June 20th, 2005


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On customers_suck, whysperingwynd posts a "List of Dumbass Questions She Wishes Customers Would Stop Asking."

4a. Why is the price so high?
Because you touch yourself at night.


9. Do you sell VHS movies/coaxial cables/cardboard overalls/power tools?
...Helloooooo. Office supplies. Lipstick is not an office supply. No, not even if you're wearing it while you blow your boss.

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From a locked post by osiris_06, quoted with permission (entire post quoted):

So, the Great Repainting of the garret stairs has begun. Tonight we feast, for we have vanquished the evil orange paint, foiling its foul plot to invade our lands!

Wow. Um. I seem to have developed somewhat of a King Arthur complex. Interesting.

Also, Ah seem to have picked up a Southern accent. Ah don't know where it came from, but Ah sound lahk freakin' Rogue.

EDIT: Also, am I the only one who thinks asparagus looks more like projectile weaponry than food?
{STOCK}✿ sunflowers!

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From ljdq, This post:

"The Death Star, Home Makeover Edition" - barwench23235

(Which fared better than Queer Eye For The Straight Sith Lord. "Now, Lord Vader, the black is nice for work, but I think for your gettogether on Cloud City, you might want something a bit brighter, maybe in blue or khakkkaaaacckkkk, gglllllccchhhhh... *thump*" -CV)

Me (red)

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"Its nice to know that in over a decade youve progressed musically so much that you are still playing to 12 year olds. Forget catholic priests... it seems like the real pedophiles are Mike, Tre, and Billy Joe" --perfectkaos from this wonderful post about Greenday's popularity
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koot fish

I wonder how true it is...

In response to my post in statements where I said "I just saw an old hippie... wearing a kilt... in the grocery store."

_mynx_: The funny thing is, though this is new to you, most of the single women over 40 in the store recognize that kilt and are wondering if that's the same guy they banged about 20 years ago at a Dead concert.
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cimorene by pentapus

Meta-Meta Action!

</a></b></a>deltashade, here
This only supports my idea that World War III is coming. We have a president who claims that his only goal is to better society while completely ignoring what he's doing to detriment it; said president is also involved in a war which he states will make the world safe for democracy. Both Wilson's and Bush Jr.'s platforms were heavily focused on freedom. Wilson narrowly won re-election by passing new laws out the wazoo; Bush did the same. And after ignoring the major crises involving the US and foreign countries for a while, Wilson finally conceded and declared war on Germany.

I mean, really. The band is just icing on the cake at this point. Icing...of DEATH! On the cake...of NUCLEAR WAR!
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nockergeek, taken with permission from a locked entry.

I mean, c'mon people, in the time you've been working on this one section, I've been working on a half-dozen other projects. I swear, you could hand this project to a group of masturbating chimps and get better performance, albeit a lot messier.

Y'know, maybe we should go with the chimps. Y'know, the kids love 'em, and it'd be a convenient excuse as to why the work's not done. "Why isn't this project done yet?" "Well, the server's full of monkey-cum, and the cleaning lady's out 'til Tuesday."