July 18th, 2005

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tzikeh, in response to a deeply bizarre comment claiming that JKR might not write a seventh book because she was under pressure from publishers to make it Harry/Hermione (posted here since the post in which the original comment was made is now locked):

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*giggles inanely*

Bloomsbury/Scholastic: "Hello, Jo. We've decided that until you ship the Pumpkin Pie, we're not publishing you anymore."

Del Rey: "DIBS!"

Harper Collins: "What? No. Fuck you, we have Terry Pratchett; we will have Jo Rowling."

Del Rey: "Then you should have called dibs, fuckwads."

Jo Rowling: "They're right. Under Laws of Dibbing, Section II, paragraph b, when the primary owner (i.e, me) has no opinion regarding the future ownership of a possession (publishing rights) then the property in question will go to whoever first calls dibs."

Michael Palin: "Now this is getting completely out of hand. What am I even doing here?"

-- by what_the_jack, in response to this post, here.
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Foxy Pride


Over in a post on Fandom_Wank, people discuss slashy Harry Potter subtext with regards to poor beleagured Remus Lupin.

No! Once your true (ghey) love dies, YOU CAN NEVER LOVE AGAIN. Y'know, just like the princess in that movie. But gay.

(The context is minorly spoilerific: click the link above to see said context.)

scott_lynch strikes (yet) again!

Scott is an author. However, he's not all that up on fanfic terminology. After the release of Potter, his flist is flooded with fanchatter, and there's a term he's unfamiliar with. So he asks Riddle me this, fan-ficcers... what in the name of all that squicks and squees is a "shipper?"

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Sales Calls

murnkay relates in his journal how he dealt with the latest sales call he recieved:

[phone rings at work]


"Yes hi, this isn't a sales call, this is a research call..."

"Are you gonna stick mascara in my eyes? I know all about you make-up people..."

"What? No, sir, this is phone research..."

"You want to stick phones in my eyes?! FREAK!" (I hang up the phone)


Every year I get less and less sales calls at work.

Not linked for context as that was the post in its entirety.
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Announcing the official demise of the backslash.

Over in the wonderful world of get_medieval, my comment on a romantic couple accidentally included the following character: "/"

This, as you can imagine, brought forth a torrent of speculation as to slashy fanfiction of a comic strip... and created an opening for the inevitable burst of funny, following my usual sarcasm. Really, though, mmebahorel stole the show - and so I shall metaquote!

Me: "It's official - no human being can use '/' anymore without it being seen as bad sex fanfic."
mmebahorel: "This is true. My notes from International Trade Theory, when we were discussing Boeing/Airbus, include in the margins 'Boeing/Airbus = OTP!!11! Theirloveissowidebodied!'"

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tenshinokuroi provides his f-list with the REAL HBP spoilers ... sadly slightly too late. Includes spot-the-fandom game!

does not include any actual spoilers

My personal faves:

River kills everyone with her mental powers. Book is new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

The festering pit of Fu Leng opens in the middle of the Quidditch field, and oni, bakemono, and the Lost begin to cross over from Rokugan. ...

As said Pit stretches the limits of Implottablity, the greater whole of the British government finally notices Hogwarts, and what’s going on there, and in desperation, sends in the Hellsing organization. Hogwarts is destroyed in the ensuing battle.

brutal, cacophonous mess of noise

From a friendslocked entry by gingertart, posted with permission:

"You know, I gotta say, I still really like Maine, but the "Mainah" accent has to be the most brutal, cacophonous mess of noise I've ever heard come from humans. It's like living in a land where everyone learned English from Fran Drescher when she was really drunk."
agent may is unimpressed

To counteract the HP-love fest

[This article] talks about how forwarding jokes and links is tantamount to the gifting of small presents to people in the real world. Or rather that it is the social equivalent there of.

I am not entirely sure I would agree with that. Especially since I and most of my friends are equally as likely to pass on painful to watch links as we are to pass on anything actually interesting. Sometimes you just need to share the pain.



(Warning: Link to article leads to a very cookie-ful site.)