July 3rd, 2005

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From a protected entry by thetaniwha (oh, but quoted with permission):

Urgh, my ears hurt just thinking about my recorded voice. I sound just fine in real life, or even on the phone, but stick me anywhere near a recording device of any kind and I sound like a 10 year old offering people sex.
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From here

eduthepenguin: An "anti-gay mecha" makes me think of the mutant-hunting sentinels from the X-Men series. Does this mean that we'll have a rogue institution for "the gifted (with TEH GAY)", led by a flamboyantly homosexual patriarch, which will fight against oppression, injustice, intolerance and bad fashion taste?

The H-Men!

lintilla: Wait, you mean the X-Men weren't completely flamboyant to begin with?



outofbeta: ...'Magento'?

lintilla: I was gonna go Photoshop an image, but... um... no need.

a reply in thequestionclub

in a post asking how to describe people with 'brown' skin, sixdegrees says this:

usually, i believe the same. however, if i run into one that happens to have quicker wits than me and is better at arguing, it matters not if they overreact.

but yeah, i agree that delivery is key. "that black guy" is NOT the same as "see the black guy with the blue shirt holding that iguana?"

come to think of it....i think the skin tone and the shirt colour would be uneccesary in that particular situation, but you get the point.

i really need to get some sleep :0

made me smile anyhow! :)
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better than advil

ajuxliapose has a headache. :(

Medical research has said that orgasms cure headaches so 'I have a headache' isn't an excuse anymore.

Had one of those mother of all migraines. Couldn't take any painkillers because I'd had some alcohol. Do not have death wish.

So remembered this bit of advice, turned to Jon, said 'how about it love?' *wink wink* and so the experiment began.

Ladies, do not suffer alone. Grab a bloke/vibrator/root vegetable etc etc and get rid of the headache.


Headache: 0
Jon: 1
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In yet another meta-meta-meta, I bring you this little gem from Active Apathy, who if I'm not mistaken has been quoted twice over the same topic...I think Apathy broke a record...

"One notable proponent of heterospecies marriages had this to say about the bill proposing that Dog/Cat marriages be legalised.
It's not arrout reprrroducing. It's arrout ruv. We should be arrowred the same benerrfits as homospecies rrrerrationships.
In reply, Fluffy McFurball from the association 'Kitties for Purity' slandered this landmark bill.
We all know the purrrrrpose of mrowrage iss to ensure that we have a new generation of cute little fluffy kittenss. Allowing catss to mrowrry dogss would, furrrthermore, send divorrce rates skyrocketing. Could you imagine taking Rex home to meet your parrrents?
The casting vote was made by Slayer, the cutest, fluffiest, friendliest little puppy ever, who - in a landmark decision - decided that the Constitution allows, and indeed calls for, the law to recognise heterospecies marriages as legal and equal to homospecies ones."

I thought it was funny, but then, I'm easily amused ;D



Quoted with permission from rhiannontherose. No need for more context I think, since there really wasn't any more in the post regarding this.

"In some future life, when you're the woman, I am going to make you jump and scream when you have an easily startled baby clamped to your nipple!"

~ myself, to Keainid, when he responded to my mutters about how hot it was by sticking an ice-pop against my back while I was nursing Jamie

**edit* Forgot to add something: the original post can be found here.

Also, in the comments of the post:

Me: That just makes me want to go "Ouch". *holds on to nipples* No touchy!

rhiannontherose: The real ouchy comes when he is teething

Me: No kidding!
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stock; they all want to be us

Porn Generation!

My good friend tristantzara put himself through all kinds of hell so that he could tell us to not read anything by Ben Shapiro over here. You should read his complete analysis of the book "Porn Generation." It's a hoot.

"Instead of recognizing that the sexual obsessions of the media are based off of American society's repressive attitudes, he immediately takes the position that more sex will always equal more sex--in other words, greater sexual openness and demystification in society will increase the media infatuation with sexuality, and all "behind closed doors" practices will become open, everyday knowledge. Don't call Shapiro fascist, however: "We are not fascists--in fact, fascism's Nietzschean ideals are antithetical to traditional morality." Shapiro is a lot like the nerd who misses the point of a reference or joke because of an over-infatuation with informational minutiae. Sad is really what it is."
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DW comeon youknow youwanto

Because, in geezer_fen it really *IS* all about the WhoS-e-x...

"Is that... Eccleston!ass? *dies*" -- jetpack_monkey

"Oh yeeeeeessssss.... *fans self*
... stealing your het, is he? ;-)))" --diannelamerc

"I didn't have loads of het to begin with. Just enough to keep to one side of the line. It's nice because I get to date girls and swoon over male actors. It makes me look all sensitive when I'm really just a perv." -- jetpack_monkey
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From here (mathwhiz78)

"I was waiting for Julius to come down from his apt so that we could do some quick grocery shopping for the picnic tomorrow. Waiting outside his apartment, I saw a couple of Mormon missionaries--you know, the yummy boys in black pants and white shirts. I decided to call them Oreos because they're black and white and yummy and you know you shouldn't eat them but you really want to anyway."
Graverobber's Bitch by Bats

Found on customers_suck

Lets see if I can post this to the community instead of my personal journal twice!

Posted with permission from blondebeaker:

This is taken from an exchange she had with a moronic customer while she was out shopping:

*now the PMS rage has peaked* KFC is not a fucking disability, lady! Get off the goddamn scooter yourself now or I will make you get off. CHOOSE.

The original post can be seen here

EDIT: I didn't realize that the above line could be taken as over weight person bashing. It is not. The above mentioned lady wanted to use a scooter and came very close to knocking an older gentleman with one leg down so she could get to the scooter first. Then WHINES about it!

My apologies to blondebeaker For almost making her look like an ass and stuff.

(note to self: DOn't post on painkillers)
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ulti-spidey: frowny nom.

Super Coolness!

A long time ago, in response to a post at fanficrants, goldjadeocean summed up what they don't like about "next gen" fanfic -- you know, the kind that are all about the canon character's crotchdroppings of Sue/Stu adorable little tykes?

"Next gen" drives me nuts no matter what it is. It's usually just like squaring two numbers: daddy's coolness times mommy's coolness equals super coolness! So much coolness that the author doesn't have to worry about things to hold up the story, like plot or in-depth characterisation or style.

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This may be one of the first times that I've found something simple that is self-explanatory and could be found amusing by others that don't actually know my friends:

"I also think it's weird that I'm the age my mother was when she got married. She was 20 and my father was 26. I asked my dad the other day if I could bring a 26 year old boyfriend home. He just glared at me. What hypocrite." - From the journal of amandahollowell.

Those weird moments...

I was driving along, because I was bored out of my mind at home, and I randomly thought to myself, "I haven't seen Jesse in over a month!" then I looked into the window of the car coming the opposite direction, and it was Jesse. I was all like, "...Wow. ..I HAVEN'T HAD A MILLION DOLLARS IN A LONG TIME." Nothing came out of that, but the first part was weird.

--burlesquebunny here.