June 19th, 2005

The inimitable robkaiote, in a comment to a post I made

The post is here. The reply that I'm metaquoting is here.

Essentially, the post was about the "Love in Action" ex-gay people, and mostly copied from an online journal whose HTML was horrid. But that's not the important part. Here's the important part:

The question that keeps coming up with me when I see these people or hear them talk is WHAT the heck kind of GOD are you people inventing for yourselves? I don't know about you, but my deities gave me the power to reason and an obligation to use same.

You know, we pagans tell our children and our novices...if your spirit guide suddenly turns up and starts talking a lot of crap and telling you to do things that are stupid, could hurt you or someone else, run counter to your own intuition, morality or starts challenging your personal perceptions - then that is NOT your spirit guide. It's something else... and not everything in the big Out There is benign.

I really do wonder what the heck kind of nasty opportunistic entity these Fundies have managed to get on the line as "God, the infallable, almighty, you shall have no others before me or in addition to me pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...or anything my Son might've written...or anything but what I'm telling you about things...or those poor people over there..."

IF God = the totality of all that is loving and good in the Universe, the polarity of goodness, compassion, tolerance, mercy and spiritual purity THEN God cannot and would not urge you to do Evil, Hateful things to anyone. Ever. IF the entity you're praying to IS urging you and others to do Evil, Hateful things in his name...

Uh...guys? That's SO NOT GOD.
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From a locked entry quoted with permission.

"So apparently a girl on LJ is saying she was fucked by Elijah Wood. I'm not quite sure what's wierder, the fact that she's blabbing about it or the fact that Elijah was remotely intereste din pussy. Who knew?"- shaibitch
Um heheheh

Thus spake mourningdove.

So we went to a bar and, once again, I was the only one not carded. I've never heard of any of the brands of cider here. But HardCore Cider makes me sound pretty bad ass. (In fact, that's what the bar tender told me.)


HAHAHAHA! Hard *core* cider. Like an apple core and---shut up. I was too drunk to get the joke when I bought it.
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babyslime, on the suggestion that there is truly such a singularly defined concept as "American culture" - or for that matter, "Canadian culture":

It's like every time I walk by a restaurant that offers, "Canadian cuisine" I go, "WTF? What is Canadian cuisine? Poutine? Well pass me my serviette!"

"Roach, 2-3 inches, can fly."

I really don't quite know which bit of this entry to quote. From the ever-hilarious crevette, it features cats helping make the bed, cats helping unmake the bed, male and female nudity, a boar spear and a broad sword, hair, lack of hair, and a monster of a Palmetto bug.

In short, you must really read the whole thing. If you value your keyboard and monitor, you'll put down your drink first...

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