June 26th, 2005

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Metas and meta-metas.

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"Here's a thought; humans tend to feed cute animals and tend to not care much about noncute ones (no matter how much good they do for us, few of us bother to scatter earthworm food around our yards.) Does this mean that we're influencing natural selection to create cuter wild animals? And if so -- and my spirit quails at this -- what will the omega point of this trend be?" -- jeffreycwells
Bitch Please

From dot_poly_snark, where the cool kids hang out...

kenazf: Caution: asking someone to put their doggerel behind an LJ-Cut may wound their sensitive and artistic soul at a moment when they are vulnerable. Funny: I always thought LJ Cuts were a courtesy to readers who may not want long posts cluttering up their Friends lists. But apparently they are also a tool for emotional warfare. Who knew?

nhinx: NO ONE expects emotional warfare! Our chief weapon is surprise...
lucky_otter: Surprise and cut tags, cut tags and surprise...
envoy: Surprise, Cut Tags, and a fanatical devotion to 00goddess.
dda: Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements, as Surprise, Cut Tags, an almost fanatical devotion to 00goddess and...nice red uniforms. Damn, start again!
palmer_kun: In Communist Russia, doggerel wages emotional warfare on YOU!
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Over at linguaphiles, pyrop asks us what the words "PIEPT PUI" mean, which were found on a ziplock bag full of cheese the (Romanian) apartmentmate left there. Turns out it means "chicken breast" ...

oboreruhito: So why is there cheese in a bag labeled "chicken breast"?
our_soviet_love: Maybe it's abstract? You know, "we're all just chicken breasts in the end."
laridian: Or, maybe the apartmentmate re-used the bag.
kat_irishdance: I hope the apartmentmate washed the bag before reusing it.
our_soviet_love: I still like the idea of it being abstract.
oboreruhito: Ceci ne pas une ... piept pui

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Quote made in reference to Tom Cruise's eratic behavior as of late.

What he really needs for a publicist is that Vancome lady from MadTV to keep him in his place: "'Tcha, you know what? This whole thing just ain't working, so why don't you just shut your yap and be the pretty boy whore the studio hired you for, ok? You're making Keanu look like a PhD candidate."-sublate
Kara/Lee Scar kiss

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This started as a line of mine, but my friend picked up and modified. Yay vwalbrid

the quote is...

I was chatting with angelicalangie last night and helping her with some creative writing and she popped off a line which I made one modification to, thus creating... (DRUM ROLL)
The David Letterman Top Ten List:
Top Ten Things To Do In Grave When Suddenly Re-Animated!
(I was on the floor over this; it was late)
polar bear paw

The Ten Commandments for Sidewalk-Walking.

A few days ago I asked my friends list if there were universally understood rules for walking on the sidewalk. As usual, it was chaosvizier who came through with the funny:

"And Yahweh spake unto Moses, and said 'Heed my laws, for they shall guide you in the great cities unto the end of days.' And He wrote His commandments on two slabs of pavement. But lo, they were too heavy for Moses, so Yahweh abbreviated His Word somewhat.

1. Upon the sidewalk, thou shalt behave as though it were the road, and lanes shall be established, that the hasty may have dominion over the slow, that those who travel in opposite directions may not come into contact with one another, and that those who power-walk might safely bypass those who gawk."

Commandments 2 through 10 are in the comments of this post.
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If I punch you in the face, I'm angry. If I tell you to step the fuck off, I'm angry. If I tell you I just got finished fucking your mom and I wiped my cock off on your sister's forehead, I'm being friendly.

-the lovely and talented flemco
HB: Steampunk Bush

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vongroovy had a weird dream:

What was up with that weird Andrew Lloyd Webber show that was going on in a gym and on a football field? At the same time!

Most importantly, why was Ron Jeremy starring in the Andrew Lloyd Webber thing?

I almost asked why Ron Jeremy was doing Andrew Lloyd Webber, but then I realized that was the worst mental image ever.

And then I shared it with the world anyway.

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From my good buddy Daniel, aka voldemort234:

"I had a funny idea on the way home. I wondered, "What process do you need to go through to become a state?" So then I decided to become the soul proprietor of 50 pieces of land throughout the US and make them all states and then elect every single Senator and Representative representing those states. I would essentially have veto power in the Senate, and would have 150 electoral votes at my disposal. After daydreaming for a little while about the scenario, I realised I'd be a terrible dictator."

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serabut and her parents are watching Episode 3 of Star Wars...

Second, my parents are watching Episode 3 right now (yes, the Russian one), and it's like the story of the five blind men describing an elephant.

Mum: *pointing Palpatine* Hey, isn't that the one who'll become the Black... Black... Oh, you know the one who tried to turn Luke to the um, Black.... uh... Black Widow?
Me: What the--
Dad: Dark Side lah woman!
Mum: Same la what! Dua-dua gelap! [both are dark]
Me: *howls with laughter*