July 4th, 2005

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A thread in fanficrants regarding Yu Gi Oh and Harry potter.

rose_indigo:I know, we could solve the problem by hooking up Snape and kaiba. You know, Kaiba could suddenly recieve and owl and be sent to Hogwarts. There he'll introduce Dueling to Hogwarts, fallin love with Snape (and vice versa) and the whole series will end with Voldemort and Harry Potter will end up dueling in an arena, made by Kaiba. Once the battle is over, Kaiba and Snape will become lovers and skip off into the sunset. While Yugi and Harry combine to become Yugi Potter! An indestructable fighting force!!!11!

Someone hit me now.


From the mouth (uhh, hands) of thetrishthedish. She's not a girly girl, hence the amusement.

"I found myself looking around this morning for something sexy to wear today. It caught me by surprise. Shortly thereafter, I realized that I don't own anything too sexy. So, I decided to stick with mildly attractive for the day. I can deal with that. Then it dawned on me that I haven't done laundry in quite a time, so the standard for today has been lowered from "sexy" to "mildly attractive" to "clean, or not too dirty."

Actually, fuck it. I'm wearing what I wore yesterday.


Maybe this is why I'm always so single."
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it's heart wrenching, it really is

The Microsoft paperclip assistant comes to Sages of Chaos.

clod_strife: *Right-click*

> Hide

clipassistant: *pops back up* BUT YOU NEED HELP.
clod_strife: Not this kind of help.

> Use the Office Assistant

clipassistant: *pops back up* I ONLY WANT TO LOVE YOU.
clod_strife: We had some good times, but that was it.

I consulted the help files.

I learned the shortcut commands.

It's time we spent some time apart.
clod_strife: You need to move on.

There are other people who need you more than I do.

People who don't know how to use the Undo command.

People who search in vain for the 'Any' key.

People who bought preassembled desktops with preinstalled application packages.

People who just want to use the e-mail.

*holds mouse pointer to side of Clippy*

Find them.


Tres drole

jellyfish78 gives her six year old daughter a bath (reposted with permission):

My daughter is so lovabley wierd.

The other day she was in the bathtub and did a half-assed body wash on herself.

I came in lecturing about how she needs to scrub better and she asked if I'd just wash her.

So I did and was talking about how she needs to wash ALL parts of her body and when I swiped the washcloth up her little buttcrack, she said,

"Hee hee, I'm gonna call THAT the Credit Card!"

Are all 6 year olds that strange, or is it just mine?

I'm new. Hiya.

On living in the non-geek world

trancekat ruminates on being a geek in a non-geek world, in relation to watching some episodes of Beauty and the Geek.

Not for humor, to be sure, but still a good read.

 ...I am not cool; I've never been cool. I don't think I will ever be cool, but that's OK. I am happy being a Geek. Why do I hide it then you ask? Because I have to interact in a Non-Geek world. I have to find a way to communicate with people who watch American Idol, and make politics their passion. Even in "open minded" communities, I am asked to stop talking "geek" for more mainstream topics. So, I hide my geekdom and put on my facade.

We can't help how we are born, where we are born, and what our parents teach us and how they raise us. We do not choose our height, the color of our eyes, our disposition to put on muscle mass.. we can not change what our genetic code is. No two people are the same... except for one respect, and only one respect. We are all people.

The entire post can be found right over here.

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From a locked entry of pescivendolo, with permission:

"I found out yesterday that Live 8 wasn't raising money -- just awareness. I know how much those African kids love grilled awareness. Yum. Add a side of good intentions and you've got yourself quite a filling meal."
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Laughing, but bitterly

weaselking posted a link to the news that Toyota will build a new plant in Ontario, instead of in an American state, partly because American workers need too much extra costly training. (Here's the cited news article.)

lurkerwithout and pope_guilty, in comments:

lurkerwithout: Dear Jackasses: Maybe constantly cutting the school budgets wasn't such a smart idea was it?
pope_guilty: We may be starvin' to death, but at least it's by design... INTELLIGENT design! Muhaha! Muahaha! Muahahahahaha!

The answers

ginmar has been bothered by trolls who don't like her feminist take on life.

To save time she has listed her response to the top 45 attacks.

My favourites:

3. That's sexist against men!

Yeah, I feel your pain. Let's go chat about foot binding and corsets and glass ceilings and rape and...that supermodel who won't date you.

7. Men are so horny they can't help it.

I've noticed that they can help it after a couple warning shots.

8. Women don't have sex drives.

Maybe around you they don't.

and finally

45. Dyke!

Actually, part of my family has some German blood, so that would be VAN Dyke to you, bozo.

See the rest here - http://www.livejournal.com/users/ginmar/463135.html
agent may is unimpressed

On the sullying of childhood memories

As a reward/punishment for being such an attentive pimp-meister for the ljdq here, I was given the honor of helping choose the "best" answers for this week's list of funny. This isn't one of the ones I chose, but I think it's pretty damn funny anyway:

6. What is the worst CGI character to have appeared in a major motion picture to date?

"I'd toss it up between Scooby Doo, and Garfield myself. They weren't only lame CG in bad movies.. but they exposed our childhood memories of something beloved and made us realize they weren't all that funny/good to begin with. That's just a crime against humanity." - tarpo

And in the comments section, is my favorite thing of all: PUNS!

When an eel bites your thigh and you start to scream and cry, that's a moray... - lovellama

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"On Thursday while wandering through the British Museum, I wondered what would happen if my boots were found in a couple of hundred years time. The sign would read something along the lines of 'We believe these boots were worn by a shaman to bring him closer to the Gods. The shaman would take a concotion of powders that would make him dance in a frenzied manner, before returning with a message of love.'"

--papamoomin, filthy gothic extraordinaire.