting cochise15, who's quoting Bill Simmons' quote of Tom Cruise (didja follow that? ;)

Stolen from the Sports Guy's Quotes of the Week
"Sex is great, if you are in a relationship. Otherwise, I find sex actually not so interesting. Without a relationship it is confusing."
-- Tom Cruise to Bild Magazine

Confusing like: "Wait, instead of the girl my agent had me marry, this is an 18 [year old] waiter at Sparo named Paul? What gives??"

(no subject)

I pondered for a while if this doesn't break the rules of this community, but finally decided it doesn't, since the quote is from livejournal. If I'm wrong, I'll delete it right away.
From the userinfo of antigayslashers:

We are slashers. We think there is something beautiful about the male form.

We are slashers. We think that two men together is a beautiful testament to friendship fully actualized.

However, we are against homosexuality. We don't want to see gays in real life. We think they're gross. Fiction is one thing; the street corner is another. We do not approve of slash in which characters are committed; that is not how the world was meant to be. Men do not get married. They just have sex, anonymously, with a lot of pain.

LOL. Some people have a weird sense of humour, and I actually believed them for a moment. Serves me well for being so damn gullible. Turned out it was a joke. But still... weird. O.o
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In this thread over at weirdjews about, of all things, racial/ethnic profiling, the following exchange took place:

hairsute: News flash: life is not black and white. It's complicated. Welcome to earth.
Me*: Best. Line. Ever.
propopdan: Not really. I think the best line ever is "Nanananananana fishing! Fishing!"

* I know we're not supposed to quote ourselves, but the funny part really wasn't my miniscule contribution, so... Yeah.
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K: Other Fandom, Other Fandom
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It's started. Five days into my new job and the worried glances have begun.

Ann: Why are you carrying that tray on your back?
Me: I'm a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!
Ann: ...

I admit there was a vain hope that she would ask which one.

I was Raphael.

-- raffish

Some of you will get this...

Random Geeky Interlude
Setting: Hallway, by the washing machine.

Me: Self Explanatory
SD: Stepdad

Me: *throws clothes into washing machine, starts it* I'M ATTACKING THE DARKNESS! *flings out arms*

SD: *walking out of bedroom, right in time to be caught by one of my arms.

Me: ...I Cast Magic Missle?

SD: .....

-- sarmajere

(PS: If you don't get it, see if you can find a copy of the comedy routine here somewhere :)
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DD Cups from the Sky!

Players on sages_of_chaos were giving Courtney Crumrin's mun moral support, when mercurialnature said this little gem:

"...and to let you know I'll do a raindance of support and disco-funk. I tried just doing a support-inducing raindance and all these damn bras fell from the sky. Flippin' mess it was."

The entire thread is here, but it's of a decidedly different tone.
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