July 7th, 2005

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Best wishes, British friends

Here's hoping our British contingent is safe from harm today. Be safe, people.

But kimkali made the morning a little brighter with a bit of dark humor....

ellielabelle asks the most important question: "Explosions reported at Edgware Road, Marylebone, Liverpool St, Russell Square. What is going on?"

kimkali: "Power supply failure. And as an official line that worked really well until the buses exploded."
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rosefox writes on exercising compassion and giving second chances

No one's 100% trustworthy, and it's always best to take care of yourself and do your own research; you're not 100% trustworthy either, so sometimes your instincts or your research will let you down and you'll lose some money or effort or time or those ephemeral "good vibes". I think, though, that a little loss here or there, putting up with yet another learning experience or growth opportunity, is about a gazillion times better than shutting down your empathy and never giving anything to anyone for fear that it might be misused. Leave some chinks in your armor, or you'll suffocate in your safety and never understand why it hurts so much even though there's no one there but you.

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From lekythen on cultural differences...

from her friend prakriti...Both are in the UK.

"prakritijust commented on it...
...and I laughed, thought some more about it, and decided to add my own thoughts.

Cultural differences

The responses by people today really highlight for me the differences between Americans and English people.

Americans: OMG! there's been a terroroist attack! My prayers are with you!!

English: London's been bombed. Shit. that means the tube is closed. I wonder if I can still make it into town tonite to see that play I have tickets for.Not to say this isn't upsetting or that people aren't worried. There's just a certain lack of melodrama.

Completely and utterly true. I'm sure most of the Americans are mentally equating this with the September 11th attacks, exaggerating it because it's the national capitol, and stressing no end. For many of the Brits I know, however, it's just like 20 years ago, happy fun time with the IRA bombings. Only even more inconvenient, what with most of the being at work and now stuck with the trains and buses shut down. And horrors, no mobiles or Blackberries are working, as the phone network has shifted to emergency mode. The City is probably swearing about that more than anything.

The BBC ran out of material and edged towards waffling about images sent via the public. "And this window may have been cracked by the explosion." No! Say it isn't so! And a chap just came out of one of the bombed trains, dusty and smoky, and told the news crew "Wonder if I ought to go into
work, or just try to find a way to get home."

I love this country."

First post!

To everyone in London, that sucks, we will beat them up. [edit:] Jesus, stop getting political about everything. Are we not going to do anything about it? Are they going to get away with it? How's this: "To everyone in London, that sucks, sorry they're still out there bombing other people for some idiot cause." Better?

And now, Seth's (coitus_rocks entry about coke...

What's wrong with a simple Coke bottle, you ask? Well I'll tell you.

First of all, on the nutrition facts, the serving size is 8 ounces for a 20 ounce bottle. Who the hell drinks a soda bottle in 8 ounce increments!? "Well, I've had my share of this soda for the day, I'll drink another 40 percent of it tommorow." See, nobody says that. Coke dudes, there shouldn't be 2.5 servings in a bottle, there should be ONE. Change that, now. It's obvious you guys do it just to make the number of calories seem lower. And who wouldn't fall into the trap? One reads the bottle, and it tells you the number of calories, but little does one know that one is drinking two and a half times the calories that one thinks he is. Those sly bastards!

Also, on the ingredients, it lists "POTASSIUM BENZOATE (TO PROTECT TASTE)". Hey, I don't need and explanation for each ingredient! It's not like I'd look on the back of my Coke and read "potassium benzoate" and then cry out, "Why did they put potassium benzoate in this beverage? I must have an answer immediately!" There's no need for an explanation. What if they did that for every ingredient? "CARBONATED WATER (TO MAKE IT A LIQUID), HIGH FRUTCOSE CORN SYRUP (TO MAKE IT TASTE GOOD), CAFFEINE (TO MAKE YOU SEMI-ADDICTED)" That would be really weird.

Then finally they print "Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine". What the fuck is a phenylketonuric? How the hell do you pronounce it? It has four damn consonants in a row! What if I am a phenylketonuric? How do I find out? Is there treatment? Will I still be able to bear children? Will I have to go to Phenylketonurics Anonymous meetings?

Boy, so many questions for such a little bottle.

In light of recent events

ztrin panics about her musical favourites:

I went back home in a taxi and because I couldn't bear to listen to the silence of the car, I turned on my ipod and tried to listen to something, but everything was just British. The Libertines, Badly Drawn Boy, Coldplay, David Bowie - I kept on thinking, "Are they alright? Are they okay? Are Carl and Pete okay? Is... " which continued in a rapid strain of increasing hysteria until it reached "IS JOHN LENNON DEAD??" which obviously, he is.
now panic and freak out: UK; trouble tow

From a locked post by cuddlywalrus:

...who is a counselor at a summer camp program for the gifted, as well as active in fandom. Used with permission.

All these things are very busily making me feel uncomfortable right now. I list them in my head, and none of them seem important, and thus I do my best to dismiss them. But they're still there. They won't go away.

So instead, I will be a twelve-year-old girl.

I'm one of the cool kids counselors! I get to sit at the cool table tomorrow! We planned who is invited! We stayed up til 1 AM gossiping! They talk a lot about boys and stuff! They are trying to convince me to let them do my hair!

Also, I spent some time today watching Pete and Pete, writing crazy space incest, and talking about X-Men.

