June 22nd, 2005

stock; they all want to be us

Longest name in history

In bad_rpers_suck, dawne_ tells the story of the Marry Potter Sue, part 1.

Her name, Nahid Leila Shirin Laleh Zahra Parvin Fatah Aishah Horacia Felicia Malicia Marlequisha Katisha Kaishusha Kiseiki Kiki Kitana-Melina Tina Anya Aurelia Ophelia Olivia Angelyka Demonica Sanika Micah Miaka Miranda Fianna Fiore Ruri Yanni Komadori Frost Harper Rainbosun la Petite redwolf Candyrose Greytattoo Madpirate Mossgreen Satine Eponine Deathbaker Dragonrider Drunkenwoodpile Queenofgoths Bluestar Silverchild Silverstar Bluechild Silversloth Icebear Zella Jan Tora Chan Tamora Toxicseal Camo Commando Compuwhore Carmen R'Becca Jenny-Ko Senna Marie Maxwell Pahlavi.
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If You Hit Me There Hard Enough, I COULD DIE.

digitalbees reminisces over one shining moment in Her past. *sorry about that*

" There was one class in particular that I really liked (because of my crazy teacher) that I had near the end of the day. I always enjoyed going to that class except for one thing; near the middle of the year, one of the moronic cheerleaders decided it would be funny and cute to walk up and down the aisles in class hitting people on the head. She would just giggle if you asked her to stop, and it would literally take a strong smack to the chest (I saw it done) to get her to leave one person alone.

I felt the urge to kill rising one day right as I knew she was coming up behind me, so when she whacked me in the back of the head, I emitted a small agonized noise and bent my head forward, covering the spot that she'd hit me with both of my hands and squeezing my eyes shut. She got this really concerned look on her face (almost like the one in my icon) and knelt down beside my desk, asking me if I was okay. I told her, "Yeah, I'm fine, but you can't do that again. You
see, when I was born, the soft spot in the back of my head never strengthened. If you hit me there hard enough, I could die ."
Her eyes got even bigger and she apologized profusely, and I never had to worry about her even so much as looking at me disrespectfully for the rest of the year. I was quite proud of myself."

The post here.
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Oh, Min

scapegoat_5 weighs in on this week's Exalted game through his character's eyes:

COUNCIL: What do you want?

AZURE: I bring crazy bitch, killer of many, possibly whore of many, certainly not friendly, well not to me anyway, she's like mean to me, but she killed a lot of people. I brought her here so you could serve justice since myself and my heavily armed comrades are clearly inadequate to defeat an incapacitated, exhausted, half dead abyssal by ourselves.

COUNCIL: What do you charge her with?

AZURE: Well... she's crazy... and she's a bitch... damn, we needed to charge her?
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Oh come on, this is not a spoiler..

The wonderful eyebrowofdoom just saw Batman Begins:

Also love: the version of psychotherapy wherein all you have to do is directly contradict someone's negative self-belief (eg, "Your parents' death was not your fault") and then hit them with a stick. Highly recommended for stick phobia. "You are not afraid of sticks!" *thwack*
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And the cylonbunnies are coming. They look and feel like plotbunnies. Some of them are programmed to think they are plotbunnies. And they have a plan.

I have a feeling the plan is to kill all the plotbunnies so only the cylonbunnies are left.

-- seldear, here.
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goodness from dramagirl42

"...if it takes more than two lines at the bottom of the screen to let the audience know exactly who's in the video, it shouldn't be happening. No one needs a song by Sean "Puffy My Baby Daddy" Combs, feat. Mace, Lil' Jon, Mariah Carey, the ghosts of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, some guy who sings at that one rib joint on Wednesdays, and a small Chihuahua named Mister Gordita. By the time we've finished reading the talent roster the video is already over and all we can remember is the sliver of a bass line, which is less than impressive."

See the original post here: "You're about as punk rock as a lima bean."
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cleverusername2 in response to this entry on the snopes_dot_com rss feed:

The modern CPR dummy was built in 1960 and sold under the name "Resusci Anne." In North America she has been christened "CPR Annie." Many a student of basic CPR has been taught to check if a patient is unconscious by gently shaking the doll and calling, "Annie, Annie, are you OK?"

She's been hit by, she's been struck by a smooth criminal.

thequestionclub attracts all sorts of people, all walks of life, and spelling abilities.

jamesing asks: dose any one eles find that diarrhea run’s through you’r genes?

beanochavez replies: DUMBASS

jamesing replies: look mate 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea just think about how many people your insulting there and if your gona pick on any one pick on the fifth one enjoys it

I love the clever reasoning. I need to use that one day.
this is my being shady face

O, mordecai.

2) My mom's boss is fucking pining for my mom and she's completely oblivious.
2b) Uh, the frightening number of men who actually seem to be pining away for mummy. :| And when they find out whose daughter I am, seem to chuckle in that "HAHAHA oh we know your mom! biblically." kind of way. :| Yep. :|

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The Size Does Matter Rule
A person's level of artistic pretentiousness is inversely proportional to the size of the text used when making icons.

First Corollary to the Size Does Matter Rule
If an icon-maker creates an icon with text that is too small to be physically read, and the icon-maker alone knows what the text actually says, then said icon-maker shall be forced to spent two weeks on a countryside retreat with Anne Rice to drink fine wines and eat fancy cheeses, whereafter a magnifying monocle will then be implanted into the icon-maker's eye socket.

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