July 17th, 2005

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From entwined_in_ivy in this post

Conversation about Frodo...don't ask ;o)

So we discussing 'lijah', and I mention how I do not fancy that name. The following then occured. Be afraid!

Me: If I am in a mood, I might just call him Eli...Eli Wood.

Juji: Oh goodness I am having a horrible thought....*anticipation building silence*.....Elijah Minnelli! Ha, so now you are thinking of Frodo in a sequined outfit, prancing about!

Me: ......so, pretty much like normal? *ensuing giggles*

Juji: And dude, he can so bring some class to the prancing pony!

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Meta meta...

From this meta-quote about the havok of the HBP release, comes a tale I just loved from isachi:

Some people are better than others XD My favorite today was an old guy who when told we were sold out of the two books he wanted to buy (not at all HP related) looked around at the HBP madness currently going on and yelled "There's an epidemic of literacy in this nation, it's disgusting and I want it stopped immediately!!"

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active_apathy thinks Gmail's vastness of available space is minimizing the magnitude of the mail wot she got, and suggests a more practical prompt:

You are currently using 43 MB (2%) of your 2401 MB.

Honestly, we don't know why you bothered looking at this bit. You'd have to be extraordinarily popular to need to worry about it, oh ye of millions of emails - and by that stage, we're actually kinda happy that you're not using dead-tree letters for all of this. Still, we're reprogramming your Gmail notifier to just tell you that everyone in the entire world has emailed you.


Here. Fetch.

Too Much Harry Potter?

I found this very amusing...

From the lj of sunflower_sky. She just finished reading Harry Potter, and is leaving for the US on Tuesday. She's also a budding writer who is awaiting a response from a publisher/agent (I don't remember which the person in question is).

and now for the quote:

I was sorta hoping that by the time I come back, I'll have an answer from You-Know-Who. No, not THAT You-Know-Who. *rolls eyes* Seriously, how much Harry Potter have you people been reading lately?

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snowystingray offers some important advice for Harry Potter readers:

A single piece of advice for those of you who have not yet begun reading: Don't listen to "The Little Mermaid" beforehand. I have had "Under the Sea" stuck in my head all day long; having Sebastian randomly pop into my head singing "Life is the bubbles!" kind of ruined the mood for some parts.

It's like trying not to think of elephants...
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Meta-meta via God and JKR (who, incidentally, are not the same person)

gogogidget: JKR: Ok, God, I did it. Fandom is going batshit as we speak.

God: Excellent...

JKR: Yeah, yeah. Will you get the fundies and the pope off my back now?

terired: God: In time my dear.

JKR: Can you give me a more specific date?

God: When you finish my Draco/Harry pairing.

gogogidget: JKR: Ok. I forgot, did you want smut or fluff?

God: Both. Oh! And some bondage, too.

JKR: ...I'll get right on that. *suddenly feels a lot like Anne Rice*

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