Just so you know I haven't lost my edge.
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stock; they all want to be us

(no subject)

twinofhugin and company enjoy their frosty treats. Quoted with permission from a locked post.

13:41 < munin> *gets some ice cream*
13:41 < cstine> enjoy your freedom cream; osama is trying to take it away from you!

//freedom cream is a horrible, horrible saying


From my Friend mintogrub who is a paramedic in London:

Many years ago, an elderly Londoner was asked by a news crew to give his reaction to the latest bomb outrage committed by the IRA. What would he say to those who carried out this atrocity, they wanted to know. Being of the generation that had lived through the Blitz in WW2, his comment was
"Fuck you, we have been bombed by professionals!"</bg>

kudos to phoebesmum for bringing the incident to my attention...

(no subject)

Pulling a meta-meta here: there's a funny thread a few posts back.

djcati: I think, whoever organised it, they planned it long before the Olympics announcement. As humorous as it is to blame the French, heh...
papervolcano: Weeeelll, we blame the French for everything else...
djcati: True, true. But is there anything we can re-name? "Freedom chips" just doesn't have the same ring to it..
papervolcano: I've no idea - it's not called french kissing anymore really, so 'freedom kissing', while a hell of a lot better than 'snogging', probably won't catch on.
Teen Wolf - Trauma!Stiles

Cats...now and forever

altoidsaddict, from stupidpetowners on the merits of trimming a cat's nails or softpaws claw-covers to save your furniture.

I just never buy anything nice ever. The numerous pointy ends of a cat are designed to help you save money by forcing you to buy unbreakable, durable goods and throw out that lovely chintz antique because reupholstering it every five days is tiring and expensive.

Cats are tiny, furry interior decorators, really. Near as I can tell, they like the Shaker look.

*chuckles* Soooo true.


As an Alabamian, living very near the Gulf, I find many compelling reasons to metaquote this post in the comments of this thread about U.S. media sensationalism in the wake of the London transit bombings:

lots42 - The American media over-reacts to EVERYTHING. Look at the Weather Channel. They're this close to advocating that anyone on the Gulf Coast just kill themselves.

The Blue Side of the Force

Posted by funfairiegirl yesterday:

There are those of you who are followers of The Force. There are those of you who have gone over to The Dark Side. Then, there are those of us who are on The Blue Side.

Shunned by the Jedi and The Sith alike, the Blue Side has managed to thrive anyway. While the Jedi wear those cool flowy robe things and the followers of the Dark Side wear all black, we are by far the scariest side of The Force. Our traditional garb is bright yellow, orange or turquoise tops and coolats (for the men) or skorts (for the women) with clashing colored geometric shapes on them. Jelly shoes are worn by all with multiple layers of socks and bright pink leg warmers. You can tell how high up the person is by how many layers of socks they are wearing. We also have big poodle permed frizzy hair with stand up f*** me bangs (women) and mullets (men). Oh - and we all wear BRIGHT BLUE eyeshadow.

Since we have been shunned, we weren't allowed to have cool light sabers. Well, screw you, we have better weapons. See, we found these manure covered pitchforks in a barn and we use those. Not only do they hurt...they stink! And your death is much slower.

So...if you find choosing a side of The Force difficult....consider the Blue Side. We have more parties than the other 2 put together and they always involve liquor and beer, unlike those tight-ass jedi or those super serious sith.

shhh....don't tell anyone....Yoda is secretly on our side....he is just pretending to be a jedi in order to find more like us.
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Stetsons are cool

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In this thread (about 24 hours ago) gutlesswonder said...

"Double damn! I guess NYC lost the Olympics due to the woefully outdated and dangerous metro system. Sure, it works out fine for folks like me, but somehow you just can't compete with an electronic voice that cooly informs to you Mind The Gap. Oh, and as far as I know neither Paris of London metro systems have train cars that, you know, explode into flames or anything."
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tea [stargazer_dream]

What's that you say? More London related meta-meta?

aramley: Britain: when in doubt, blame the French!

cpip: I will admit, the first thought that flashed through my head were images of angry French nationalists in very silly berets and overlong cigarette holders, muttering angrily about losing the Olympics, sneaking through the tube planting bombs...

aramley: I think that, as Brits, we are genetically programmed that way.

From here.

From the ever-snarky nostalgia_lj

Regarding today's events in London, here:

"Al Qaeda say: 'Britain is now burning with fear, terror and panic in its northern, southern, eastern, and western quarters.' Bitch, please. Osama, you live in a fucking cave. You're like an evil Batman or something. No wonder you have a thing for blowing up commuters, because you will never commute because you live in a cave. You see transport, and you are filled with rage, because you? Live in a cave. You could try forming a political wing to... oh, wait, you can't because YOU LIVE IN A CAVE. Twat.

The Beeb paused news coverage to show Eastenders. That'd be the nationwide fear, terror and panic, then."

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Holiday - House - Pumpkin

Bush Meta-meta

"Mr Bush was going at a pretty high speed on the presidential bicycle when he collided with an officer..."


Mr Bush dropped the presidential apple today, bruising it slightly, but security stepped in to remove the bruise and also the skin - to avoid choking - and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Later, Mr Bush had a nap on the presidential cot with the presidential binky. The presidential teddy bear, Ted, was not in evidence. No comment was forthcoming from the White House but a rift has been suspected for a month since President Bush bruised his nose on Ted's in a good-night kiss incident.

Wait for it. You KNOW it's coming.

manhattan in response to this post.