July 21st, 2005

Dragon Sky -- art by Lisa Andresen

Two Non-HP! Yes, I know, it's shocking.

pghkitten is packing to move, and has, of course, run out of room, prompting the following discussion:

mama_rama: Why does everything take up more room in boxes? In theory, shouldn't it be more compact?

pghkitten: Adam blames it on the fact that we have taken everything out of the furniture that stores it, and have now stacked the boxes containing the stuff in front of the furniture that is still there. I'm more of the opinion that we have simply broken the laws of physics.

mama_rama: I too believe that the laws of physics have been temporarily suspended re: my packing process. Somehow, when I emptied ONE 30 gallon toybox I somehow created TWO 30 gallon garbage bags full of castoffs and TWO 20 gallon rubbermaid containers of Things To Keep. WTF?!

pghkitten: Okay...so one unit of 30 gallons became a total of four units encompassing one hundred gallons.

I suspect your daughter's toys have perfected the art of alchemy. You should leave some pieces of lead in one of the boxes overnight to see if it turns into gold.

Meanwhile, ursulav has either been the victim of a failed prank, or else is witness to a new miracle of nature:

A few minutes ago, I went out to the car to put some laundry in the back, and discovered something pale hanging from the driver's side, where it had been slammed in the door.

It looked pale and swayed a little. I thought "Oh, god, is that a snake? Have I caught some poor reptile in the door?"

I was...sort of right, but it was no worse for wear. Investigation revealed that, against all odds, a glow-in-the-dark rubber snake was hanging from the car.

One might expect that I would know the rubber snake, that I would yell "BINKY!" and run towards it with arms outstretched, but as a matter of fact, I've never seen it before in my life. No clue how it got in the car. Mosquitos, bees, flies, the occasional spider--I expect them to wander into the car, because I live in a bloody swamp, after all. Rubber snakes, however, is a new one. It's possible that, like locusts, the rubber snakes only rise from hibernation every few years, and this is their year. Am I at ground zero for this miracle of nature? Will hundreds of small, glow-in-the-dark snakes burrow up from the bowels of the earth, to bask and spawn and die, possibly in and around my car? Of course it will! Nothing surprises me about the local ecology any more. If there is a Greater Southern Rubbersnake, of course it would live here. How silly of me to think otherwise.

My family is funny

This IS from my journal, but I did not say it. My dad commenting on the plea for money i made last night.

Y'know how, in a movie or something, someone says something that's supposed to be funny or elicit some response, and the camera cuts to the audience and they're just sitting there with blank expressions and the soundtrack has crickets chirping in the dead of night?

This is like that...

people and their feelings,..

in her recent post ramona observes,...

"There are times when I'm about to write something flipant, maybe it's even times when I write something less than flipant too, that I stop and consider who's on my friends list. If it would offend any of them I decide not to write it.

I don't feel stifled by that, I decided. I feel liberated."

the post generated some interesting comments,..

check it out,..:)
keep calm and run

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from calcslacker:

LONDON (Reuters) - The word "fail" should be banned from use in British classrooms and replaced with the phrase "deferred success" to avoid demoralizing pupils, a group of teachers has proposed.

Yes, let us all bow down and worship the great god Self-Esteem!

"But Master, I am not worthy!"

If you must insist on feeling so, go undertake your life's task and jump off that cliff over there.

"But I can't do that either. I'll die!"

You must think you can survive! The laws of physics are irrelevant!

Okay, I'll quit sarcastically dialoguing with myself. But seriously...*hits self on head repeatedly*
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Real beauty

Why use cocaine when there's creme brulee?

This weekend I am a volunteer at the Hillside Music festival. I am whipping out my camping gear. I have this awesome tent that I bought in France. French people are serious about their outdoor pursuits. This tent is so crazy and overengineered, I think it will be very comfy. The first time I used it it was at this French rave where everyone was insane and did cocaine and stuff. Not my thing. WTF -- why do French people need cocaine -- as if the constant drinking and chain smoking and creme-brulee-cracking-with-a-spoon isn't enough for them?

SARCASTIC Xmen Just Kidding
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Hey, watch those spoilers!

In discussing people being able to tell interesting stories about their lives, lenaen says:

I suppose my life in single-world would make for a good story...if it consisted of me doing more than sitting on my ass and hitting the bars more than once a month now.

...And now I just gave the ending away.

From this post, here.

Ah, the delicate psyches of our youth.

In response to this article (short summary: Some kids are needing grief counseling after reading the latest Harry Potter installment), commanderd had this to say:

Better not let them read the Bible then - the ending of that really fucking SUCKS. They'd need to serious therapy after that: "I need help! I read that book and all the world I live on is going to be consumed utterly!"
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Yay, first post!

Found on an icon used by koilungfish after the London bombings, along the lines of certain comments made by actual Londoners.

London drinks tea in your general direction.

Edit: Apparently, Koi did not make this icon, just used it. A correction has been made to the original. We apologize for the inconvenience.
lady tigress

On account of the bombings today

Hello, first quotage here!

kaltia in this thread in response to my request for the terrorists to stop bombing London.

kaltia: I know! If they're going to terrorise us, they could be more... imaginative. Maybe they could import the right kind of leaves and pitch them in barrels at a time upon rail tracks?

... Oh yes. Because that's a damned silly thing to do. "Hello, this is the Al'Quedia of Europe leaf-distribution branch, how may we help you, infidel scum?"
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why does matthew carry around a rubber glove, a tube of ky jelly, a can of red bull and a toilet roll in his backpack?! I think someone's given him bad instructions about how to make your own suicide bomb.
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hellraiser // pinhead darling.

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Taken from mercury_dragon's journal... with permission, of course.

goodeyebeautiful: honestly, the way some people talk, they'd take Hitler over Bush.
goodeyebeautiful: and excuse my ranting, but for fuck's sake, he's only in office another three years.

AyezurDraca: "Anyone but Bush!"
"Even... the Antichrist?"
intiate: revelation
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processing request...
processing request...
scenario accepted. instruct?
"I love humans. So much. You stupid fuckers."
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