July 10th, 2005

esmeralda with candles

Holdover from the London attacks...

Because I've been dying to metaquote for some time...

From a friends-locked entry at jessicareloaded's journal, with permission. In response to the London bombings:

I am so very sick of this "we do it in the name of GOD!" shit. God has nothing to do with this. Quite frankly, if I were an angry god, I wouldn't send some shady-ass people with plastic explosives and some cell phones out to do my bidding. Hello? I'd be GOD! I'd point my omniscent, omnipotent, all-powerful finger at the offending population and rain fire and brimstone and other firey retribution upon their heathen heads. (And damn sure it wouldn't be on London. Ahem.) Then, I'd drop down in the middle of the chaos, and remind the people that yeah, I'm God, and you need to stop doing stuff that makes me angry. And yeah, you, the guy in the back, stop picking your nose. Show some respect, all right?

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crevette details the adventures of two women, a van, and two spiders...a tense thriller that NEVER HAPPENED!

Whole post is here.

We would giggle and I would floor the accelerator while I leaned as far back in the driver's seat as I could, and not just due to the G-forces of acceleration.

"You know," telaryn would say, "getting a ticket is not going to help this situation at all."

"Yeah," I would reply. "But maybe I can get the police officer to kill the spider before he writes me up...."

"Oh." She would be quiet for a moment and then speak. "Good to know you have a plan."
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When cartoonists snark

In a comment to this post in bluerain's journal, kevinjdog has a few things to say about Bruce Tinsley, the creator of "Mallard Fillmore" (a conservative "comic" strip - and we use that term very loosely in this case)....

You know something, for ducks (ha ha) I decided to actually look at a few Mallard Fillmore strips to see what sort of Little Green Foot-in-mouth Tinsley is purveying. I've noticed a few things.

1) If there's any proof that someone can have a mass-marketed strip based on twenty minutes' worth of artwork a day, this is it.
2) If I lived in an empty void surrounded by nearly unreadable lettering, maybe I'd have a constipated viewpoint too.
3) There are a surfeit of "jokes" about growing old. It's like the only non-political topic he ever talks about. It makes me believe Tinsley isn't a lot of fun at parties.

The entire post and its comments are just as amusing.
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who ever heard of a clockwork orange?

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Oh, and you know the bit in the Half-Blood Prince when Sirius comes back from the dead and the Whomping Willow falls in love with him and traps him up in its branches, and Harry runs across the grounds yelling "SIRIUS!" and the Willow kills him out of jealousy, and then Neville saves the world? Wasn't that awesome? Whoops, spoilers.

-- the ever lovely rionaleonhart, here.
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Internet cookies to the first person who finds a way to turn this into an icon!

from reallybadpoetry, in this entry (which you should really read because Professor Roy brings teh funney hardcore):

Is every sky-dwelling creature enslaved by some malevolent force? That's kind of nervewracking. Because if they're subject to the orders of this evil force, you could be walking to work one morning and Rocky the Flying Squirrel will knock you down from behind and stick a shiv into your neck. And the last thing you hear is Rocky (June Foray) saying "I'm so sorry, Mister. You don't understand. I'm not free. My will is not my own." Maybe this future apocalypse is exactly what Sam is talking about when she says, "Luminous rays pierce the air / Like millions of spears." In other words, radioactive bats wielding sharp pointed sticks, all named Ray. "Victory is ours, Ray!" "Yes! Semper fi, Ray!" And if this isn't how the world will end, it's a great idea for a Saturday morning cartoon show.
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From joybilee who has true weather concerns

mucho good mojo to all of you who are being affected by it, or who have family & friends who are. hope everybody makes it through with your panties still in their drawers & not dangling from some tree three streets over (yes, having my panties hanging from a tree on the evening news is my severe weather nightmare.).

She is in the center of the Dennis weather at the moment. Glad to see she has priorities ;)
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now panic and freak out: UK; trouble tow

merfdawg watches CNN...

...which continues coverage of Hurricane Dennis. Locked post, used with permission.

for the love of all that is holy, Anderson Cooper get your sweet, sweet face out of the path of that large aluminum road sign flying at your head.

you beautiful MORON.
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