July 20th, 2005

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From a locked post by mephron

With permission....

Avoid metaquotes for two weeks.

By that time, the Harry Potter snark should have died down to a level where other snark can prevail over the forces of wizardry, shippers, slasher, and people who think that Voldemort is really a chicken, I tell you, a giant chicken.

Although, I have to admit, finding out that Voldemort is really Chicken Boo would destroy so many minds of the Potter fans that LiveJournal would speed up, with half the posters curled up in a corner and muttering to themselves about the Dark Mark being a snake eating an egg, and that Draco Malfoy isn't so much blonde as has nice yellow feathers on his head.
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Harry Potter

voltbang said the following funny thing here:

"So I hear Harry Potter wrote a new book? I haven't read anything he's written. Do I have this right, he mostly writes romance novels about teenagers at a boarding school? Heavy on the unconventional underage sex?"
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From the journal of mathwhiz78 in this entry

Me: "You can't chase birds. Well, you can chase them, but you can't catch them."
Julius: "Wow, that was deep. Really metaphorical."
Me: "Umm, Julius, I was talking to the dog. He can't catch birds because they have wings. You thought I was serious? That's hilarious! That's so going in my lj!!!" =)


not from a friends locked entry, but quoted with permission nontheless.

More HP but not a spoiler

This little wonder was posted here by fahrenheitbbv in customers_suck

Harry Potter and the Half-Witted Customer
Another lovely customer from my local Blockbuster.

Man: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, please.
Me: We don't sell books here.
Man: (universal "Are you stupid?" look) I'm looking for the movie!
Me: The movie hasn't been made yet, sir.
Man: Then what's all this I'm hearing about the new Harry Potter?
Me: It's the new Harry Potter book.
Man: All that hype for a book based on the movies? I don't think so! It must be a movie!
Me: The movies are based on the books. And this is a new book, so I estimate the movie is still a long way off.
Man: I saw someone coming out of here just now, with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
(As it turned out, my co-worker Tyler, who had just left, had his copy with him to read on his break)
Me: That was one of our co-workers, and..
Man: Oh, I forgot! Blockbuster employees can rent anything they want and hide it from the customers!
(I don't know what that was about. Maybe about the fact we can rent new releases a week early.)
Me: No, what I'm saying is that was his own personal copy. He didn't get it from here.
Man: That's impossible! It was thick, and rectangle shaped, like a video!
(Or like a book?)
Me: Sir, Half-Blood Prince is only a book. And we don't sell books.
Man: I'm just going to come back and talk to someone who knows what they're talking about.

Blockbuster must have book to video technology.
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Feel the Love

It's something like a month old, but I think it's rather lovely.

Over in dot_poly_snark, blackperson (A/N: best lj username evar!) had a lovely rant about people who think that they're superior because they're polyamorous (which is even more annoying than people who think they're superior because they pretend to be two-legged animal people).

My pick for best summary part:

I won't split a sandwich some people, let alone "share". It doesn't work that way. Even in polyamory, sometimes you gotta choose a person! It's not a goddamn salad bar!

I want to tattoo those sentences in the foreheads of some people I know. Just for, y'know, dramatic effect, of course.

Bonus snark!

I think there should be a disclaimer. Polyamory. Occasional side affects are: delusions of grandeur and feeling light headed.
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Well, it's *totally* defensible because she tried to play it off as a joke! Of course doing something utterly dangerous is okay if it's a joke! Ha! Ha! I'm running with scissors!! Ha! Ha! I'm juggling guns!! Ha! Ha! I'm driving while crocheting!! I am so kewl!!

- perpet, in response to a crochet_snark post about a crochet post which was in response to yet another crochet rather bizarre post about crocheting while driving, and whether or not this is a good idea.
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apocalypsos is having trouble with dyes:

Last night, I tried to dye my hair blonde and ended up with a slightly lighter shade of red. Which I knew was coming, but still. I'm trying to look on the bright side. If I keep lightening the red like this, sooner or later it'll be pink, and with all of the oranges and yellows I wear, I'll look like a number-2 pencil. Which, to be honest, isn't so much a bright side as much as a side that understandably will get me mocked by small children on playgrounds.
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My dear friend zayden reflects on the death of James Doohan in this post:

We must be getting old, because OUR stars are falling out of the skies. I used to make fun of my mother for being upset when some obscure person died. This is my punishment.