July 8th, 2005


Terrorist Etiquette

A discussion on the finer points of the correct way to go about mayhem and madness.

myz_lilith The weiredest note to me was struck when a police chief was telling reporters that the police had received no warning about the attacks. He sounded mildly peeved at the idea. We're used to our terrorists having manners, damm

flemco So, what is proper terror bombing etiquette?



"'ello, Tony ol' chap."

"Gerry! Good to hear from you. Family doing well?"

"Very well, thank you. Say, there may be a spot of bother in the vicinities of King's Cross and Paddington tomorrow morning. Sorry to trouble you."

"Not at all. Cheers!"

Only in flemco's LJ. Here.
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Because karentraviss says far too many insightful things...

I think that says it all. That doesn't mean we don't feel for the victims - including all those unfortunate families with people missing - but we don't even have to "resolve to carry on". We don't even think about it. We...just do it. You know what brings this country to an outraged halt? Weather. An inch of snow and we resort to cannibalism. Admittedly, that's harder to arrange to a terror timetable.

Once you alter your way of life as a result of all this shite, they've won. Please, USA, bear that in mind. When you're too scared to fly, too scared to leave the USA, too scared to let people visit you, then you have lost the war on terror.

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Gneil is love.

On the officialgaiman feed here (bold by me):

It was a huge contrast, coming out into in the funky sprawl of Manila from the gleaming bustle of Singapore. I was VIPed through the airport quite wonderfully by a lady who was puzzled that I didn't have an entourage (Me: "Er. Sorry.")

And other than that, I'm just starting to recover from the last few days, blinking a lot and smelling a little like Tiger Balm. And I am staying in my hotel, I learned on check-in, under an assumed name. "Hullo," I said to the lady checking me in. "I'm Neil." "I know," she said. "But we'll be calling you Mr _________." Identity can be so gelatinous sometimes.

I don't know about you, but I think that's my new motto for life.
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little super bits

From comments to a scans_daily found here…


harriet_spy: If I were Superman, I would not let a little thing like nudity slow down my superheroing! In fact, I would let it fly free and proud as I soared over Metropolis. Might actually improve morale!</font></span>


wal_lace: Ah, but you're assuming he would have nothing to be embarrassed about...</font></span>


harriet_spy: I'm SUPERMAN. Do I care if I have tiny man-parts? NO! If someone points and laughs, I'm all, "Oh, excuse me, I didn't realize that your larger genitalia allow you to lift a train the way I can. Oh, they can't? Excuse me, I have to go mack on Wonder Woman now."</font></span>




I'm gonna go be Fluffy now...

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Sarek of Vulcan

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misia's been studying teen pregnancy lately.

Such a shame that you didn't pause to investigate whether the numbers of babies born to unmarried women in the USA in all age groups have also increased dramatically since then.

Because they have, you know. Consistently. Almost every year. Particularly among white women in that pesky 25-35 age group, oddly enough. (You know, the women who, in a proper universe, would be barefoot and shackled to the stove bearing a beautiful new white baby to their Lord and Masterproperly wedded husband every 18 months like clockwork.)
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Now that's talent!

From a locked entry by apollo_sun_god:

Have you ever blown your nose and then looked at it? It reminds me of the Final Fantasy movie when in the dream those pods dropped from the sky and opened up with all that slime in them....Yeah, my nose is good at recreating movie scenes.

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(and y'know, Bill O'Reilly may beA lying bigot who perpretrates nightly fraud on those dim enough to watch his show and neatly epitomizes everything that's wrong not only with the media but with America in general, but he gave us the phrase 'shoot between the head,' and I think he deserves credit for that, even if he isn't bright enough to realize why it's so amusing).

--said esorlehcar parenthetically.


First metaquote from me! The explanation behind it is a little long, so I cut it. But the quote makes more sense if you read it.

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ecstace replies:

"hmm, it seems the Universe is a closet Batman fan."
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!julie/carol (julie/carol otp), julie/carol otp

Who else here got their sex ed from Jean Auel?

