July 2nd, 2005

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In this post in customers_suck, damn near the funniest thing I've ever heard say was uttered in response by makarov...

A: No, but we DO have an ACME Electric Dildo Sharpener & a high speed electric asshole reamer
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uesugi_rin: writes about the joys of life in the Philippines

This only reminds me that someday, when people in general finally annoy me beyond the breaking point, I can simply bring a machine gun to work, kick out one of the window panes, and open happy fire at the unsuspecting people below. And really, I talk about this constant rallies rather nonchalantly, but if you'd lived in the Philippines for as long as I did, you can almost pass by ongoing revolutions in the street or those mad bus bombings along the metropolis without barely batting an eye. Naturally, if I was born and raised in the States (heaven forbid) and for some inane reason had to visit the Philippines, I would probably write about these things with a little more concern, like "OMGWTF the Philippines is going to have another revolution here to ouster the current Philippine President! Again! And a bomb just went off at the train station last week! What a bunch of scary hoodlums! I also bought the Pirates of the Carribean DVD here for like one dollar, ha!"

Ahhh... gotta love living in Manila. SNAFU everyday, everyway. I love living here.

Reading back on that, I don't know if I was sarcastic or not. Oy.
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Having steered my daughter away from a streetside erm, dog and pony show with whips and leather at a Pride fest, yes, there sometimes is stuff you don't want your kids seeing, if only because you know they'll try to get away with wearing electrical tape on their nipples as a superheroine costume.

"Mommy, look at me, I'm super!"
"Dear, that's going to hurt coming off, you know."

-- shaysdays
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samenashi, decided rather than to encourage anonymous crushing, to encourage anonymous wanking.

Mr. Anonymous has laid it on thick, this time.

If I see anyone commenting as characters I will make it my mission to hunt them down and drown them in a pool of their own blood.


Stop calling me Scarhead. lol.

- H.'




I wish TomKat was real.

(And that's just the first two pages...there are 11 so far!)
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"My Parents sold me for a minivan!"

chaos_slave responded to quizzicalsphinx's post wherin she lamented that her parents had sold her for a minivan thusly:
Here we have our "Lynette" Model trade in, spacious trunk, long body, a bit of a small front but nothing is perfect. She perfect for those long trips, like to the upper part of the country and her mileage is great!

The original post is funny in it's own right, but that comment was the frosting on the cake!