June 28th, 2005


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from glittersavvy:

Sam: *nada*
CUE- *flutter outside window*
Sam: *glance*
Blackbird of DETH: O_o
Sam: ...
Blackbird of DETH: O_o
Sam: O_O
Blackbird of DETH: CAW
Sam: *shuts blinds* Haaa muppet bird.
Blackbird of DETH: TAP TAP

Oh dear God.

And in the comments:

silvernails: You must allow the animals to communicate, Sam or they will cry. Or possibly conspire against you... now, that would be reason to "O_O".

glittersavvy: a BLACKBIRD is not an ANIMAL. It is a SERVANT of the DEVIL. :/
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On crack.

annie306 is having trouble here.

I got jaw surgery so at the moment I look like a Chipmunk trying to be a Walrus trying to be a Spider monkey trying to be a Blowfish, on Crack.
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Fighting Stitch

Drinking Game Ahoy!

From archanglrobriel

Tonight the president is giving an address to tell us what he's going to do about Iraq. Well, that's one theory anyway. I figure he's not going to tell us anything new so who wants to join me in the 9/11-references drinking game? Truly, it's the only way to watch the presidential addresses. Doing a shot every time Bushie-boy makes a gratuitous and pandering reference to "terrorism" and "9/11" gets you good and drunk and that keeps your head from exploding.
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Over on fandom_wank, they're discussing Tom Cruise's latest psychiatry weirdness, and diamonde has this to say:

"Despite my frothing outrage, I'm kind of cheered by the image of Tom's PR people curled into the foetal position and sobbing. He just called a major proportion of his fanbase or their family members lazy, ignorant stoners. And all the psychiatrists and psychologists drug-pushing liars.

What's he going to do for an encore, make himself a jacket out of kitten faces?"


charliesmum writes an open letter to Tom Cruise:

It's fine if you have personal crusades, and work tirelessly to make sure they get the recognition and help they deserve. Look at Sting. People think Sting, they think Rainforest preservation (or, you know, Tantric sex, but let's not go there) but he doesn't jump up and down on people's couches and shout down interviewers who don't agree with him. He just makes his music, and donates time and money to the causes he believes in, and again, everybody is happy. (Especially Trudy because, you know, tantric sex.)
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Harry theories gone wild

katieupsidedown, while originally discussing the *cough*bartending in the dark*cough* goth nature of Sirius Black, with her roommate, decided that, if wearing leather, owning a giant flying motorcycle, and having black hair makes one goth, then the following makes Harry _______--

Ariel: Also, Harry's hair is messy and probably gets in his eyes. He must be emo.
Room mate: Yes!
Room mate: ... wait. We already knew that.


(from a locked post at hogwarts_elite, qwp.)
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I made a mistake in posting this entry. I forgot one of the rules. The entry is found elsewhere on LiveJournal, but is not original to the LJ poster. Therefore, I have lj-cut this entry, and will delete it if the moderators find it appropriate that I do so. Again, my apologies for forgetting the appropriate rule.

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From a locked post by beautyid:

The context:


The Liberals' controversial same-sex marriage legislation has passed final reading in the House of Commons, sailing through with a vote of 158 for and 133 against.

Supported by most members of the Liberals, the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP, the legislation passed easily, making Canada only the third country in the world, after the Netherlands and Belgium, to officially recognize same-sex unions.

I love you, Canada! <3

The comments:

bjam1402: YAY! Now I can come and marry you!!1

agentmaly: But aren't you both under the legal age? I have no idea how Canada does it. Parental consent?

beautyid: Well if she has a big enough dowry (usually 15+ moose, 200+ LBS of ice, 30+ buckets of maple syrup, 3+ pinecones) they'll usually overlook it.

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Ernie and Bert Are Dead: A truly unusual crossover

Scene 1

The curtain rises. COOKIE MONSTER is seated on a large chair in an elegantly appointed sitting room.

COOKIE: Oh, hello, this Alistair Cookie for Monsterpiece Theatre. Today we have cheerful story about murder, revenge and grouch named Hamlet. It named "Ernie and Bert are Dead".

The curtain falls.

Scene 2

The curtain rises on a blank, gray space separated from the audience by a waist-high gray barrier. ERNIE and BERT are standing behind the barrier. Both are wearing Elizabethan-style hats. BERT is removing coins from a bag and spinning them in the air. The coins fall on the barrier; ERNIE peers at each one, announces “heads,” and puts the coin in his own bag.

ERNIE: Heads. (He collects the coin from the barrier and adds it to his bag. Pause, as Bert tosses again.) Heads.

BERT: The laws of probability would suggest that if five Muppets… five Muppets tossed five coins… wait, we’re not on Square One. (He tosses another coin.)

You may read the rest here courtesy of the ingenious rymenhild.