June 8th, 2005

H50 - McDanno

Yes, I mean YOU!

daniidebrabant is having a bad day and strikes back with the Meme of Terror and Fury!

I am currently a big seething pot of irritated, agitated, hurt, and frustrated beyond all wordly belief. If you think you had anything to do with it and HONESTLY WANT TO KNOW IF YOU DID...leave a comment asking about it and I'll answer you truthfully. All comments are screened.
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Double Shot! W00t!

Even though this metaquote reeks of nepotism (the quote-ee, umbrarumcantus, is my brother), I feel obliged to post it anyway. He said it earlier this afternoon and I demanded he put it in his LJ for posterity, and besides, I can't resist the urge to see him metaquoted twice in 24 hours.

The post (pretty much consisting of just this little bon mot) is here:

"It's like how juggling bowling pins is easy enough, but then you try juggling bowling pins where one end's on fire and the other end is made of a knife."
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A younger look at Deep Throat?

From davehogg, a chance meeting with a 2-month old leads to political talk:

Today was very hot, so the pool was filled with kids, many from the surrounding complexes. Every once in a while, someone would come out of the office and shoo away the interlopers and any unsupervised kids, and things would calm down for a bit, but not for long.

The youngest kid in the pool, though, was 2-month-old Michael, who was dozing in a baby ring while being pushed about by his mom. They were there for most of the day, because their AC broke and wouldn't be fixed until tomorrow. When they were getting ready to leave, his mom asked if I could keep an eye on him for a minute while she threw something away. I said sure - he was belted into his stroller and probably couldn't do much harm to me or himself in a minute. He'd been very quiet all day, but he had gotten fussy when Mom started packing him up for the trip home. She thinks he's starting to cut teeth, but I don't know anything about such things.

Anyway, I was telling him all about my yellow shirt, and he began to cry. I told him I agreed entirely, and he stopped fussing for a bit, only to start again. This time, I ran my fingertip across his fat little baby belly and made some very embarrassing noises. I believe that "oogle boogley" was in there somewhere.

His eyes got really wide, and he stopped crying and gave me that look that you can only get from babies and very old people. It says "What in the HELL are you doing, you freak? I'm a human being, not a stuffed animal!"

He calmed down after that, but he continued to watch me suspiciously during our subsequent discussion of the long-term ramifications of the Iraq war on American electoral results. It took his mom a while to deflate his floatie ring, which was nice, because it gave me a chance to fully understand his contention that, by making Deep Throat into a mythical figure, Woodward and Bernstein created a culture where a 21st Century W. Mark Felt wouldn't be able to accomplish today what he did 30 years ago. It was a fascinating idea.

And he's cute, too.
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tom_kiper, in a locked entry (with permission to quote), comments on her new icon and her feelings on staffing at Anime Expo in one fell swoop:

This icon is my new AX face. I plan to wear it at all times while on duty. All staff are now required to address me by my new name, King Lear.
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Ms. Michonne

Yay for Meta-Meta!

In response to THIS post, digital_monk had this to say...

I'm still trying to process the WTFness of Purple is not a color. Does that mean that the movie The Color Purple was full of nothing but lies?

Does that mean that Purple Rain was just an overcast day?

Was Barney just a fat pedophile with a penchant for children's television?

Do plums really exist? And if not, what I do for this back-up I've got going on?

This has really thrown off the balance of my world. My head's spinning. Thank god yellow's a color, or I might not be able to take a couple Nuprin.
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regina [lupinskitty]

(no subject)

history_spork takes on the movie Troy

cutecoati: Why aren't the Trojans attacking from behind?

fourth_rose: Because the Greeks might like it?


cutecoati: Look at the Trojan lady in the background – isn't that the jewellery which Schliemann dug up when he excavated Troy?

fourth_rose: I suppose it was the only way to keep the art history consultant from committing suicide.

The whole sporking is hilarious and can be found here.
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I'll Need Booze For This One

If you haven't seen it yet...

...evadne_noel has done perfectly marvellous parody of RotS! Loaded with spoilers, of course, but this bit ain't:

ANAKIN and PADME have the most romantic scene in the movie. Why? NO TALKING. In fact, their expressions are so emotive, you can almost hear their thoughts...

Oh, Anakin. I’m so afraid you’re pushing me away when all I want to do is help you with your internal struggle between your loyalty to the Council and to Palpatine.

Hey, I can see my house from here.
rocky <3
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(no subject)

djmedieval notes that his wife, delara has had a stunning revelation: 

delara notes that a friend of hers, who is in school in Japan, is 12+ hours ahead of us, time-wise.."I hope she likes living IN THE FUTURE. Hey, I just realized ... That's why the Japanese have all those nifty robots and gadgets and shit! They're living IN THE FUTURE!"

Post here.

The rest of the post is gold, too.

I, for one, welcome our new Girl Parts overlords.

musesfool takes issue with the recent Veronica Mars fandom wank over Kristen Bell posing nude:
As the photograph in question was artful and tasteful, I'm at a major loss to understand the whole, "I've lost respect for her, that trashy whore, I can't enjoy the show anymore," vibe of the response. She hasn't done anything illegal or immoral. Hell, it's not even fattening. It's her body, after all. Why shouldn't she be proud of it? I mean, she's not sticking her bits in your face, after all.