The perennially LOL-making october31st, in the middle of an aeons-long comment thread, spake thusly:

I was reading some article in a local paper where the author was discussing his wife's pregnancy, and mentions the child's name after she was born. I was going to do a post about this, but never got around to it, but now's as good a time as any.

He said: "...our newborn daughter, Sage Ayla..."

And had you seen me at that time, I think a sudden storm from the heavens would have whipped my hair around, and a gleaming red light come into my eyes, and lo, I would have bellowed across all of creation, "NO. *NO.* THOU SHALT *NOT* USE ONE'S SPICE RACK AND ONE'S SOFTCORE CRO-MAGNON PORN TO CHOOSE A NAME FOR THY DAUGHTER, UNLESS VERILY THY WILL IS FOR HER TO BECOME A STRIPPER, OR MAYBE A CRYSTAL-TWIRLING NEW AGE QUACK, EITHER WAY."

Come on. You know you all followed Ayla's Saga.

Thank You

This is not a MetaQuote. But I want to post here and say THANK YOU to all of you, for all your extremely hilarious posts related to London.

I am not British in any shape of form. I'm a Bangladeshi born and living in Malaysia. I do have family in London; my sister was the one who told us about the news, and one of my dearest uncles missed the bombed Kings Cross train by 10 seconds.

Now normally, when it comes to major disasters like these, I can't take them very well. I was stunned in hysterics during Sept 11th 2001. The Bali Bombing brought me back to anti-anxiety medication after staying off for a few months. The tsunami hit really close to home and I was freaked for a week.

I was worried and upset the first day. My best friend's siblings were uncontactable and I was worried sick about them. Thank the Goddess, they were found safe and sound later that night. I was also very scared because I'm going on a multi-country study abroad program later this month, and while we're not going to the UK, we are going to prominent cities and there is a risk of trouble.

I wake up today and I read about how calm and collected the British were. Jokes were par for the course. Everyone's getting back to normal. Even with what happened, everyone's just so level-headed...they've taken this very, very well.

And I'm not hysterical. I'm laughing. I'm not that scared anymore. I'm not worried. I'm still concerned, but I'm not frightened for my life. I don't want to die, but I don't fear it so much. I'm feeling more confident that I can handle whatever happens to me on my trip, and in anywhere really.

Thanks to all your good-naturedness, and your humour, I am now less fearful. And this is a MAJOR change for me.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

A cup of tea will be prepared later this evening and drunk in your honour. Cheers.
Thatcher - Ugly Poisonous Creature


Over at ukpolitics, bigbrainhurt has a new Thatcher t-shirt...

bigbrainhurt: Hmm... do you think I could get away with selling both pro and anti thatcher t-shirts in the same stall?

caoilte: I don't think anyone is really going to want a Thatcher T-Shirt pro or anti for a long long time. She suffers from the two great malaise of former icons... 1) still being alive 2) having gone senile.

bigbrainhurt: Being alive and senile seems to work really well for Elton John.
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I may be addicted to London meta.

Work was quiet as a very quiet thing when I got there, bus hopping through Lewisham as protest that I was going to catch as much public transport as I pleased and no terrorist was going to scare me off.

From the lovely piesecki.

Not another pause Mr Blair!

thunderrstorm lamenting British Prime Minister Blair's new license to use the word "terrorist" a billion more times;

Are we going to find another passport that somehow miraculously survived heat that could melt steel girders pointing us toward another evil brown person that doesn't believe in Jesus? Nah, and we probably won't be reminded that the CIA trained Al Qaeda in the first place either.

From this locked entry, with permission.
It&#39;s The Rebels

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pouringsand, talking about my son/her stepson in her journal:

While I was putting him down for a nap...
...I asked my four-year-old stepson (The Monstah) why he had a little stockpile of plastic clothes hangers in the shelf on his headboard and started to put them back in the closet.

TM: "But I need those weapons!"

Me: "Why would you need weapons? I don't think you need weapons..."

TM: "But Tante*, you said fight the power!"

I put the hangers back in the headboard. There's no arguing with that.


*Tante is what he calls me, long story that you already know if you have a need to. :)