July 14th, 2005

Bitch Please

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doqz here (read the whole post!), belatedly on the fans vs. writers debate:

As far as I can tell tremendous fun is being had by all. Pros got to talk about deep meaningful meaning of deep meaningfulness of getting paid for writing gay vampires, while the fanficcers got to use the word bitch a lot and for a brief shining moment united in the visceral hatred of the "real writers" or as they have been tacitly renamed -- bitches.

Also there was much discussion of deep spiritual fulfillment that comes from writing gay vampires for free.

It’s all very entertaining.

I should have a point here, but I really don’t.

Well, no. I do.

This is all really Mel’s fault.

Also -- bitches.
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shrijani won a bottle of wine at a function tonight. She tells us:

I've never heard of this kind of wine, but I was told to serve it very cold. For breakfast. (Okay, the breakfast bit is my idea, but you should be able to pick up on that by now.)

--locked post, QWP.
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from here:

Bang away, Gandalf--bang it good and strong!
What in the world will the hobbits do with good ol' Gandalf gone?

Some guys hang in the Blesséd Realm, off the Western Shore,
But Gandalf strolls with the Fellowship on the road to Mordor!

...usually, we do not go in for 'teh slash', but this was a brilliant bastardization of The Poxy Boggards.....
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And thus, by heliophix in customers_suck, it was written...

A blank stare is not an answer to "Can I help you find anything?" Neither is turning away from me. Or saying "I don't know." Because if you don't know, I sure as hell won't. All that does is make us stare at each other in total confusion, and that's 15 seconds of my life I'm never getting back. Although I'm not sure I'd want them back anyways, they have your cooties on them now.

I have too many of those lost seconds myself... and I'm glad I'm not getting them back if they have cooties... ;)
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From the illustrious Sages of Chaos, here:

Backstory: Well, The Death Star appeared sobbing. Something to do with an Atlantean King, and, er.

"The death star looked a little rusty around the viewing ports, as if it had been crying... Instead of a more bloated-oblomg pregnant shape, it was back to a rounded sphere."

don_incognito: *torn between "That's so sad!" and "Wait, that's the Death Star" and "I wonder what I could get for that on the open market..."*
death_starr: *Has HEARD about Lupin and his frequent tentacle-issues, and is IGNORING him*

bbb_mouse: *stares*
A MOUSE!! KILL IT!!! *zaps with Death Star (tm) Laser Cannon*
bbb_mouse: Oh. Very original.

don_darth (Darth Vader): *shakes his head* You broke my battle station.
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"Please, Won't Somebody Think Of The Children?!"

Quoted from jrs1980, with permission:

The temp that sits next to me, he's cheesing me off big time. He has the worst work ethic. We get a break every two hours, but that's not enough for him: Every hour, I swear, he hangs up his headset and hits the bathroom. Either he's pregnant or doing blow. Possibly both. Which isn't good for the baby.
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Hellishly busy at work at the moment. I've spent all afternoon drawing a monkey wearing a thong. As I was adding the highlight effects to his proud simian buttocks I thought to myself 'My life has not been lived in vain'.

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Captain UN

So there's this hilarious plot about Captain America invading a hotel and claiming it as American territory after a series of very bad misunderstandings and some impalings. (Note: the rest of the Trans community may contain NC-17 or non worksafe posts.)

Collapse )

bigscaryhammer: "Declaration!"
"Transfer of Signature!"

"By you powers combined... I am Kofi Annan!"
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balderhodur had a conversation with his stepmother, here.

SM: Of course I know what you were doing in high school.
Me: Really?
SM: Drinking, drugs...
Me: Nope.
SM: sex.
Me: Nu-uh.
SM: I'm sorry.
Me: So, just to be clear, you know nothing.
SM: I guess not.
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Conspiracy Theory

Now that I'm not drinking beer as regularly as I have in the past I'm not as concerned with the whole "Let's use the Jer's given name in a song about a geek who kills himself." thing. What is the connection here? Elementary, my dear readers (both of you). You see at any Pearl Jam concert you will see a few booths selling-guess what, that's right beer. Many people at Pearl Jam concerts drink the beer and end up enjoying the show. Coincidence? Ha! More likely Eddie Vedder and his evil organized crime syndicate have put mind control agents in beer hoping to use this to promote Pearl Jam (whose albums fund the aforementioned evil crime organization). Now beer has also been seen at Iron Maiden concerts, more then one of which I myself have attended. So how easy would it be to sell some of the tainted beer to me, thus infecting my with the mind control drugs for the evil purpose of PISSING ME OFF!!!! THAT'S RIGHT THE WORLDLY IMFAMOUS EVIL CRIME LEADER EDDIE VEDDER HAS USED MIND CONTROL DRUGS TO PISS OFF PEOPLE NAMED JEREMY!!!!!!!!

His evil...it knows no boundries.

b_i_t_t, has theories..
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Right before I found out about the London attacks, I'd been listening to The Smiths. In particular, Panic. "There's panic on the streets of London, there's panic on the streets of Birmingham". Right, well! After they evacuated Birmingham the other day, you know, that's sort of suspicious. I'd take a look at Morrissey maybe.

From the hilarious jiffy_spiffy
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Ticketmaster keeps sending me emails with the imperative "Don't miss Joe Piscopo", which I delete with great haste. I don't miss Joe Piscopo. I hardly ever even think of Joe Piscopo, except when he appears in my inbox, or when someone asks, "What was that movie he was in with Treat Williams?"

--anxietygrrl does not miss Joe Piscopo.
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Mmm... fluffernutter...aah...

Quoting in its entirety a recent post by futurecfo:

"Yesterday morning for breakfast I had half a toasted fluffernutter (pb & marshmallow creme) for breakfast and dropped some of the creme onto my t shirt (I do this a lot) and then later that morning I wore it to work out (I had wiped off the creme!) and kept wiping my face with it and it smelled like toasted marshmallow. It was awesome, I totally wish they made marshmallow scented laundry detergent or something."
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Harry Potter and Nazi Pope

Okay, I posted a short comment and link to an article on the new pope's oppersition to Harry Potter here
The amazingly snarky navytron89 replied here;

Sounds like a fanfic story:
(Announcer in that cool mysterious voice)

Will the young mage triumph over the Grand Inquistor, who now rules all Catholicism with a iron hand and heart of stone?

Will Ron and Hermione ever really declare their feeling for each other?

Will Jeb Bush run for Catholic President of the US with the backing of the Nazi Pope?

Would Congress repeal the amendments that would let the Governator become President?

Read more and Find out in the new fanfic Harry Potter and the Nazi Pope coming to a website near you........
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Gotta love drunken antics ;-)

thwak in a post about Bad barracks samurai sex

I see this conga line of rage, hatred, fear, and jiggly flesh and take off running after them too. As we're all heading out the front door, we pass my two buddies, B and J... wait, there's a joke waiting to happen
"-and Sergeant Brad and Corporal Jim are pretty messed up, too."
"We're not drunk!" Jim protests.
"Yeah," Brad continues,"we're fucking HAMMERED!"

The whole freakin entry is funny.
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sarahtales writes a love letter to fandom, and gives us a perfect moment of history:

BOSWELL: Hi! OMG you don't know me, I'm Scottish, hi, I'm like, your BIGGEST FAN EVER!
BOSWELL: Dude, you know what would be cool? If, like, I followed you around for like, a dozen years AND WROTE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU DO. That'd be *so cool*! Can I can I can I?

You know it happened just like that.