July 13th, 2005

It's The Rebels

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karjack, in response to a comment applauding a rant over that way, says:

Oh god, don't admire me. My ego will start wanting out of its cage for walkies, and it'll only go downhill from there. I have to feed it a bucket of fish heads twice a week just to keep it from breaking its shackles and going on a rampage.
wings of a dove -- madness

A unique concept for video games.

Sparkle dandelion

You don't have to be politically inclined to appreciate the sentiment

My friend in Yorkshire, miss_s_b is saddened by recent events, especially finding that the terrorists that struck London that are from Leeds, but she's not going to give in to what they want:

Well I've had enough.

I refuse.

I refuse to do the work of the extremists for them.
I refuse to suspect people of wishing me harm when they have given me no grounds to do so.
I refuse to allow the government to put forth further anti-liberty legislation in my name.
I refuse to stand by and listen to snide, ignorant arseholes making racist comments; I will speak against them.
I refuse to let the government dilute our freedom of speech. You don't kill hatred by driving it underground, it MUST be brought out into the open and its flaws pointed out for everyone to see.
I refuse to let the poison of hatred spread any further.

The whole post is worth reading http://www.livejournal.com/users/snapesbabe/21519.html
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anngwish42 is not impressed with pro-cutting communities

Kids these days, I tell ya. When I was their age, I had to walk 20 miles in the snow uphill both ways to get my razorblades... and they weren't the nice sharp razor blades, noooo, I had to make do with rusty non-stainless-steel ones because that's how it was in those days and by GOD it built character. And tetanus.

And I had an onion tied to my belt because that was the style at the time.

More tea?

With all the various comments about London going on this little ditty by k_kinnison was very amusing.

(to the tune of "Let it be" by the beatles)

When i find my self without a girlfriend
she has just walked out on me
Think I'll make myself a ... cuppa tea
and in my boss's office
he is speaking of redundancy
I won't hit the bottle.. I'll have tea

Cuppa tea, Cuppa tea
That's for me, milk and three
Assam anaesthetic.. cuppa tea

And when the police tell me that a
Thief has trashed my Ferrari
Though I'm numb I'll offer... them some tea
Through all my trials and tribulations
one thing I can guarantee
you will always fine me... drinking tea

Cuppa tea, cuppa tea
From Tetley, or PG
Please don't give me herbal
makes me pee

Forget about narcotics
Charley, speed, hashish or even "E"
Nothing makes me happy.. like my tea
I wake up, get the kettle boiling
Have some corn flakes, yessiree!
I can take the world on... after tea

Wounded knee, STD
Lost my key, dog's got flea
have a cup, remember...
Cest la vie!!!
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amontillado on Jessica Simpson:

Once upon a time I found you to be a harmless moron with a decent set of pipes. Until those pipes went out and butchered one of my favorite songs of all time. Nancy Sinatra should be allowed to take a bat to your throat for what you did to "These Boots are Made for Walkin". Actually, the hell with that I will take a bat to your throat if I ever catch you on the street. Your "cover" makes me weep while reaching for razorblades.

The imagery amused me. *g*

Appeal for Tolerance

rdmaughan has an appeal for calm in this difficult time.

As more information comes out it looks increasingly likely that the bombs detonated in London last week were the result of a particular subset of our society. While anger is running high over these attacks please remember that not all members of this community are to blame.

Taking out your frustrations on random yorkshiremen is not going to help anyone and will probably make the situation worse.
rosegirl, 006

Fleeing the scene of the crime

perpet and her mother have some interesting conversations:

[regarding HP6]

MOM: "You heard it was leaked in Canada?"
ME: "Yeah. That was great."
MOM: "Did you have anything to do with that?"
ME: "I'm not in Canada."
MOM: "How do I know that? You're calling from your cell phone."
ME: "Well, I'm not in Canada anymore."
MOM: "That's what I thought."

arielography goes to Starbucks . . .

I went to Starbucks this morning, and the kid behind the counter took a look at one of the dollar bills I gave him and he suddenly says


I almost mentioned I was born in 73, but the idea of him screaming DUDE!! YOU ARE 15 YEARS OLDER THAN THIS DOLLAR BILL!!! was just more than I could take first thing in the morning.

Full entry here.
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ForecastFox--where sometimes it's news, even to you...

sarcastro's bewildered amusement at just how bad a weather report can be...

According to ForecastFox, we are having a thunderstorm in Greenbelt, Maryland.

According to the view from my window, this thunderstorm we're having in Greenbelt, Maryland is the driest, quietest thunderstorm I've ever seen.

According to ForecastFox, this dry, silent thunderstorm has been going on for a good hour or so now.

I wanna go play in the rain during this incredible storm! I've never played in rain that hasn't got me all wet!!
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thesaneminority and a friend on Roman statues!

fierystarsarise: http://www.xahlee.org/Periodic_dosage_dir/las_vegas/caesars/cp_caesar.jpg
Kitty Spawnie: awesome!
fierystarsarise: It's badass. Better up close, where you can see how detailed his armor is.
fierystarsarise: He has winged Victories and gods on it, and, as I recall, it even has a carved-out belly button and nipples.
fierystarsarise: I don't know why the Romans did that to their statues of guys in armor, but they did.
Kitty Spawnie: XD
Kitty Spawnie: sex appeal?