And even if she *were* - dude, I like my girl parts. They're pretty. And they have the power to make me feel very, very good. Now, I have no desire to go around examining other women's bits, but still, I find the whole "ew! girl parts!" thing baffling and reminiscent of grubby nine-year-old boys.
Bush Sauron stolen from englishpigdog

(no subject)

I've never posted here before, but as you all tend to be anti-Bush, i thought I'd share this gem from my friend liddle_oldman:

"Here is my statement. Many people report that George W. Bush is not as stupid as he appears – that he is, in fact, a reasonably intelligent man. Many Texans report that he once could get through a sentence without looking like a buffoon. I now doubt all of these people.

I can’t see anything that would take an eloquent, intelligent person and produce the bumbling, babbling, simian embarrassment that is Dub-Ya, short of a serious cerebral accident. It’s known, it’s documented that he’s had handlers and keepers (largely his daddy’s cronies) since college. I think he’s always been an idiot. I think that the essential vacuity and banality of his cretinous loathsomeness has merely been kept hidden and mediated until now.

Let me repeat that for the Ashcroft Internet data sweepers – I believe that George W. Bush is, and always has been, a mentally deficient, credulous, culpable, morally corrupt, incoherent, yammering, pig headed, flint hearted, perpetually adolescent, bumbling, babbling, grimacing, smirking, dim witted, self satisfied, ill mannered, pampered and prattling fool."


The perils of legal forms...

From a locked post on customers_suck, quoted with permission.

Bureaucracy really sucks. Here's why. :-)


5.) We ask for names and addresses repeatedly, and request similar information in multiple places on our forms. I understand this can be a tad confusing. Filling out every single blank where we ask for ANY name with YOUR name, however, is simply inexcusable. You are not your own mother, father, child, doctor, pharmacist, specialist, legal representative, and hospital. Not even schizophrenics claim to be buildings.

6.) Unless your doctor regularly beats you with a club, he is not a condition. Please don't list him as such. Likewise, your ex-husband is not an address and "yes" is not a date. Furthermore, if we ask for a date of death, the proper response is not to circle the word "death" in the question and leave the blank empty. This does not answer the question - instead, it just makes me hate you.


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bitch please

Wonder what picture it was?

The adorable seaghostsoaring says here:

I think I'm safest [safer] with reading HP smut than looking at the YAOI manga comicness. I was looking over some of it today and I could have sworn I was staring at a picture of a rampaging elk...which...on a closer look, turned out to be a close up picture of a man being penetrated.
So I was close obviously.
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She is unsinkable...

all_ephemera provides this eloquent and snarkalicious piece of introspection here.

I decided that having a moral code was too much like always carrying around scissors, needle, thread, an ironing board, life preserver, boat, dry rations, 3 gallons of water and a seeing eye dog. Probably useful, but not something I care to lug around.
Island Buoys
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Another Kitty Quote

queenmomcat and I took our cat (Freddie) to the vet this morning. She sums up the experience thus:

Poor Freddie. In an act of perfidious betrayal we took him to the V-E-T. It was pretty much a reprise of last year's vet appointment, complete with velcro feet, howls of imprecations at being trapped in a moving vehicle, and three attempted jailbreaks once we got him into the appointment room.

(no subject)

Taken from THIS post in customers_suck. mischifthefool discusses the dangers of customers with unfortunate names.

Me: Thank you for calling XXXX, may I have your name please?
Cust: Marco
Me (Inside): *Must not say Polo* *Must not say Polo* *Must not say Polo*
Me (Outside): May I have your last name?
Me (Inside): *Please don't say Polo* *Please don't say Polo* *Please don't say Polo*
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(no subject)

antisocialite talks about her birthday plans in this post:

Conversation with my mother:

"You should buy us dinner because it's my birthday and we're out of food"
"Okay, fine"
"Great, thanks, their Jack and Diets are the best!"
"Jack and Diet? What's that?"
"...Jack Daniels and Diet Coke...?"
"Oh I thought it was like a food!"
"It is...to us."
Pink fro picture

And the world would be one big happy childfree.

This post in debunkingwhite made touchyphiliac share this wonderful snarky insite (here):

White men also should stop dating white women because of the power imbalance and exotification and ABUSE involved in heterosexual relationships. Any women who care about the message they're sending the world by dating a white man will leave the relationship immediately.

Women should only date women.
Men should only date men.


Ganked from sistermoony, who manages an animal shelter.

"One of the kittens climbed my hair and took over my head today. Total kitten hat. Way too cute. And there was a goat today. We don't do goats, but it was hella funny. 'Um, excuse me, ma'am? There's a donkey-looking thing on my porch. It could be a small horse. It's eating the railing...' Yeah, a goat. Or, y'know, a donkey. Overgrown armadillo? Perhaps a steroid-enhanced cocker spaniel?

No. It was a goat. The one thing the woman didn't guess. *headdesk*
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