May 28th, 2005

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I just thought it was cute :)

There was a shiny new trailer for Batman Begins before the film, which leads me to wondering: apart from Billy Dee Williams, Mark Hamill, and Liam Neeson, have there been any actors who've done both Star Wars and Batman films? I suppose there's the honorary crossover contingent, consisting of those who've been in Bat things and have been macked onto by Ewan McGregor in movies (Christian Bale and Nicole Kidman).

-- sharpest_rose
Wow Neat

I have no idea about the music, but I like his style

...and now it's playing a remix of Zombie Nation's "Kernkraft 400," perhaps the best techno piece ever. In my mind, Kernkraft 400 is the standard by which all other electronica must be judged. If the Ashanti invented techno, then Kernkraft 400 would be in the box which the spider-god Anansi took from the sky.

-- akhmed

EDIT: Okay, ONE more. :)

Your twenties are sort of like driving across Montana. It just keeps going, and going, and the distant mountains of your thirties are far off on the horizon, and they never seem to get any closer. And then eventually you glance up from the roadmap, and dude! They're RIGHT THERE! There's snow! And maybe bears! And-- OH, GOD, IS THAT NORTH DAKOTA?!

-- ursulav
Dresden Dolls - attention

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purplesocks understands that Real American Heroes need not be only men...
In your pointed-stilettos, you understand that having blisters and cramped pinky toes is a small price to pay for the approval of your peers. Sure, your Vera Bradley bag and oversized pearls may appear to have been stolen from your grandmother, but we rest assured that your Daddy bought them for you fair and square. And yes, you may be snobby to every guy that approaches you, but we know that you're only doing them a favor by helping them understand that they are in fact gay.

*So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, Sorority Girl, because everyone knows that behind your dyed blonde hair and falsely tanned skin there sits a real person in the driver seat of that Lexus SUV, and that real a pale brunette.

Iguana love

Funny story posted in the comments to this entry in regyt's LJ, posted by cha0ss:

Letting a friend live with me, between houses. She's got a dog, a cat, and an iguana. Hot summer night, lots of drinking the night before. I get up about 3 am to relieve a certain pressure. Sit down with my head in my hands, just knowing I'm gonna have a hangover in the morning, and something in the toilet bowl LICKS me.

In a very delicate place.

So I bust my head open against the tile wall.

From then on, the iguana spent the night in his cage.

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From amourality here:

I noticed that Mini Shredded Wheat doesn't have the usual 'great taste' claim on the packet. Unsuprising really, since they taste like cardboard.

I only bought them because they came with a free DVD of 'Joey'.

If they want me to buy them again, they'll have to come with free Orlando Bloom.

*kicks healthy diet*
DC - Damien & Stephanie

Revenge of the Sith

serafina20 gives a closer examination of the movie Collapse ).

Anakin: "I feel I'm being excluded from the council." I didn't get invited to Yoda's birthday, and Mace had a sleep over without me, and they have all these in jokes that they won't share. Every time I turn around, they all start giggling, and today, they were all wearing matching holsters for their lightsabers and, when I asked where I could get one, they said the store was all sold out and I'd never be able to find one!"
veronica hallway

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Me: Thank you for calling cableserviceprovider, my name is Me. What can I do for you today?
C: Um... my friend was here earlier, and.... um.... (long pause) WE! Wait... we had no... um... interweb stuff.
Me: (o.0) Okay... so you have no inter*net* *access*?
C: Yea! Umm... so.... he said something about the connection was wrong. Like, it should be a tijuana connection and we are on DSV or something?
Me: (thinking, "...the hell?") A what connection?
C: A tijuana connection, and we have DSV... or DSL... or something.
Me: Uh... well I know you have a *cable* connection, which our speeds are faster than T1. Was he talking about a T1 line?
C: No, he said tijuana.
Me: (to K) Tijuana connection?
K: Rum-flavored megabits. (snicker)
Me: (also snickering) Sir, I think he meant T1 and not tijuana.
C: Maybe he said tequila. Do you have a tequila connection? How much is that?
Me: (thinking, "five dollars for the top shelf") All we provide is cable high-speed internet, sir.
C: Damn. I think I need to go to Verizon. I bet they have a tiju--- a teq... one of those.
Me: Okay, sir. Ask them about those connections and give us a call if you have any more problems.
K: (stares at me) Did he...?
Me: Yep.

Pass the cranberry sauce

It is 6 AM. The shutters to the room are closed, except for one, which is left open to expose a screen door. Outside is an expanse of lawn. Inside is SHELLEY, asleep.

A noise begins outside.

“Gobble gobble GOBBLE gobble gobble GOBBLE gobble!”

The noise becomes louder.


Shelley (blearily): “WTF? Turkeys?”

SHELLEY stumbles out of bed and peers nearsightedly through the screen door and out over the lawn.


Two large male turkeys display their plumage. One female turkey looks on disdainfully.

Male Turkeys: “GOBBLE!”

The female turkey walks away.

Shelley: “Be quiet!”

The male turkeys puff up and display.


They start moving towards screen door, threateningly.

Shelley: “Never mind.”

SHELLEY crawls back into bed.

Variations on this incident reoccur approximately every half hour until SHELLEY gives up and gets out of bed.

- shawk, who is staying at a friend’s house, just a bit more rural than her current digs. ;-)