June 23rd, 2005


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Found in one of my communities, anonymous to protect the innocent, and yes, I have permission to quote.

"I went to art school for a time, and a girl there, after her first opening, said that an artist had once told her than having an opening is a little like having your underwear on display for everyone to talk about while they drink wine."
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Some gems from a rather amusing thread in customers_suck regarding the reaction of parents to video games.


And referring to a man who thought the new Star Wars video game was too violent for his son:
cmdrproteus: The dad had a point...I mean, you wouldn't want to read in the paper that his son went around and hacked people with a Lightsaber and choked others with the force!
spunkythefish I agree. I've done it before. Never been caught, though. The force doesn't leave fingerprints, and nobody believes in lightsabers.

Source, with permission :)

It's Not Just Anne Rice Anymore

That's right folks, it's ANOTHER author with their head stuck so far up their ass they can see down their own esophagus.

Our good friend scott_lynch came across a rant about fanfiction (ZOMG!) written by noted fantasy author Robin Hobb. Scott, being a fantasy author himself, decided to rebutt a number of her stupider points.

Here are some highlights.

- - -

As she writes (her words in bold, followed by mine [that is, Scott's] in plain text): [And I, your faithful posted palmer_kun will drop comments in square brackets]

"I am not rational on the topic of fan fiction. Well, actually, I can be, and in this essay, I will endeavor to be. But people who know me well also know that this is one topic that can make my eyes spin round like pinwheels and steam come out of my ears."

[In other words, it upsets her terribly to even think about fan fiction... we know where this is going]

Every fan fiction I’ve read to date, based on my world or any other writer’s world, had focused on changing the writer’s careful work to suit the foible of the fan writer. Romances are invented, gender identities changed, fetishes indulged and endings are altered. It’s not flattery.

Mmm. If you insist that the only way to value a fictional work and its characters is to treat appreciation of it as some sort of church service, in which the Inalterable Texts are to be processed by the congregation without idiosyncratic reflection, then sure, it's not flattery. I'm not suggesting I should be the one who dictates the emotional value she places on the sanctity of her own work; I'm just saying that it's fantastically presumptuous to assume that there's one and only one metric in this situation for all the rest of us, too.


While I vehemently disagree with Hobb that crafting fanfic in itself is a disrespectful or hurtful act, I concur that the presentation of fanfic online is another story. Simply put, when you post fanfic online, there's a chance that you're going to run afoul of three things, where the author is concerned:

A) The author's plain old personal preferences; and
B) The author's possible obligation to establish a history of defending the exclusivity of his or her intellectual property; and
C) The chance that your activity could be perceived as causing actionable commercial harm or restraint to the author's property.

A-- First, if you ignore a request from an author to, say, tone down the animated GIFs of her characters screwing farm animals on your archive page for man-on-animal fanfic, even before we discuss your legal obligations, you're a jerk. I'm not suggesting otherwise. You don't have any magic right to post unauthorized derivative works online-- if you ignore a direct request from the copyright holder to alter or cease such presentation, well, you're a schmuck and you make your grandmothers sad.

[B skipped as it is long and lacks teh funneh]

C-- Could conceivably come about (for just one example) in this Google-ized age if the people behind an unauthorized online derivation (say, a fanfic archive) were more enthusiastic/clever promoters than the actual copyright holders. If the very first hit that popped up when someone typed 'Harry Potter' into Google was THE AMAZING MALFOY/GOYLE BUTT-LOVE BONDAGE FETISH ARCHIVE, Scholastic's lawyers wouldn't even have to send a full cease-and-desist letter; a small pencil sketch of a man dangling from a noose would suffice.

- - -

The whole post is here, it's WELL worth reading: http://www.livejournal.com/users/scott_lynch/135272.html?style=mine

I just wonder how long it's going to take for the first Rice/Hobb RPF femslash to turn up...
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


From ocdchild. Flocked post, quoted with permission:

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avril sonsg so deskribe m ylife sumtmes.

&nd dunt laff ayt mee, o.k.?
eym nut eeighmo. o.K.?

avril speeks too mah sole! iyts a reel c0nneckton wee haff. so shutt iyt.

ur b3s7 frynd.

EDIT: And a comment.

OMG I KNO 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111


That's a pretty good song by Avril Lavigne.
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bdar never ceases to amaze me.

"Yesterday, we each received a tiny foam stress ball in a bright neon color. Said stress ball is certainly handy during moments of stress, because it's nice to squeeze and manhandle the ball instead of pulling out one's hair or making the evening news."

Read the whole post. It's amazing.
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

with permission from a friends-locked entry

Since u_make_lj_suck's community rules forbid me from reproducing the entry publically and I don't want my journal suspended, here's my one-sentence backstory that I hope you can tolerate.

A featured poster began every sentence in her journal entry by referring to herself in the third person and it was very obnoxious.

whiskeypants: it puts the pronoun in the post or it will wish it got the hose.
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Maybe against the rules... but... too funny for me to pass up.

So, my friend potassiumman and I were talking randomly over IM... and, the topic turned to babies as a form of protien. Collapse )

It's in his journal, it can be meta-quoted (And yes--it's a friends-locked post, and YES, I asked permission). ^_^ I know I participated somewhat...buuuuuut... It's not like My comment was the funny one.
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...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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thisisbullcrap pissed off a bunch of icon-makers in this post, which I am reproducing here.

I offer this icon just so I can say the following things:


1. Don't credit me.
2. Hotlink as much as you frigging want.
3. Don't comment at all, I don't give a crap.
4. Modify this in ways that will offend me, please.
5. Harry Potter sucks.
6. Star Wars sucks.
7. Lost and all other TV shows suck.
8. Read a book, go outside for Pete's sake."

What Planet?

In reply to a fanficrants rant about bad characterisation in InuYasha.

vzg: =/ If Kagome's mother was abusive, she probably wouldn't bother returning to her own time. Or Inu-Yasha would have found out and stopped it by now, and Sota would not be nearly as happy a kid.

emogyrlskyttlez: But that's Earth logic, and we're dealing with fanbrats here!

vzg: What planet, exactly, do they come from? I'm from Mars, but I've adapted to this strange "Earth logic" you have. :D

numisma: they're from Uranus.
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auntiec in a discussion with her 50some-yr-old mother, who is considering ditching the farm and moving somewhere a little more urban.

Since she lives in the middle of nowhere over an hour away from the city/her family/her friends right now, she always goes on about how great it would be to be all bohemian and live in the middle of everything. So, conversation went as follows:

Mom: Just think, if we bought that building I could walk a block in any direction and get a cup of coffee, lunch, a tattoo...
Me: ... A dildo.
Mom: Seriously? That porn store is still there?
Me: Sure is.

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Cold cuts, anyone?

disgoteena, talking about the good old days at the job:

The funniest thing I have said over the intercom: We had a guy working in our meat dept whose name was Jeff Dahm. Some of the night managers would always have me page him: ("Jeffrey Dahmer to the meat dept, please. Jeffrey Dahmer to the meat dept. for customer assistance.") Sometimes I miss those dorks.
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sugarcubes97 is feeling a touch desperate:

I am auditioning for the following:
1. Two attractive young men who are willing to be deeply in love with themselves and me.
2. A very shiby looking convertible.
3. A long road in somewhere nice with lots of sun and preferably leading to a deserted or very uncrowded beach.
If any of the above wish to contact me ...
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