July 16th, 2005

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From cathkitten:

"James is at a bachelor party now. It doesn't seem quite fair that in the event of nuptials, the boys get to look at titties and drink beer, and the girls have to wrap presents and drink tea and make small talk with someone's Great-great Aunt Eliza. It is the very apex of discrimination. Gloria Steinem, write me a book about that."
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Damn it, Thor! Buy me a new keyboard!

Behind the scenes in the latest Captain America vs. Transgressions conflict (a little gruesome, not much), the Transgressions villains decide to harass the encamped soldiers with all manner of annoyances -- rats, incessant loud explosions, fear gas, cut communications ...

Oh, and zombie mimes.
adamdouglasjr: ((Wait, did you say Zombie... mimes?))
bigscaryhammer: ((When there is no more room in the Invisible Box in Hell, the dead will Walk Against The Wind...))
Other highlights: invisible boxes! Giant illusions of Captain America and Uncle Sam ... er ... loving ... America ... Demons in Barney suits! Karaoke! (I'm not kidding.) Nuns! (All right, just one nun.) Kirby dots! Killing Dracula! Really Gay Will Turner getting barfed on by demons!
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Meta-meta times two

wowthatisminty in response to HTML-pr0n here.

I still can't get over the fact that there exists HTML pr0n.

How much do you bet there's Oregon Trail Pr0n?

"Lucy has died of exhaustion. Sexual exhaustion. Mina's used more than just her wagon tongue trying to ford Lucy's river, and Justin and John have been caulking eachother's wagons all night. Just another day on the Oregasm Trail."

To which deltashade adds:

You're killing my oxen by proxy.
cheat -voices say not crazy

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Upon viewing the bookstore lines at midnight last night from her cab headed home:
"Apparently he too - a book lover. Wanted to know if I was a Harry Potter reader. I said that I was but that I was also not a "wait in line at midnight" person any more. Neither was he apparently. Ah for my younger days (or something my more grown up self would wait in line for at midnight - like - oh, I don't know - let's say something involving Michael Madsen and breaking several long forgotten Southern statutes on decency)."
-- nycdeb
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Posted from elethe, with permission:

I have just finished reading every single Harry Potter book, up to and including the as-yet-unreleased 19th volume (it having just dropped into my flat through a time hole), Harry Potter and the People Who Live Under the Stairs.

Therefore I feel it is my duty to tell everyone what happens:

Harry Potter grows his hair and joins a commune. Having lost his left arm in book nine he has since magicked up a bionic-type one which can open cans and do all sorts of weird and whacky spells.

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neutral pH

More sages_of_chaos madness.

It started with Wishverse-Xander and Norman Osborn talking about Captain American wanting to poison God...which turned into a discussion about apple pie and it's wholesomeness...which lead to foods that the bible forbids...and finally allowed Norman to make the following revelation:
*sighs, shakes his head* Murder, theft, human experimentation, being in a relationship with a male pagan deity, worshipping dark, quasi-unspeakable gods... and alas, it turns out my love of manhattan clam chowder was the true cause of my downfall.
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drop bear

Summer lovin'...

From the LJ of alasdair, this exchange following a previous post about hot muggy weather in London and how to deal with it.

burge: "If all else fails, get *yourself* naked in front of a mirror."

alasdair: "What're you trying to do, scar me for life, or something?"

burge: "Nooo. For that, I'll need knives and fire."

alasdair: "First thought: Oooh! Knives! Fire! Cool! Second thought: Not in those hands! Self-preservation! Self-preservation! I want to live!"
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[olivia]  alone in our castle

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First time metaquoting someone, hopefully I'm doing this right.

What isachi thought of working at Borders during the HBP release, here.

Let me put it this way: for us booksellers, the release of a new Harry Potter is like a major military engagement. You can still hear Borders staff going "Oh yeah... I was stationed in 'Nam Westbury during the Goblet of Fire campaign ... three men were mauled moving the boxes out in the open, half way through the night we had to signal a retreat and wait for reenforcements, oh yeah... and we found a guy jerking off in History."

....True story.

Kudos to the staff at bookstores. They had one heck of a night yesterday.
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Sarek of Vulcan

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I think this counts, since I read it on LJ...

camwyn: Ghosts are dead. The dead are no longer citizens of any country and are universally recognized as having no legal rights that the living are bound to respect (to paraphrase Chief Justice Roger "Dred Scott decision" Taney).
camwyn: Therefore the GHostbusters, as official representatives of the city, county and state of New York may remove them from various premises without fear of legal reprisal on behalf of said ghosts; the entities in question fall into the same category as stray animals without owners.
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agentmaly doesn't care about HBP. In fact, it's The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King she's worried will be spoiled for her.

If anyone spoils me for the new Lord of the Rings book, I will be very very mad!!!!!!!!!

But ooh, I can't wait.. so many questions that need answering.. who's the King that's returning? Is it really Aragorn? That's too obvious. I think maybe it's Legolas.. maybe Thranduil dies and becomes King of Mirkwood, and it's called The Return of the King because he returns to his home in order to be crowned. Or maybe it's Merry. Or Gimli. He's distantly related to Thorin, right? Or Treebeard.

And ooh, will Frodo really destroy the Ring, after all? I'm so scared that Sam will come and find him already dead.. >.<;;;;

And is Pippin really going to die? I heard that Pippin was going to die. I don't want Pippin to die. I shall be very sad if he does.

There's always the question of Glorfindel. Whom is Glorfindel going to marry? It's very pressing.

Go. Read. The entire post, as well as the comments, are the best laugh I've had all week.

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