July 15th, 2005

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Language, Young Lady

From this post by royalwhore, in which is goes on a rant about people saying that HP are "children's" books, so adults should let the children get copies first:

Children's books are these beautiful, wonderful masterpieces that can be loved by all ages. If you ask me, children's books are not children's books, they're books for all ages, all reading levels. So if you're telling me I can't read them because I'm not a child, go join the damned Everbank lady and KISS MY INNER CHILD'S ASS.

The rest of the post covers warning labels on sodas and a brief snark at the Pope. Go. Read. Love her.
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howardtayler injures his shoulder badly. He was not in a good mood when the doctors checked his shoulder, especially given the pain level of one of the tests:

...my vision went black with pretty stars, and I grunted something non-obscene. Bless you, higher brain, for preventing me from using 32 letters worth of four-letter words to insist that the doctor do something anatomically impossible, and to do it sideways.

(Anyway, I'm sure he'd appreciate some support, while you're there.)
When Ferrets Cry

NOTE: Does NOT contain actual spoilers

From the brilliant mind of jim_smith:

KARL ROVE: You wanted to see me, sir?

GEORGE W. BUSH: Sit down, Karl.  I think you know what this is about.

ROVE: Yes, Mr. President.  You said you'd fire anyone involved in that whole CIA leak thing.  If it comes to that, sir, I'll understand.

BUSH: I appreciate that, Karl, but I think you're overreacting.  I figure we can beat this thing inside of a week.

ROVE: You think so, sir?

BUSH: Sure.  Heck, all you did was expose the identity of a CIA official to screw with her husband for opposing our foreign policy.  It's not like that's illegal or anything.  So what if it undermines our national security in the middle of a worldwide war on terrorism?  The point is you showed everybody you can't screw with the Bush Administration.

ROVE: Wow, thanks sir.

BUSH: Thank you, Karl.  Gimme five.

ROVE: [high-fives the President] Man, I can't tell you what a load off my mind this is, sir.  I haven't felt so good since I found out Dumbledore kills Ron.

BUSH: I'm sorry...what?

ROVE: Oh, it's this book I've been reading, you wouldn't...

BUSH: Dumbledore...kills Ron!?!  Ron Weasley?

ROVE: Uh...yes, Mr. President.  The Half-Blood Prince makes him do it with a mind-control spell.

BUSH: You've read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?  Karl, that book isn't supposed to be out until July 16!!!

ROVE: Well sure, but I have some friends at Amazon.com, and I'm a H/Hr shipper, so I just had to make sure they get together and...

BUSH: They get together!?

ROVE: Well, yeah.  After Miggerus Jansso turns out to be the Half-Blood Prince, they—

BUSH: OMG stop spoiling me!

[A crack team of Bloomsbury commandos smashes through the windows and doors, securing the Oval Office and pointing rifles at Rove]

COMMANDO: We've heard everything, Mr. President.  We'll take over from here.

Read the rest here!
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the new last line for shakespeare

misfit_artist and I were talking about last lines of poetry, and so forth, and she came up with this gem: the last, forgotten line of Hamlet's To Be or Not to Be soliloquy... (say it in the Shakespearean voice.)

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all,
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pitch and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry
And lose the name of action.
Why does this shit always happen to me?
Religious Left (by mhari)


After seeing a movie that "kind of had this theme of 'all Catholic priests are soulless child molesters and should be shot," jean_prouvaire had this to say:

Danny and I decided that there should be movies where Quakers are vilified. Just because.

Musey: They should demonize Quakers! 'I was molested by the clerk of my Meeting!'
Danny: 'They were going to use my child for ritual human sacrifice--but they couldn't come to a consensus!'

I could so do that! I'd just put the obligatory 'all in fun, I'm Quaker too' disclaimer. Quakers all over the world would want to kill me, but they wouldn't be able to, because it's against our religion!

Come on, wouldn't it be fun to start a trend like that?
Rebellious Oak

Leviathan? What Leviathan?

My favorite attack librarian, robyn_ma, posted here this little gem:
I was flipping through Leviathan, and imagine my surprise when I discovered that nowhere in this book is there a genetically mutated thing that threatens the lives of the crew of a deep-sea mining station. What a rip-off. Instead, this Thomas Hobbes guy goes on and on about philosophy and crap. Who hired him to write the novelization?

Yep, that's the whole post.
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Dog - River DOOM

(no subject)

QWP from a comment in my LJ. F-locked entry, so linking is pointless.

Context: Things we hate in slash writing.

ETA: This was not my list. Quoted person wished her sooper-sekrit-identity® to remain sooper-sekrit.

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another_icon_lj // bwah!

For the gaming geeks out there

The illustrious, ever-witty tsukikoushi and beeblebabe conspire to speculate on the fashion-knowledgeable's reaction to the general attire in Tales of Symphonia.

tsukikoushi: Boy, they would shred Regal.
beeblebabe: "We're unsure of what statement Duke Bryant is attempting to make with the bare-midriff/manacles combo, but were pretty sure the punctuation at the end of it is !?!?!?!?!"
tsukikoushi: XDDDD
beeblebabe: On Zelos' formal wear: "Okay. You lost the headband. We're proud of you. But did you have to get your tux made by an irate cake decorator on meth?"
tsukikoushi: On Sheena: 'For some reason, you've decided that wearing a huge pink bow on your butt is a good idea. That's all right, we're all entitled to our little quirks--LO I HAVE SEEN THE VALLEY OF DEATH'

See the whole thing here. It's worth a read.
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Top 10 Moments (not a funny)

myska_x compiles the Top 10 moments of her life. The whole post is lovely, but only, I think, if you know who she's talking about.

But what really got me was her conclusion:

So yeah, this is it, because it's great to meet your idols, it's bloody fantastic to talk to the person you've adored for such a long time already, get to see someone that's inspired you so much or to get to smooch the prettiest boy in the room but what counts are the people that are there, when the evening ends, the people you go home with at the end of the day. The people you love, who share you heart and mind and melodies, no matter what.

(no subject)

My friend jadasc was invited to see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory this weekend, and this was his reply:
reposted with permission; post to metaquotes suggested by heinleinfan. EDIT: p.s. - please don't post more of "It's not a remake". The subject's been covered, er, a lot. Just enjoy the song. thanks. :)

Oompa, loompa, doompa-dee-dee.
This weekend's bad; I'll be in D.C.
Won't be back 'til Monday 'round 2,
Oompa, loompa, doompa-dee-doo.

What do you get from a classic remake?
Some warped childhood dreams and a blinding headache.
No one remembers that "Apes" movie trick?
I'd rather see the Wild-er flick.

(I could catch a midnight show.)

Oompa, Loompa, doompa-dah-dee.
It might be wise to plan without me.
"Half-Blood" party keeps me here, too.
So 'till half-past ten I'm doompa-dee screwed.

It's the little things, right?
Mad Stylin Yo!

Only in catmcroy's house...

(Locked post, with permission)
winterlion was on his way out the door to go visit his dad in Nanaimo, and he was like "Hey Cat, does the ferry take interac?"
"Nope. Credit card or cash only."
"That's why I asked you, you take it so often"
"Yep, I'm the ferry queen"
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